Best Cellulite Scrub Without Coffee

Best Cellulite Scrub Without Coffee

Cellulite scrubbing is a great way to reduce cellulite and using the best cellulite scrub without coffee will be just as effective as any coffee scrub out there. You may be caffeine sensitive or your skin may just have a bad reaction when any coffee is applied to it, or maybe you just don’t like the smell of coffee. Don’t worry, there are plenty others like you.

Although coffee cellulite scrubs dominate the scrub market, there are also plenty of other alternatives and I will discuss the best alternatives to coffee in this article.

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Firstly a little about scrubbing and how it benefits your cellulite in a few ways.

Whichever scrub you use the main goal is exfoliation and exfoliating your skin is one of the BEST WAYS to eliminate the dead skin cells from your cellulite!

Not only will this allow for smoother and shinier looking skin, but it will also tighten and tone your skin as well as purifying the skin of any contaminants.

This is has a substantial effect on your cellulite, because loose dead skin cells that accumulate on your cellulite areas just make it look worse than it is. By getting rid of this dead layer, it will definitely help with the look of your dimpled skin and it will just give that extra shine and gloss so as not to be more noticeable or as ugly.

It also feels great on your skin, giving you a high feel-good factor, thus you will feel more refreshed and have a relaxed state of mind.

You can achieve exfoliation through scrubbing by using sponges, exfoliating gloves or just your hands, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

My 3 Best Non-Caffeine Cellulite Scrubs

The best cellulite scrub without coffee will have a few cellulite fighting ingredients that will enable easy massaging into your cellulite areas. And the best non-caffeine scrubs for this are the salt and sugar scrubs which I will discuss below. The salt and sugar scrubs each have their own unique advantages and I am sure you will find one to suit your skin.


Premium Whitening Salt Scrub

premium whitening scrub jar
A true cellulite salt scrub, the Premium Whitening Scrub just hit the market and is a brand new product that keeps cellulite at bay. What I like about this unique scrub is how it thoroughly whitens your skin by really cleansing all the dirt particles that have embedded on your cellulite.

It is the first skin scrub of its type on the market and is innovative with its Japanese ingredients Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Rosehip which are known for their skin-whitening properties. It is one of the favorite scrubs for a Japanese Geisha – now you know one of the secrets to their smooth white CELLULITE FREE skin 🙂

However, the main active ingredient in this scrub is the Sea Salt that is Mineral Rich which is great for cellulite because you can penetrate much deeper with sea salt.

The salt scrubs are generally more bigger and rougher than other scrubs and this will allow for a robust scrub…getting your cellulite more SMOOTHER.

Read more about the Premium Whitening Sea Salt Scrub here on Amazon…Premium Whitening Scrub with Glutathione, Arbutin, Rosehip & Kojic Acid

The only problem for some women with extra sensitive skin is that the Premium Whitening Scrub might just aggravate it and can be a bit dry and harsh. In that case, you can go for a lighter touch in the sugar scrub which I discuss next.


  • Unique whitening Japanese ingredients
  • Strong exfoliator that rids all dirt and contaminants from skin
  • Penetrates deep – great for Stage 3 or 4 cellulite


  • Some will find it a bit too harsh and abrasive

Fresh & Natural Luxury Body Scrub

luxury body scrub jar
I love this gentle sugar scrub and my favorite scent is the White Tea scent, so beautiful to smell and once it is on your skin that smell will just remain there for a while. The big plus about sugar scrubs is that they are more gentle on the skin, and they also give great HYDRATION and NOURISHMENT – big steps in reducing any of your dimpled skin!

Since this contains brown sugar, this is more effective in cleansing the skin of dead skin cells and eliminating toxins because it enables increased circulation. This is exactly what you want a scrub to do when it comes to dealing with cellulite and this luxury sugar scrub certainly achieves this.

This scrub is so soft it almost feels like a moisturizer and your skin will be glowing after you apply it. I have never felt a more softer scrub going on my skin and that makes it so much easier to massage it on your cellulite areas with a circular motion.

Read more about the Luxury Body Scrub here on AmazonLuxury Body Scrub (Asian White Tea)


  • A wonderful refreshing white tea scent – luxury at its finest. 
  • Gentle on skin and a great substitute for salt
  • Easy to massage and gets right to the heart of your cellulite


  • If you are extra sensitive to smells, the White Tea fragrance might be a bit much for your nose. 


The Keys Salt Scrub

the keys salt scrub jar

A unique salt scrub made in Florida Keys, this is one of those salt scrubs that also acts as a moisturizer too and is not as dry as the usual salt scrubs. The Key Lime scent in this scrub is just so exotic, and really exports your mind to The Keys and I am sure you will love this scent.

Expect your skin to be SUPER SMOOTH and SUPER SLICK after using this scrub. You get a great double effect from the exfoliating properties of the salt and the softening of the skin from the coconut and key lime oils it contains.

You will notice a light reduction in your cellulite after using The Keys scrub every day, especially around your thigh areas where the most dimples are formed. The texture and tone of your skin will be magnified.

Make sure the skin around your cellulite areas are dry before using to get the most of out this scrub, so dry brushing your skin beforehand is a huge plus.

Check out The Keys Salt Scrub here on Amazon for more information…The Keys Salt Scrub 


  • Lovely Key Lime scent makes a great summer vibe
  • Acts as a moisturizer too making skin extra soft
  • Not as abrasive as other salt scrubs


  • Might be a bit too greasy for some

How To Best Use The Scrubs

The best time to scrub is in the shower when your skin is wet and warm and apply with circular motions with your fingertips and then rinse. Apply the scrub every time you have a shower and you will get maximum results.

For the salt scrubs, because they are more coarser and abrasive, just mix it with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil to the mix if you find its a bit too dry.

After you have scrubbed your cellulite areas then use a good moisturizer to really work its way into those dimples and you will have that cellulite smoothed out in no time, especially if you go with the Premium Whitening Scrub.

You can also dry brush before you scrub for added effect as a precursor to the scrubbing. Read my article Best Dry Brush For Cellulite for more information.

So don’t always feel you have to use a caffeine scrub. I have had great results with all 3 of these scrubs and I hope you can too with either of them, whichever one you choose as your best cellulite scrub without coffee.

Happy scrubbing your cellulite away!


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