Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion

Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion

I will give you my take on what the best cellulite tanning lotion or liquid is. There are a few on the market to choose from, but for me there is only one that is simply better than the rest. Read on to find out what it is, and why you should tan your cellulite.

Why Tan Your Cellulite?

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If you have tried fixing your cellulite through creams and treatments and exercise and diets with no success, then all is not lost- there is another method you can try in tanning.

Tanning your cellulite enables the texture of your skin to be better obscured and this does a much better job over lighter skin. The lotions and liquids for tanning contain a carbohydrate called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and this is what causes your epidermis to go darker.

Sometimes you just have to accept that cellulite will be with you FOREVER no matter what you do.

Instead of trying to beat it, just learn to live with it and have a go at trying to hide it. Having the right lotion or liquid to perform this task is important as some tanning lotions will not fully mask your cellulite.

Having your cellulite totally hidden away under a tan is sometimes just as good as having it reduced, and all it takes is a bit of application.

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How Does Cellulite Form

The good thing about cellulite is that it is EASILY HIDDEN!

Cellulite is basically dimples on your skin formed from fat cells pressing against the underlying connective tissue. This increases as you age and can be magnified from your genes or environmental factors such as an inactive lifestyle and poor diet.

At least 90% of women suffer from cellulite, and as yet there is no cure. Therefore you cannot eliminate your cellulite so you have two options – you can either REDUCE it or HIDE it.

Tanning With Lotion Over Other Tanning Methods

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Compared to the other methods of tanning – natural and sunbeds, using the best cellulite tanning lotion is so much safer. You definitely do not have to worry about any UV rays.

Yes these methods might give you a more permanent tan but its just not worth it when you can use a good lotion or liquid at home WITHOUT these risks.

Another point to consider for your cellulite regarding natural tanning is that excessive sun exposure ends up being COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Thats right….if you get too much sun on your cellulite than all this will do is make your skin LESS ELASTIC.

And of course, cellulite THRIVES on decreased skin elasticity and will make your cellulite appear that much WORSE.

So avoid too much sun if you can.

Also, compared to spray tanning, using a lotion or liquid is much CHEAPER!

Benefits Of Tanning Your Cellulite

The main benefit when using the best cellulite tanning lotion is the LOW MAINTENANCE involved. Besides the actual lotion, you just need some mit gloves for applying the lotion….and thats it.

You don’t have to worry about dieting or exercising in this case – just leave your cellulite how it is and hide it.

Its cheap as well, as tanning lotions and liquids will be generally cheaper than cellulite creams.

Not only will the tan hide your cellulite, but it will also make your skin MORE GLOWING and more healthy, a great bonus to using a self tanning lotion or liquid.

So…..What Is The Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion?

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The best cellulite tanning lotion is actually not a lotion but a liquid. The only difference being that the liquid does not act as a moisturizer while it works into your skin – other than that, its pretty much the same.

In my honest opinion you cannot go past the Fake Bake Self Tanning Flawless liquid. This liquid will give you fantastic cover for your cellulite without any fuss. Once applied your cellulite will disappear beneath and you will hardly notice it under the glow that is flawless.

You won’t get any orange streaks with this one. No matter how pale your areas are where your cellulite is, this tanning liquid will hide even the most gingerest of you ladies.

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More About Fake Bake Self Tanning Liquid


The first thing that sticks out about the liquid is the nice pleasant coconut smell. If you have used a few cellulite creams in the past, than the smell from this liquid will make a nice pleasant change to those “chemical” type odors that some of those creams have.

Instead of feeling like you are in a hospital, the smell of Fake Bake Liquid will make you feel like you are on some tropical palm beach 🙂

Another fantastic thing about this liquid is how QUICKLY it dries. It dries in like 2 minutes. Most of the other self tanning lotions and liquids do not dry as fast as Fake Bake, so if you in a hurry and in need of a quick application, this is where the quick drying comes in handy.

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Tips For Getting A Better Tan

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Since the Fake Bake is a liquid and not a lotion, you will have to moisturize every day where your cellulite areas are. This will make your tan more evenly spread as well as making it more DURABLE.

As tan the starts fading, by moisturizing your skin, it will fade everywhere in equal measure so there are no blotches.

Also consider exfoliating your cellulite areas two days before you apply the Fake Bake. And the next day to get a better result do a wax, and also shave with an electric razor. By shaving manually you run the risk of the color being removed.

Best not to shower in the morning the next day, but rather wait until end of day so that tan can really set in and last longer. At first I would recommend applying the liquid every day  for the first few days so that deep dark tan can really set in and preventing any chance of any part of your cellulite being exposed.

I cannot emphasize enough that to get a more even and effective spread you must use gloves. I recommend using Fake Bakes mits to get the best result.


woman sunbathing at beach

Not many women who suffer with cellulite might not even think of trying to hide it through tanning…and if you are one of those woman then I hope I have convinced you to try it. Although it is not a long term solution and does not reduce your cellulite one bit, it doesn’t hurt to try tanning.

It can be hard work trying to exercise and trying to eat right all the time. And the amount of cellulite creams on the market can be hair pulling in deciding which one to choose.

Sometimes simple is best and by simply just tanning your cellulite and hiding it – you can still be satisfied with the outcome.

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed after using this product. NO MORE CELLULITE, totally HIDDEN AWAY underneath a glowing tan which nobody will suspect you have. Walking around in summer and showing off your legs will never be easier if you have confidence knowing that your cellulite is not showing anywhere on your body.

If you have had your cellulite hidden away with Fake Bake Self Tan, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just bought some today after reading your article. It’s brilliant- my legs look much smoother. Its the first time anything has made such a dramtic differemce- & I don’t have to diet or spend hours down the gym!Thanks so much!

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