Best Dry Brush For Cellulite

Best Dry Brush For Cellulite

Deciding on what is the best dry brush for cellulite is not easy as there are a few candidates, but I have made my decision based on my personal experience.

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One of the best ways to dispose of toxins from the body is through DETOXIFICATION, and one of the best techniques for detoxifying is through dry skin or body brushing.

The best dry brush for cellulite will give you this and more. In fact, any good dry skin brush that is good for smoothing cellulite will do its job if used properly.

Before I discuss the on what is the best dry brush for cellulite, let me tell you about all the benefits there is to dry skin brushing and also give you some instructions on how best to implement the brush for your cellulite.

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Dry Skin Brushing & Cellulite

Cellulite can be classified as toxins which have accumulated on the skin, or to be more specific, in the fibrous tissues and the hypodermic fat under the epidermis layer. Its this accumulation which causes the cottage cheese and orange peel look of your skin in your thighs, hips, and buttock areas where cellulite is commonly formed.

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How do these toxins originate?

To put it simply, toxins are formed from FAT CELLS BREAKING DOWN and this is vastly influenced by certain lifestyle ways such as not exercising, eating unhealthy and even smoking. And also from factors outside your control like ageing and an imbalance of hormones.

When you are using the best dry brush for cellulite or any good soft bristle brush targeting cellulite, it will help in eliminating your cellulite and PROMOTE NEW CELL GROWTH.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

There are numerous advantages dry skin brushing has over other methods. I will just list the four main benefits of it.

  • It will aid in TIGHTENING your skin as well as TONING it
  • It will ELIMINATE dead cells and PURIFY your pores
  • It will VITALIZE your sweat glands and CLEANSE any contaminants
  • And most importantly…dry skin brushing will give your immunity a BOOST and get rid of your cellulite!

What Is The Best Dry Brush For Cellulite?

Let me be clear in that I am just referring to dry skin brushes that have had results in smoothing out cellulite. Although there may be better dry skin brushes out there that are generally better for your skin, they may not be as effective as other dry skin brushes for dealing with cellulite.

There are a few good dry brushes on the market for cellulite, and whilst in theory any good dry skin brush will be beneficial for your skin, there are certain advantages a good dry brush has over just your regular dry brush.

First real important thing to consider is that you want your dry brush to have NATURAL BRISTLES and not synthetic ones.

Here are some great dry brushes to consider specifically for cellulite.

Wholesome Beauty Body Brush

wholesome beauty body brush

If you are looking for something simple and cheap then you can’t go past Wholesome Beauty’s Body Brush. It has natural bristles and the wood is smooth and polished. Its also great as a good starter for your first dry skin brush. It was the first dry skin brush I used and gave me good results.

+ Cheapest brush you can get for getting your cellulite smooth

+ Great as a first brush to use when starting out

Bristles may start to wear out after long term use

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Sano Naturals Vegan Dry Body Brush

Vegan Body Brush
For you more organic types that are totally against animal products then I highly recommend this 100% Vegan dry brush where its bristles are entirely made out of plants. The bristles are SOFTER than usual so if you have that extra sensitive skin this is also perfect for you. As an added weapon against your cellulite this brush also has a massager on the back of it which is a great combo if you want to prepare your skin for some cellulite cream.

+ Totally plant based, organic 100% materials

+ Great for sensitive skin as bristles are non-abrasive

On the flip side, bristles may be too soft for some skin types

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Rengora Dry Body Brush

Rengora Dry Body Brush
This dry body brush is a quality made brush where you will get a thorough brushing from its sturdy bristles and at the same time will not be too rough or penetrating. The handle feels so smooth to hold and you will find it easy to get a good grip on it, especially in the shower where some brushes may feel a bit slippery. Having a good grip is also important for your cellulite as you can apply that bit of extra pressure around your cellulite areas without losing any grip.

+ Very easy to clean since bristles are not attached to the wood

+ Easy to handle due to being so light

For some people, the bristles may be not be soft enough

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Zen Me Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush

best dry brush for cellulite, Zen Me Premium Dry Body Brush
For me, this is the BEST DRY BRUSH FOR CELLULITE. It has boar bristles which are of the highest quality and they are not too gentle, soft but sturdy. The wooden handle is high grade timber with a nice curve to it to allow easier access to those hard to reach areas. This will definitely get your lymphatic system up and going which plays a big factor in reducing your cellulite. As a bonus, you also get a sponge, stone and exfoliating gloves so its a pretty good deal.

+ Great package deal where every item will be useful in combating your cellulite

+ Easy to switch between handle or strap…whichever you prefer

+ Bonus instructional video included

The brush can become a bit loose at times if you are using strong pressure

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Instructions For Using Your Best Dry Brush For Cellulite

Obviously the best time to use your dry skin brush is when your skin is dry.

But just be aware that if you suffer from some skin rash conditions like phlebitis or poison ivy then I would not recommend you go ahead with dry skin brushing – it will just make it worse.

I will let you know the correct procedures for ridding your cellulite by the method I personally use on different areas of the skin. You want to give it AT LEAST A MONTH of regular use to see true results.

photo of steps with caption "Step By Step"

Step 1

Before you begin its best that you remove all clothing as there will be a lot of shredding of skin, especially when first starting out. Also best to dry brush on hard surfaces like wooden floorboards and tiles where you can see all that dead skin which can be easily disposed of. Definitely do not dry brush on carpet!

Step 2

Best way to start is from the feet and then moving upwards in a northerly direction. What I usually do is brush the top and bottom of my feet about 5 times and then move on to my ankles…followed by moving slowly up to my knees.

After you have finished with one leg, then just repeat with the other leg and once you are done with the knees go on up to your thighs, both front and back. Just remember to keep the brushing in a CIRCULAR MOTION when brushing your legs to get the best effect.

Step 3

Now its time to focus on the HIPS. Whilst brushing the legs in a circular upwards motion, keep it going until you reach your hips. Once there, really focus on your cellulite areas with brushing.  The best way to brush the hips is in a BACK AND FORTH MOTION done sideways across the waistline. Also repeat this manner for your stomach area.

Step 4

Using the best dry brush for cellulite on your neck and back area, also dry brush in a back and forth motion. Regarding your face, its best to use a brush with more gentle bristles. All in all this should take a couple of minutes.

Step 5

As soon as you are done just jump straight in the shower and try both hot and cold water to really get that blood circulation going. And when you get out don’t towel dry with long rubs….just gently tap dry each area on your body.

Afterwards use some coconut oil or even apricot or peach oil and apply on the freshly brushed areas. Olive oil will also do.

coconut sliced in half displaying coconut oil

So there you have my tips for dry skin brushing and for using the best dry brush for cellulite.  If you have tried other methods of cellulite removal without success then really consider dry skin brushing as you may just see some great results.

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Just be persistent and dry brush every day at least TWICE to get maximum results for the FIRST MONTH. After that you will only need to do it once or twice a week as maintenance.

The dry brush is easy to maintain with only soap and warm water rinse every 5 days or so and leaving it out in the sun to dry.

Not only will it erase all those dead skin cells from your body, it will also get your HORMONES PUMPING through your body and make your oil glands more active which will aid with secretion. And you will also notice how much your skin will TIGHTEN once you have had a few sessions of dry skin brushing.

But just keep in mind dry skin brushing alone will not fix your cellulite. Combine it with good hydration of water, a good anti cellulite diet which you can read about it here – Best Anti Cellulite Foods , and also good exercise and yoga.

Give your cellulite and a great dry brushing and see if it makes a difference for your dreaded cottage cheese skin!

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