Can Keto Reduce Cellulite?

Can Keto Reduce Cellulite?

Can keto reduce cellulite? With a keto diet you can get good reduction with your cellulite. In fact, its one of the best diets for cellulite because it targets water weight and burns fat in the right places where cellulite usually forms.

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The keto diet, specifically known as ketogenic diet, uses a process called ketosis to burn fats, rather than carbs, that are stored in the body.

So basically you are just substituting carbs for fats, and that’s why the diet is strict on heavily limiting carbs, and I am talking like 5% of the keto diet consisting of carbs. That is it!

I know if you are a carb lover it will be hard to hear, but I am sure at this stage you can sacrifice your carbs to reduce your cellulite.

So How Does Keto Reduce Cellulite?

Cellulite are fat cells that have become trapped in between the connective tissues under your skin. Because these connective tissues lack the flexibility and stretchability of the skin the deposits of fat end up bulging and pushing against these connective tissues, which causes the dimpling of your skin.

Since the keto diet is all about burning fat, the stores of fat that have collected under your skin where cellulite is formed will start to be used up as fuel.

During this burning process your cellulite begins to slowly BREAK DOWN and become LESS COMPRESSED.

So its simple really – eat less carbs and let your liver break down stored fat which is the main culprit of your cellulite.

Short Term Effects Of Keto On Cellulite

Okay, this might sound counter intuitive but expect your cellulite to look worse after about a month on a keto diet. But don’t be alarmed, this is a natural process.

How does it happen? The fact is, it takes a while for those fat cells and deposits to break down and during this long process your skin will become much more freer.

There is also the burning of glycogen which is the carb that is stored in your muscles…and since cellulite sits on muscle groups it also makes the skin appear saggy. As the skin turns more slacker your cellulite just looks worse and it can look real ugly.

Trust me, I have seen some women on this diet for a month and their cellulite did look shocking and heavily punctured and sunken.

They all thought they had done something wrong, but they were doing everything right and eventually their cellulite areas started looking better and smoother.

Don’t let it get to you seeing your cellulite look worse and horrible. No matter how bad it may look, just remind yourself its a phase and that your cellulite will eventually REDUCE once your skin becomes tight again.

Don’t lose focus and just keep on the diet, keep up with hydration and exercise – especially cardio as you want to maintain the fat burning. Once you start losing even more fat then eventually all that loose skin reassimilates back into the body making it MORE TIGHTER than it was previously.

Best Foods To Eat For A Cellulite Keto Diet

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Because you want to target cellulite mostly,  its best to eat those foods that (as well as being low carb) also have added benefits in reducing cellulite. Just to get more bang for your buck.

There are a lot of other options for keto diet plans, but since you want to focus on cellulite choose the right foods that are ketogenic and cellulite busting too.

As well as low carb, you want your keto foods to contain medium levels of protein, high magnesium, and high vitamin C & E levels.

Here are the foods you should prioritize for a cellulite keto diet.

  • Olive Oil – Olive oil is great for destroying free radicals as these nasty kind of toxins contribute to poor circulation which is often the cause of major build up of cellulite. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for even better effect.


  • Salmon & Mackeral – These two are the best seafoods to focus on regarding cellulite because of their high Omega 3 and Omega 6 levels. These essential fatty acids are effective at improving your metabolism as a slow metabolism leads to cellulite build up.


  • Eggs – Eggs are good for Iodine intake which can help with an inactive thyroid gland because if this gland isn’t functioning problem it can lead to weight gain, thus increasing the risk of cellulite.


  • Yoghurt – High in calcium, yoghurt is another major boost to metabolism and leads to effective disposal of toxins and wastes.


  • Spinach – Filled with magnesium, spinach is fantastic for reducing water retention as cellulite thrives off any fluids that build up

Ideal Keto Diet Day For Cellulite


Smoked Salmon With Eggs and Avocado – The perfect start to the day with an abundance of fatty acids with the salmon and avocado. With its high fiber content the avocado will eliminate toxins and its high magnesium levels will strengthen collagen which will make your skin less dimply.


Spinach Frittata – Besides the spinach which is packed with cellulite busting magnesium, you can also add in Parmesan cheese with its beneficial minerals and add in onions and garlic to get an immune system boost with their high sulfur compounds. Sulfur clears out the lymph system, preventing any toxins from building up in contributing to cellulite formation.

Afternoon Snack

Include plain Greek yoghurt for some calcium which is known to increase metabolism, and also add in nuts like walnuts for added fiber to dispose any waste from the fat cells….which can only help the fat to burn away when on a keto diet.


skinless chicken breast with broccoli

Chicken breast with creamy broccoli – With chicken breast you can get your full protein intake which will improve the elasticity of your skin and the broccoli is good for cleansing the liver for effective toxin disposal. Basically less toxins means less cellulite.

If you are looking for more foods to beat cellulite, read my article Anti Cellulite Diet Plan which discusses the 3 week diet.

Keto Diet Your Cellulite Away…Start Now

In my opinion, I rate the keto diet as one of the BEST DIETS for combating and reducing cellulite. Can keto reduce cellulite? My answer by now is it certainly can.

Since a build up of fat deposits is one of the main causes of cellulite, a keto diet will actually get to the root of the cause by burning away those fat cells.

If you can last 3 months on this diet, you will definitely see cellulite reduction. You may give up after the first month after your craving of carbs becomes too tempting, or seeing how worse your cellulite is looking.

But trust me, once you pass this first transition phase where the body is getting used to using fat for fuel and your skin is starting to re-adjust and get its tightness back, you will be on your way to having SMOOTH SKIN once again.

Stop asking can keto reduce cellulite and just start now on your keto diet and get that fat burned off!!

For more information on cellulite reduction – check out my Cellulite Hacks article where you can see many other options for cellulite removal.

Any questions or comments on how can keto reduce cellulite please share below.

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