Anti Cellulite Jeans – Do They Work For Your Cellulite?

Anti Cellulite Jeans – Do They Work For Your Cellulite?

One of the more offbeat and wacky ways to treat cellulite is by wearing anti cellulite jeans., and nice slimming fit jeans at that. When I first heard about this I just could not believe something like this could ever exist for treating your cellulite. I mean, just wearing jeans, is that it? There was no way I could pass up this opportunity to test if it had any reduction whatsoever on my cellulite.

If you are a jeans lover and have cellulite then this will be a dream treatment for you. If you are not really into jeans, then maybe these jeans can help you become a jeans aficionado!

All it takes is to wear anti cellulite jeans for 30 days, 6 hours a day. That’s it. Nothing more.

Read further down below to find out more.

anti cellulite jeans, woman wearing anti cellulite jeans


How Do The Jeans Work?

These jeans are not your normal denim, even though they may feel and have the appearance like any typical denim. The new technology being offered can be referred to as Smart Denim Technology where the fabric of the jeans is powered by Emina – a PREMIUM textile embedded into the jeans.

Emina has the ability to produce far infrared rays (FIR) which is produced from your own body heat coming into contact with the jeans. The FIR technology was originally designed to assist with recovery of muscles in sports athletes through improved blood circulation but now the technology has gone even further to also ENHANCE SKIN.

Read more about the Evva anti cellulite jeans here on AmazonEvva Jeans – Women’s Anti Cellulite Classic Medium Waist Jeans

The anti cellulite jeans consist of biological active raw materials which are involved in the transfer of your body heat back to your body. It does this in an amazing way by actually converting your body heat into infrared waves which get bounced back on to your skin. Once these infrared waves hit your skin, they act as a stimulant in IMPROVING BLOOD CIRCULATION because any poor sluggish circulation is a catalyst for forming cellulite.

Watch this quick video here on the all new Evva Jeans which will give you a rundown on how the jeans work with this innovative new Smart Denim Technology

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to order a pair. The great thing about these jeans is that not only do they have this great technology…but they also look good too. The dream combination of technology and fashion coming together to create something special. These days fashion is becoming less diverse and to be honest, the fabric of most fashion items are just not the quality they used to be.

Women are discarding their clothing items like never before simply because the fabric of these items don’t last! Its all about making the fabric high-tech and this is exactly what the Evva Jeans entails – quality LONG LASTING fabric.

You never have to worry about that with Evva Jeans because the Smart Denim technology in these jeans is designed so that it can be washed as many times as possible without losing any of its mineral qualities.

What the fashion world is calling for is for something more long lasting, better fabric with cutting edge technology. That’s what the future of fashion will be – looking good, making you feel good, and at the same time treating your body good. And the designers at Evva Jeans have created just the sort of fashion women have been calling for  – one that is DURABLE and also TREATS YOUR CELLULITE.  You can’t get better than that!

I love the fact there is a range of jeans you can choose from bleached to contrasted and indigo wash, and some flares too. So if you are a jeans lover, you will find the right type to suit you. I personally love the flares look and decided to order them.

You can check out the anti cellulite flare jeans here on Amazon…Evva Jeans – Women’s Anti Cellulite Flared Jeans Bleach

diagram of how smart denim technology works


I Try The Jeans Myself

All I was instructed to do was wear the jeans for 6 hours a day for 30 days to see any result. To be honest, I was totally skeptical at first, I mean can it really be this easy to reduce some of my cellulite? But because it didn’t involve much effort, (I mean how hard can it be to just wear some jeans all day), it sounded like an easy and fun way to shed some of my dimpled skin. I guess the only problem you will have is if you cannot wear jeans at your workplace because you really do need to wear them EVERY day for a month.

Since I live in Australia, I chose the hottest month on the calendar to wear the jeans, which is February for Sydney. I wanted to produce the most body heat as possible to get maximum effect.

I loved how the jeans fitted me and the shape it gave my legs. This was gonna be an easy 30 days of wearing this. Let the challenge begin…

Check out the price of the anti cellulite jeans right here on Amazon…Evva Jeans – Women’s Anti Cellulite Jeans

30 Days Later…

After wearing them for at least 6 hours a day for 30 days it was now time to see if it had made a difference to my cellulite. I can honestly say I was pretty amazed by the results because it really did look like my skin was SMOOTHER and my ‘orange peel’ skin had reduced by about 10% to 15%. This was enough to at least notice the reduction from the naked eye.

diagram on wearing evva jeans for 30 days

That is pretty good for not doing anything besides wearing jeans all day. I still kept up my anti cellulite diet but I cut back on exercising, just to see if the jeans itself could actually fix some of my cellulite. The smart denim technology really did work in this instance and I also felt confident in wearing these jeans because they suited my figure really well and also felt soooo comfortable.

I would recommend you wear them in summer more just so you can produce that extra bit body heat this way. The more body heat you can produce the bigger the effect it will have on your cellulite. But in the end, if you are moving a lot and walking a lot, it won’t matter too much what the outside temperature is.

Start Wearing Your Anti Cellulite Jeans

You may be sick of the dieting and the exercising and have tried other cellulite treatments in creams and massages and dry brushing. Now is the time to go for something NEW, something REVOLUTIONARY, and best of all, something that requires no effort and is also DISCREET.

You don’t have to tell anyone you bought the Evva Jeans to treat your cellulite, nobody will never know.! That’s the great thing about the anti cellulite jeans – they are so good as a fashion accessory.

Start now and take action. I am sure you have had enough of your cellulite and just want it gone! While there is no permanent cure for your dimpled skin, and there probably won’t be for a while yet, the next best thing is treating it, and what better way to treat your cellulite than by looking good and not having to worry about doing anything.

No sweat, no dramas, no better way to get a confidence boost!

Get an early start with the fashion now and be ahead of the trend. Denim jeans have always been a loved basic and steady fashion trend, now these jeans have upped the trend with anti cellulite technology to be ahead of the game.

rear view of evva jeans being worn

Its all about having that special relationship with your skin and the nice experiences that come with it, and that’s what these new anti cellulite jeans are all about.

They provide the fabric to give YOU the comfort, the look to give YOU the confidence, and the technology to give YOU the edge!

Order now your anti cellulite jeans on Amazon…Evva Jeans – Women’s Anti Cellulite Classic Medium Waist Jeans Bleach


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