Accent Laser Treatment For Cellulite – Get The Facts To Know More

Accent Laser Treatment For Cellulite

accent laser treatment for cellulite, laser pen about to start treatmentIf you have thought about having an Accent laser treatment for cellulite  then allow me to give you the rundown about this most effective method of reducing cellulite.

Most women want to know how to remove their cellulite quickly and easy, and the best thing about an Accent laser treatment for cellulite or any laser treatment is that it is the QUICKEST and MOST EFFECTIVE of the surgical methods.

Its as close to a permanent fix that you will get.

Seeing that dimpled moon crater look on your skin can be a real downer and you just want to get rid of it – quickly and efficiently.

If you find it a real hassle going through the trials and tribulations of exercising and sticking with a strict anti cellulite diet, especially if they don’t get the results you desire, then consider a shortcut to bypass them in getting a cellulite laser treatment. 


Cellulite: Whаt іѕ іt?

Cellulite are deposits of fat that congregate around the buttocks and thighs and is definitely a problem for women as over 90% of us ladies suffer from cellulite. 

There are a myriad of factors that cause cellulite but it mainly comes down to your GENES and POOR DIET, as well as being dehydrated.

Since the connective tissues of your skin are not flexible, the cellulite that gets trapped under it is unable to get free. Unlike the skin which is elastic and able to contract and expand, the connective tissues are much more rigid.

Once the cellulite collects in these sub-surface skin areas than this is what creates the ‘orange peel’ look of your skin. 

You would have heard of all different kinds of treatments for your cellulite and I have wrote about a few on this site with the creams and massages, exercises and diets – but none of those are as EFFECTIVE as a cellulite laser treatment. 

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How Does An Accent Laser Treatment For Cellulite Work?

exterior photo of laser machine

Cellulite laser treatment has only been a recent invention (a new laser treatment was approved by the FDA in 2012) and has been gradually gaining traction as a popular treatment for women who have trouble reducing their cellulite by dieting and exercising.

Laser is basically amplified ultraviolet light that is targeted and narrowed to a particular point causing heat. The laser beam then breaks through your exterior skin causing a boost to your blood flow in the interior layers. Its from this heat and boosted blood distribution that forces the fat underneath to dissolve in liquid form and blend in the bloodstream. The liquid that is formed from this breakdown can then be disposed of naturally from your lymphatic system, and this can be aided by a special massage device that uses suction for your cellulite. 

green laser beams

It also zaps the connective fibers that are responsible for the ‘cottage cheese’ effect, as well as  penetrating through to the collagen, which is accountable for your skin’s tightness. Because no incisions are required the surgeon will only locally anesthetize the area for the removal of cellulite with an agent.

The Accent cellulite laser treatment can target anywhere where you have a SURPLUS OF FAT and this is where the light energy is focused.

Cellulite Laser Treatment In Combo With Other Treatments

Cellulite laser treatments can also be coupled with Liposuction and the ‘Tri-Active’ treatment.

The benefit of using Liposuction with laser is that post surgery it can aid regularly with the mending and recuperation of your treated areas. You have the option of either going through liposuction post or pre laser treatment. Its totally up to you, there is no advantage either way. 

cellulite laser treatment being done to a womans legs

The Tri-Active procedure is a three way treatment that is a combo of laser, massage and lymph gland drainage involving the use of a pump.

By using all these three methods combined you get more bang for your buck by STRENGTHENING connective tissues and ensuring COMPLETE REMOVAL of all damaging wastes and toxins.

Once the areas are cooled down from the laser then the massaging treatment can begin and its this action that spreads the cellulite which is stored in the underlying skin layers.

Thus, the cellulite DISAPPEARS from this spreading action. 

Experiencing Your Own Accent laser treatment for cellulite

You can do your own Accent laser treatment by using the Tripollar Pose device. Its the closest thing you will get to an Accent laser as the RF technologies are almost identical and thus you will get the same results from reviews I have read.

The Tripollar Pose device is the only one on the market which you can purchase yourself, and as a bonus you also get the Tripollar Stop device which is mainly for facial wrinkles.

So if you would rather do the treatment yourself and save a bit of TIME and MONEY, then I highly recommend you use the device.

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Post Cellulite Laser Treatment Carewoman receiving cream on skin

It is important to be strict and disciplined after having your Accent laser treatment to maintain your cellulite free skin.

After experiencing immediate results DO NOT GET COMPLACENT that your cellulite will not return because it definitely will if you get into bad habits by not exercising or eating bad.

Read my blog about the best foods for cellulite here – Best Anti Cellulite Foods to really ensure your cellulite stays away. And also remember to KEEP YOUR SALT INTAKE LOW as salt is a big enemy of cellulite by retaining water in your thighs and buttocks which will slowly build up your cellulite again. 

Also, get massages after as they can help keep the shape and general outline of your body and it also prevents cellulite from forming again. Even just doing a self massage will be a great help!

Basically you just have to keep active, avoid smoking and eat right and you are well on your way to staying free of cellulite.

How Much Does It Cost

dollar notes and coins in pile

Firstly, very important, to qualify for a cellulite laser treatment you have to ensure you don’t have diabetes, skin diseases or any issues with your liver.

The number of sessions is determined by the fat volume in your body to be eliminated, so you may only need 5 or up to 7 the most. Each session length will be between 30 – 45 minutes. If you are considered an eligible applicant to participate in the treatment then a dermal surgeon will give you a quote.

An Accent laser treatment for cellulite will generally set you back about $2,000 for the 5-7 sessions required.

But you can get results yourself with the Tripollar Pose device. Check out the price here on Amazon….Tripollar Stop & Pose

Pros & Cons Of An Accent Cellulite Laser Treatment


  • There are no incisions involved and the treatment is painless
  • No swelling or bruising with hardly any side effects
  • Immediate results 
  • Leaves your skin feeling lush, glowing and polished with no cellulite in site
  • As a bonus, can also get rid of birthmarks, wrinkles, scars and tattoos


  • Because the treatment requires multiple sessions, can burn a hole in your purse
  • Can be hard to find a clinic that specializes in Accent cellulite laser treatment


My Final Thoughts

laser surgery operating room

Choosing a cellulite laser treatment basically comes down to two deciding factors – MONEY AND DISCIPLINE!!

I am not gonna lie but tell you straight out this is the most expensive of the treatments for your cellulite, but it is the best! No other surgical treatment will make your cellulite disappear like laser does.

However, you are going to have to be disciplined to maintain the tightness and smoothness of your skin and prevent that dreaded ‘orange peel’ look coming back.

You can easily get complacent after seeing the successful results from a cellulite laser treatment and think all the work is over….so this is where the discipline comes in. Take a photo of your cellulite before the treatment, pin it up somewhere you can see  every day and just use that as daily motivation – it sure works for me!

There would be nothing more depressing to pay that much only for your cellulite to return – so keep the discipline and stick with a diet and the right exercises.…and you will be on the right track.

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