Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Review For Cellulite

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Review For Cellulite

This is my personal Brazilian Bum Bum Cream review for cellulite where I will discuss everything you need to know CONCERNING YOUR CELLULITE about this exotic sounding cream from the company Sol De Janeiro.

When you think of Brazilian women, you automatically think of their NATURAL BEAUTY and GREAT SKIN and of course their famous bums (cellulite free) that they love to flaunt at their beaches.

Brazilian women love to look good and they show off their bodies with shining confidence…and you can too!

Brazilian booty and Brazilian beauty products are all the fad at the moment and none come BIGGER than the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, which contrary to what it says, is not just for the cellulite on your bum – but can be used for all your cellulite areas on your body.

You know how hard it is to choose a good cellulite cream that is right for you. I can make your choice easier by giving you an honest Brazilian Bum Bum Cream review where I will highlight mainly how it affects your cellulite.

It is a very popular cream at the moment with a lot of hype. I will cut through the noise and specify how it works.

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My First Impressions For My Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Review

The first thing I noticed when I purchased Bum Bum was that BEAUTIFUL SMELL. This has to be the most pleasant smelling cellulite cream out there. So unique! The smell is a nice tropical scent with a mix of vanilla, macadamia nuts and coconut.

Your mind will be taken to those beaches on Rio Di Janeiro with this amazing smell. And also the scent will be LONG LASTING…unlike some other creams where the scent can disappear after only an hour.

The scent is that strong that it will remain on your clothes and bed sheets for a while after, so if you are a fan of this particular scent, you won’t mind it at all.

My skin felt so LUXURIOUS after I applied, it felt good to touch how SOFT and VELVETY it was. I don’t think I have ever felt my skin so soft from a cream!

I also like how quickly it absorbed which was surprising considering how thick the cream is and it didn’t leave any greasiness. It didn’t take long at all, few minutes at most, to be fully absorbed into your skin.

So don’t be afraid to put your clothes on right after it dries as you won’t get that stickiness feeling if you apply it thorough.

I was tempted to apply the cream all over my body just because it felt SO GOOD on my skin, but I resisted the temptation because you could easily go through a whole bottle a whole lot quicker that way….so I wanted to save it just for my cellulite areas, mainly my buttocks, upper thighs and stomach.

I really recommend you do the same – just focus on your cellulite areas and remind yourself its the main reason you purchased the cream.

What I also noticed was a shimmer that the cream gives off in certain angles of sunlight which is caused by the mica mineral used in Bum Bum.  This added effect really does make your skin look GLOSSY and SHINY and I didn’t mind that at all. Its not like its overly obvious as some other women might claim, but subtle enough to be noticed.

And the shimmer does a great job of DEFLECTING any light from your cellulite so its a great cloak effect in hiding any cottage cheese skin you may have 🙂

5 Hours Later…

I noticed the scent is still lingering which is good. Of course its not as strong from the first application, but still that pleasant scent remains.

I did notice how much my skin had TIGHTENED and the FIRMNESS of skin increased too. But the main thing I noticed was how soft it left my skin still feeling, it was that good that I felt like I was made out of SILK 🙂

But since we are primarily concerned with cellulite, the big question is – did it reduce my cellulite?

You will be happy to know that my cellulite was LESS NOTICEABLE…now whether that is from extra smoothness of the skin, the extra tightening of the skin, or just from the shimmer I cannot say for sure.

Seeing less of my cellulite on my thighs and bum is the BEST FEELING EVER, even if it was not totally gone.

I was happy how much of my cellulite areas had receded, so in that sense the hype of the cream was true.

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The Amazon Ingredients

You can’t go by discussing Brazil beauty without mentioning the Amazon forest. The Amazon has a rich array of plants which provide plenty of quality ingredients in any Brazilian beauty product – Bum Bum is no exception.

In this Brazilian Bum Bum Cream review for cellulite I will mention and discuss a few of those exotic ingredients that the cream contains and how they attack your cellulite from different angles.

As you may know, a lot of cellulite creams contain caffeine which is a major active ingredient of those creams. However, with Brazilian Bum Bum cream you get something much stronger than your average caffeine and thats GUARANA – the most CONCENTRATED BLEND of caffeine in the world. This alone separates this cream from most other cellulite creams and leaves them trailing behind.

Normal levels of caffeine as you may know is great for STIMULATING blood circulation and BOOSTING blood flow – effective for removing toxins. So you can just imagine the increased effects of Guarana as it flows through your body giving your blood circulation a MASSIVE increase, and giving you a SUPER EFFECTIVE toxic clean out!

Your cellulite will never have a face a more formidable enemy than Guarana – it won’t know what hit it!

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jar of coconut oil
The special coconut oil used

Coconut Oil – This oil is the main ingredient that gives Bum Bum its MOISTURIZING PROPERTIES as well as giving off that heavenly tropical beach smell. The coconut oil is able to PENETRATE DEEP into your skin pores thus removing any of those dead skin cells that cellulite thrives on.

As well as fighting cellulite, the coconut oil also gives you the added benefits of being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal – two important factors for maintaining healthy skin.

Cupuacu ButterHyrdation, hyrdation, hydration! This is the main benefit from this natural butter….your skin will be beautifully hydrated, and a potent weapon against cellulite is…you guessed it –  hydration.

The less water retention you have in your skin layers- the more likely cellulite will form. Originating from the seeds of the Cupuacu tree, this natural butter is a great ingredient to have.

Not only is Cupuacu Butter known to HYDRATE the skin, but it will also STRENGTHEN your collagen and a strong collagen in the dermis layer of your skin is a strong defense against cellulite!

acai berries on a wooden spoon
the acai berry used to make the acai oil

Acai Oil – This oil from the acai berry is an antioxidant heavyweight and is a great defender against free radicals and toxins. Free radicals are MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS to cellulite formation so the less you have of these, all the better in preventing any more cellulite from forming. As a bonus its also fantastic as an anti-ageing ingredient.

Beating cellulite and looking younger at the same time – what can beat that?

Pros & Cons For Brazilian Bum Bum Cream


  • The best smelling cellulite cream you are ever likely to experience. A Heaven scent.
  • Has the special exotic Guarana as an ingredient – a powerful caffeine herb.
  • Long lasting scent….can last a whole day
  • Excellent moisturizing properties due to its coconut oil
  • Has a great shimmer effect which emphasizes the smoothness of your skin
  • No greasiness after the cream has been applied
  • Tightens the skin after a few hours, thus causing cellulite shrinkage



  • I found it got a tiny bit sticky if I didn’t apply it thoroughly



brazilian bum bum cream review, drawing of brazilian woman on tropical beach

In the end, I am very happy with my purchase of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream simply due to the fact there was SOME reduction in my cellulite.

Look, even if you don’t get any cellulite reduction, you will be still be happy with the amazing softness of your skin and of course the smell alone is worth the purchase.

Get some of that Brazilian beauty in you! Get some of that beautiful Amazon jungle in you! In my honest opinion, not only is this one of the best skin creams but also this is one of the best creams for your cellulite.

Dare to go the Brazilian way and shake your bum with the confidence of those Brazilian beautiesCELLULITE FREE! I hope my Brazilian Bum Bum Cream review for cellulite has helped clear some things for you and given you more insight into how effective it is for your cellulite.

If you have had some success with it regarding your cellulite, please feel free to share below.

Final Grade – A

With its powerful Guarana effect and with a scent from tropical Heaven, this Brazilian Bum Bum Cream will samba your cellulite away!

You can order it right now here through Amazon….Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 8.1 Fl oz


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