How BIO-DERMOLOGY Can Treat Cellulite

How Bio-Dermology Can Treat Cellulite

Read about Bio-dermology in this article – what you need to know before you experience it yourself.

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Nowadays, you will find a wide range of methods when it comes to treating cellulite and one of these is Bio-dermology. For years now, I have been searching for an effective remedy for my cellulite.

I’ve tried a lot of methods  just to bring back my smooth and firm skin. I have consulted with a couple of beauty experts and I was told that the best way to achieve this is through a combination of heat, cold and pressure applied into the affected part of the body.

Through this, the lymphatic system will be drained and thus, the skin will be TONED.

This is exactly how Bio-dermology works.

My Bio-dermology Experience

At first, I found my experience with Bio-dermology to be less pleasant as compared to some other treatments I have tried before. Since it makes use of a vacuum like device, I felt pain during the entire treatment.

As explained by the therapist, the treatment makes use of a compression and decompression method through a vacuum mechanism, which breaks down my fats into liquid in order to get rid of the dimpled skin texture. The liquidized fats will then be absorbed into the bloodstream or be passed into the lymphatic system to be excreted as waste.

What I really love about Bio-dermology is the fact that I have noticed a significant improvement in the way my legs look after only about 40 MINUTES of treatment.

This is TRULY AMAZING, as I have not experienced such extraordinary result in the previous cellulite treatments I’ve tried.

Bio-dermology Treatment Procedure

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Before the treatment started, a certified medical professional gave me a consultation. We discussed a lot of things regarding the treatment and I was also given some advice about cellulite causes and other important things about it.

I was told that cellulite has to do with the cells. These are basically fats that are trapped within the cells and as such, they look like they are swelling. This leads to the appearance of the lumps and dimples in our legs, thighs, buttocks, etc.

There is a layer called septa, which can be found in between the skin and the fats that help to prevent the fat cells from affecting the texture of our skin. But if the cellulite gets trapped within the fat cells, they will end up breaking into the septa and thus create a dimpled look of the skin.

The lymphatic circular system of our body works like a garbage chute and will drain off fluids and other wastes, including fats from our cells.

But if this circulatory system does not drain for some reason, that is when CELLULITE WILL START TO DEVELOP. 

Before I was led into the therapy room, I was briefed that the treatment “might cause some pain.”

The first part of the treatment was exfoliation and then an anti-cellulite gel was applied. The hand held attachment that is connected to the main machine of Bio-dermology is then stroked up and down into the entire area of my legs, including my bottom area.

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You will also feel the heat that comes out of the device, which is said to melt the fats and drain the lymphatic system, thus, treating the dimpled texture of my legs.

Read my blog Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal to know more about the lymph and cellulite.

This is the part where I felt a bit uncomfortable. The handheld device resembles that of a vacuum cleaner that sucks my skin out, which explains the pain I feel. The suction is a bit intense which makes the entire process painful, especially for first timers.

The high-pressure waves are aimed at BREAKING UP THE CONNECTIVE TISSUES, which has caused the dimpled texture.

Nevertheless, the pain can be tolerated.

After the entire session is finished, the therapist asked me to look into the mirror to see how my legs look.


It has greatly improved the look of my legs, which proves that the treatment is truly effective. After having spent several years trying to avoid looking at my horrible legs in the mirror, this is such a relief. I have visibly lost the creases in my legs and on those areas in between my thighs and buttocks.

To finish off, the therapist then applied a firming cream into my legs in order for the exfoliation to continue and to BOOST up the toning effects of the treatment.

How Bio-Dermology Works

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As mentioned, I’ve tried all sorts of treatment aimed at removing my cellulite. Creams, lotions, you name it – I have used all of them. While some of them are really effective, it will take WEEKS before you can finally see the result.

So when I found out about the immediate effect of Bio-dermology, I decided to give it a try.

As mentioned, Bio-dermology works by means of a vacuum massage. This will lead to an increased blood circulation in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. By applying pressure on your skin, the vitamins, minerals and other nutritive elements will leave the blood capillaries and then travel towards the connective tissues.

Therefore your skin cells will then be able to obtain the necessary elements for an improved metabolism and efficient elimination of the waste products in your body. Moreover, as the dermis and epidermis tissues are being oxygenated, fed and drained, the dimpled texture of your skin will immediately start to LOOSEN UP and MOVE…and the results will immediately show.

I would say I’m definitely satisfied with the results despite the slight pain. The 40-min. session cost me around $70 US dollars, and ongoing maintenance is required to stave off that orange peel skin. My cellulite reduction lasted about a month and I would have to repeat the treatment again to get the same result.

Its expensive to maintain but that is the price you pay to get an instant result. 

Since you might find it hard to locate a clinic that performs Bio-dermology in your area, your best bet is to consider more popular Lymphatic Drainage removal methods.

Read more about that under my blog….Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal

Bio-dermology vs Endermologie

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When I did my research another cellulite treatment that I came across with, which somehow resembles bio-dermology in the sense that they both target the lymphatic system, is Endermologie.

Unlike  Bio-dermology, which makes use of a high-pressure vacuum-like device, Endermologie focuses on the use of massages which is aimed at improving the blood circulation to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Moreover, the patients will be asked to wear a specialized suit during the treatment, and thus, you will feel comfortable while the device is being applied into your skin.

However, unlike bio-dermology where you will immediately see the results, endermologie will require a minimum of 6 – 10 sessions before you can finally see a difference in the way your skin look.

Each treatment lasts up to 45 minutes and costs around $60. You can choose to have up to 2 sessions per week, which means that the result will only be visible after about three weeks.

Endermologie might not be as painful as Bio-dermology for the treatment, but the result is not immediate.

Also, bio-dermology is not as readily available as endermologie in certain salons and practices so you will have to ring around a bit.

To know more about Endermologie where I also undergo and review the treatment, read my blog Endermologie Benefits For Your Cellulite

In the end, there are basically two factors when deciding to choose. If you want LESS PAIN, go for endermologie, if you want QUICKER RESULTS, go for Bio-dermology.


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Getting an instant result is what everybody wants when it comes to their cellulite. Bio-dermology is one of the few treatments that can get you that INSTANT RESULT. It was a fantastic result in the end for me, and I really hope you can have the same result I did.

Do the Pain to lose the Gain!

However, as I mentioned earlier in the article….it will be very hard to find somebody that does Bio-dermology. I was lucky to live in a big city like Sydney where I could find a clinic that performed it…but it took a lot of ringing around.

If you don’t find success in locating anybody that does Bio-dermology, I can only recommend to you the next best thing in having a lymphatic drainage procedure (Read more HERE ) or finding someone that performs Endermologie which can read more about it HERE

If you are one of the lucky few to have experienced Bio-dermology please share below if it helped with your cellulite at all. I would love to know if you had the same positive experience as me. Also if you want to ask any questions about my treatment, go right ahead.


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