Avon Cellulite Cream Review

Avon Cellulite Cream & Stretch Mark Review

This is my review of the Avon Cellulite Cream – Anew Clinical Professional Cellulite Treatment which also includes the Stretch Mark Smoother Cream. This consists of a combo of both Smooth Suction Gel and CelluRefine Cream, known to give you WELL TEXTURED and FIRM SKIN.

Avon are a well known brand, and we all know about those infamous Avon ladies that sell their products.

The company has been around for 130 years providing quality products to women to aid them in their longing for everlasting beauty and vitality.

Its great to know that they have also focused on cellulite and this Avon Cellulite Cream sounds very professional.

What’s Causing Our Cellulite?

Battling cellulite and stretch marks are major issues for middle aged women nowadays, especially now that beauty and flawless skin is what the celebrities are preaching. You can be one of the lucky 10% of women that do not experience any of the orange peel skin, but for the majority of us, cellulite is the bane of our existence.

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And you don’t even have to be overweight to get cellulite, many slim women get it too.

Because women carry more fat than men, cellulite will occur as fat cells expand against the dermis of the skin. This expansion is caused by the barrier breaking down between the dermis and the fat cells – once that barrier is gone, there is more space for the fat cells to expand.

That pocketed ugly skin is then formed because of the fat cells pushing against the dermis. Yep, that’s basically what cellulite is 🙂

How Do I Order It?

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Unfortunately, I discovered that the product was not available anymore on the Avon website, and there is no more stock on Amazon.

However, there is available its stretch mark equivalent called Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother which works in the same way as the Cellulite Treatment. I can attest to that since it also treated the few stretch marks I had as well as my some of my cellulite. Its the best alternative Avon Anew Cream until the Cellulite Treatment Cream becomes available again in stock.

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here..Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother

A Little More About Avon Cellulite Cream

Whats different about this Avon Cellulite Cream is that, similar to Finulite, it has two different formulas combining together, which enables OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY. The CelluRefine Cream is designed for MAXIMUM SMOOTHNESS of your skin, and the Smooth Suction Gel acts more as a reinforcement for the toning and cooling effects of the cream.

So getting two different acting agents working as one to help smooth your cellulite is a wonderful thing for this Avon Cellulite Cream.

They also supposedly imitate the actions of liposuction and laser treatments which is a big claim to make since those treatments by themselves cost many times more. But hey….if you get some laser-like reduction from using the cream then kudos to you!

woman receiving liposuction injection
Can it really give as good results as liposuction? Not quite, but good enough!

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I read claims of seeing some diminishing results in 2 WEEKS and even more so after 4 weeks…even when your legs are crossed!

If you can’t see your cellulite when your legs are crossed, that would be a fantastic result.

How embarrassed do you feel when wearing a short skirt or dress and when you sit down and forcing yourself to cross your legs? You think to yourself always – is my cellulite showing? I know it always plays in my mind whenever I cross my legs, especially when sitting in front of someone face to face.

Because of the DISCONTINUATION of the product on the Avon website I could not find a list of ingredients anywhere which is a shame because I like to always mention special ingredients in cellulite creams which make it unique and effective.

You can check out the price on Amazon – Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother

Application And Results

I applied the Avon Cellulite Cream right away once I received it, and the instructions were to apply equal amounts of the both the CelluRefine and Suction Gel.

That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, haha! I always ended up having a bit more of the other – it was just too hard to get equal amounts of both….but after a couple of weeks it sort of balanced out.

What I noticed right away upon application was how TIGHT my cellulite areas immediately felt! I never felt such an effect like this from a cellulite cream so quickly…so that was a great sign!

It gave me the feeling that my thighs were SLIMMER and FIRMER, which was a good feeling to have. It did however take a while to dry with a bit of stickiness to it, especially if you apply it on warm hot days and you have a bit of sweat.

But once you have a shower that yucky stickiness will be gone!

I started applying it day and night just so I could get optimum results. Not knowing the ingredient list was a bit of an issue because if you have sensitive skin you might be allergic to one of the ingredients and with no money back guarantee you will be taking a slight risk.

The best way to know is just to do a little spot test to see if you get any little reaction, but just to reassure you there have been no reports of any major side effects.

Pros & Cons of Avon Cellulite Cream

illustratioin of woman with slim legs up in air


  • Contains two unique formulas working well together for a perfect gel-cream combination, each offering its own advantages
  • A way cheaper alternative to laser and liposuction treatments
  • Immediate tight feeling of skin once applied
  • Its from Avon – the most successful beauty and skin company in the world!
  • Has a nice glitter effect to it.


  • Well, this was a first for me not finding any ingredients at all in a cream! Good luck trying to find some.
  • Does get sticky on warm days so best to try in winter.
  • Its not that easy to get equal amounts of CelluRefine and Suction Gel. 

Read more about the Anew Clinical Cream on Amazon – Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother

Final Thoughts

Okay, well after using the Avon Cellulite Cream for about 4 weeks I am happy to say I did see some FIRMNESS and SMOOTHNESS to my cellulite areas in my upper thighs.

And yes, I even tried the legs crossing test to see if that damned orange peel looked less noticeable and I was pleased to see how much the cellulite had DIMINISHED…even from different angles while sitting.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t just as easy as applying the cream twice a day and letting the 2 formulas work their magic! During the whole 4 weeks, I did the proper exercise and followed a strict diet, and made sure I was properly hydrated…so that definitely contributed to the good results I got.

So please ladies, make sure you do some relevant exercise and eat well, and you will SURELY get the results you desire. (Read here my Yoga & Exercise and Diet blogs)

a woman jogging through the woods

Obviously not as good as getting laser or liposuction treatment from a trained specialist, but the Avon Cellulite Cream is still a worthy substitute if you can get the positive results I got.

If you have used Avon products in the past and have been satisfied with their products, then by all means give their cellulite product a go.

The cream is not going to totally eliminate your cellulite for a permanent fix, but if you can’t afford laser or liposuction, and are just looking to reduce some of that cottage cheese look, and even if you just want to  have the feeling of SMOOTHER SOFTER skin – give it a try!

It is a worthy alternative treatment but just be prepared to do some of the hard work yourself while the Avon Cellulite Cream works its way into your skin.

Final Grade = B+

Trust in Avon, a well trusted brand that delivers a great laser style kind of treatment for your cellulite!

Whilst it isn’t the actual Cellulite Treatment Anew Cream you were hoping for, the Anew Clinical Stretch Mark Smoother is the next best Avon Cream that can also treat cellulite too. Order now and give it a try here  on AmazonAnew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother

In the meantime, you can check out my other creams here – Cellulite Cream Reviews

Once Avon Anew Clinical Cream is back in stock, I will be sure to immediately update the blog.


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