Can Tattoos Hide Cellulite

Can Tattoos Hide Cellulite

If you are wondering can tattoos hide cellulite and are considering getting a tattoo for that reason then you have come to the right place here. There are a variety of reasons why people get tattoos and one of the more common reasons is to cover up blemishes and undesirable features on our body….and nothing could be more undesired than cellulite and also stretch marks!

can tattoos hide cellulite, woman receiving massage on thigh with tattoo

Especially now with thigh tattoos being a trend you might feel there is no better time to have a thigh tattoo to fit in with the trend and to also hide your cottage cheese skin.

I will get straight to the point. Can tattoos hide cellulite? The short answer is no. Cellulite has dimply skin and for that reason any tattoo that is performed on cellulite will look choppy and uneven. This may even bring more undesired attention to your cellulite because of the way the tattoo appears. 

Even when you show up to your tattoo salon and request a thigh tattoo to cover your cellulite, I can guarantee that the tattoo artist in most cases will say that it is just not worth the hassle.

The tattoo artist prefers a flat surface to work the stencil with and not the dimply skin that cellulite is associated with.

He or she might yank the skin to make it rigid enough to work with the stencil and make it easier, but once the work is complete the skin will bounce back to its original dimpled look and the tattoo will have the scrunched up look.

How Does Cellulite Form

Before asking can tattoos hide cellulite, you first have to understand how cellulite forms in the first place. As you age your skin layers become less elastic and fat cells begin to accumulate underneath the connective tissues of these skin layers. The more fat cells that form, the more they become trapped underneath these layers and then start to form pockets of skin on the surface which creates the dimpled look.

Your tattoos are stenciled in on the dermis layer of skin and your cellulite is formed underneath that in the adipose tissue. So no matter how good your tattoo is it will always appear to be BUMPY because of that congregation of cellulite in the adipose tissue underneath it.

More Reasons Why Not To Get A Tattoo

  • You will need a large tattoo to cover all that surface area and also to possibly cover up any future cellulite that might appear. So you would practically need to cover your whole thigh just to be sure all the cellulite is catered for.


  • The sensitivity in the regions at the back of the thighs are so high that you will be feeling a lot of PAIN! You will feel every bit of that needle as it enters the skin, and because you will need a large tattoo, it will be a long painful session.


  • There are just easier ways to hide your cellulite and to treat your cellulite. Why go through all that unnecessary pain, cost and time when it will hardly make a difference?

Hiding Your Cellulite

Hiding your cellulite is easy enough during the winter when any clothing can cover the cellulite. But as summer starts rolling in you may be wishing to yourself why you didn’t get that tattoo during winter. Don’t fret! The sun can be your saviour.

woman reading book while suntanning

Why go through all that effort time and pain by getting a tattoo when the sun can just as easily hide it?  Getting a tan is one the simplest and easiest ways to hide a lot of your cellulite and it can be done in your own backyard!

Or better yet, just get a tanning lotion that can do the job. If you want to know about choosing the best tan lotion for your cellulite – read my blog here….Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion

Another great way to hide your cellulite are from cellulite creams. There are certain creams that when used properly can make your cellulite appear to be less noticed from certain angles. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is perfect for this as it one of the best at deflecting light due to the shimmer that is formed after you apply .

You can read more about it here on AmazonSol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 8.1 Fl oz

Treating Your Cellulite

There are many ways to treat your cellulite and reduce it. No treatment will permanently erase your cellulite but getting a good treatment goes a long way to reducing it by a lot.

The best treatment methods are the surgical methods but they are expensive. They include treatments like Ionithermie, Laser Treatment, Velashape, Endermologie and Bio-dermology.

If you have a high budget then yeah, definitely go for one of these treatments. If you have old tattoos that need to be removed and they are already in areas where some cellulite is, then having a laser treatment will be like a 2 in 1 action – removing your tattoo and treating your cellulite at the same time. How cool is that?

If you are at Stage 3 cellulite, which is the most advanced stage of cellulite, then please read my article – Stage 3 Cellulite Treatment where I give you the best option to treat this difficult stage of cellulite without being too costly.

Do It Yourself Treatments

The best do it yourself method is through massaging as this can get more deeper than just dry brushing and therefore more effective at breaking up the cellulite dimples and to ensure your lymph system does not become clogged.

A good working lymph system is crucial in enabling thorough DISPOSAL OF FATS AND TOXINS as any build up of these wastes will cause a blocked lymphatic system and thus causing cellulite to form. Massage is the best method for lymphatic drainage and you can do it yourself with a great massage machine.

The one I use is called the Glo910 and is perfect for this objective.

Glo910 Cellulite Massage Machine

Read more about it here on AmazonGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

You can also read my review about this massage machine on my blog here – Glo 910 Anti-Cellulite Machine Review

You can manually dry brush away your cellulite which is a great way to tighten your skin and eliminate dead cells. Dry brushing is great way to detoxify if you do it correctly and use the right kind of skin dry brush.

There is also dieting and exercise to consider which is great to accompany any cellulite treatment. You can read more about what to eat and what other exercises to perform as well as other treatments by clicking here…Over 100 Cellulite Hacks In A Nutshell

Don’t Get The Tattoo

I hope I have answered your question can tattoos hide cellulite and also convinced you not to get the tattoo. Trust me, its just not worth it. I can understand for scars or birthmarks or other skin imperfections but for cellulite….just forget about it!

Dealing with cellulite is a whole different ballgame and you don’t want to make it any worse by getting a tattoo that looks like it was drawn on bubble wrap. And if you are thinking ahead to get a tattoo before cellulite develops, well it won’t make any difference. Once cellulite forms, your tattoo will take the shape of the cellulite so you can disregard that idea!

Go for a better option in hiding it by getting a tan or using a cream.

Better yet, try and effectively erase as much cellulite as you can by using the Glo910 massage machine. Check out the price here on Amazon..Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 


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  1. If you have cellulite that you’d rate 6/7 on a scale of 1 to 10 tattoos def pull the attention away from the dimples. My arms had started to loose mussel mass and certain light caught the cellulite under the skin and my tattoos now mask that effect beautifully. My sleeve, in the works, blended and well placed, colourful tradi small and large have hidden the underplaying unevenness and forming dimples very well. If you have cellulite, I’ll repeat on a scale let’s say 6/7 on a 1 to 10 scale the tattoos def work as a distraction and if you like tattoos are a great alternative. They also cover up spider veins and getting those removed from the dermatologist is a lot more painful than the tattoo. I don’t recommend doing these cover ups if you are not a tattoo lover however if you are this is a great alternative to trying to be tanned all year round 😂

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