About Stefania and FixMyCellulite.com

Hey there fellow ladies!

My name’s Stefania and I want to thank you for checking out my site and everything I’ve shared about fixing my cellulite. You will not find a more extensive website solely on cellulite. Some big health and fitness sites may include some helpful cellulite blogs  but none will go into as much depth and specialize in cellulite as FixMyCellulite.com! 

A bit of background about me. I have recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy as well as a Diploma in Nutrition so I feel I am well versed when giving out advice to those in need.  I will share all my knowledge and do all the research to ensure that you receive the latest and best advice when looking for options to reduce your cellulite.

Also, after getting pregnant and  hitting my mid-30’s I noticed the cellulite creeping on to my thighs, legs and butt and I cringed looking at myself in the mirror. I also wanted to get rid of my cellulite and decided to give some options a go which I will share with you in my posts from a personal point of view.  I will inform you what worked for me and what I recommend you try. The oils, the creams, the massages, the home remedies, the special surgeries – the whole lot!

So have a look and read through my articles and I hope I give you the best knowledge and advice to help you choose your ideal treatment to fix your cellulite 🙂