Exercises For Cellulite All Over Legs

Exercises For Cellulite All Over Legs

Having cellulite all over legs is a major problem for women which affects them after a certain age.

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Legs are commonly prone to develop cellulite as well as your breasts, stomach, buttocks and thighs. In summer you may find it EMBARRASSING to expose your legs in public because of your cottage cheese skin.

I know, it sucks!

So what can we do about it? I will give you my take on the best way to deal with cellulite all over legs since leg cellulite is the most visible. I will tell you the BEST EXERCISES to perform that really targets the legs and thighs.

Firstly…What Is Cellulite

Cellulite is basically accumulation of irregular fat cells and fluids which congregate under the subcutaneous layers of skin, mainly around the connective tissues.

Because the body fails to flush out these toxins, after a while the fats and fluids harden and push against the top layer of skin, creating the DIMPLED LOOK of cellulite.

There is a myth that only fat and overweight people get cellulite, however this is not the case and many slim women also get cellulite. In fact, its estimated that a whopping 90% of women suffer from cellulite, so take heart you are not alone facing this massive problem.

Cellulite will develop as you GAIN WEIGHT and also due to AGING as the skin gets a little thinner and more loose.

Primarily though the biggest cause of cellulite all over legs is a LACK OF EXERCISE, and I will give you the right exercise techniques that will focus on losing cellulite on your legs.

Dieting For Your Leg Cellulite

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Adopting a good anti-cellulite diet whilst performing these exercises is a great way to get MAXIMUM RESULT!

First point is to keep hydrated with water because without proper hydration the body will just start accumulating fat beneath the skin…and that just leads to cellulite!

Just ignore foods with sugar and high saturated fat as well as hydrogenated oil. Go with foods that are full of VITAMIN C. 

Instead of having the standard 3 large meals a day go for small 4-5 meals throughout the day don’t get in the habit of crash dieting – it will not work for cellulite all over legs.

Always include in your diet fruits and fresh vegetables as well as legumes, grains and lean protein like chicken and turkey.

Also have a lookout for foods that contain bioflavonoids such as citrus fruits and broccoli as these are especially effective for reducing cellulite on your legs.

For more information the best anti-cellulite foods, read my blog – Best Anti-Cellulite Foods 

Exercises To Target Cellulite All Over Legs

To get rid of cellulite all over legs you have to adopt specific exercises which succeed in TONING your leg muscles. Simple exercises you can do outdoors like swimming, jogging and walking are some of the best exercises for reducing cellulite on all parts of your legs.

When you are targeting cellulite all over legs not only will your cellulite be reduced but you will also get the addition of having legs that will LOOK GREAT and also get STRONGER.

The cellulite for your hamstring will be targeted differently to the cellulite on your quadriceps and so I have included exercises here which will cover both areas, as well as covering your buttocks.

I will make sure nothing is missed!

Squats With or Without Barbell

woman squatting with barbell

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Doing the squats with barbell is a great exercise to target the cellulite on your quadriceps.

Grab a barbell and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Now start slowly bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground, whilst trying not to move your legs or let your shoulders hunch.

Also make sure that your knees do not cross your toes. Hold this position for at least a few seconds, 5 at the most, and then return to your standing position. If you are using the barbell, then do 10 reps for a complete set.

Do at least 2 sets of 10 reps and rest for 30 seconds between sets.

silhouette of woman doing regular squat

If you don’t want to use a barbell, then doing regular squats is fine but make sure you do at least 15 reps. Its up to you if you prefer doing your squats with a barbell or not. Personally, I would recommend a barbell which gives you more bang for your buck in targeting your quadricep cellulite!

Wall Squats

Another kind of squat you should consider for cellulite all over legs is the wall squat, especially if you struggle to do regular squats because of a sore knee. Just make sure you have a smooth wall 🙂

All you basically need to do is stand about one foot away from the wall and then lean your back against the wall. Same as regular squats, your thighs must be parallel to ground so slide your back down the wall until you reach that sitting point with your thighs parallel.

Now do you best to hold out for as long as you can, really push to the max, and then gently return to your standing position.

2 sets of 10 reps is sufficient for this exercise.

Lunges With or Without Dumbbells

woman performing lunges

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Lunges is a great exercise tailor made for fighting cellulite all over legs. You will get more benefit using dumbbells but you can still get results without using them.

Just stand shoulder width apart and using your right foot step about 2 feet in front of you, keeping in line with your hip joint. Once your right foot is forward then slowly lower your left leg until it is parallel to the floor and only a few inches above the floor. Now this is where you are really BURNING YOUR CELLULITE away by holding this position for AS LONG AS YOU CAN. Once you can hold no longer slowly raise your body without moving your feet.

Do this for 15 reps on each leg, and then repeat after a 30 second rest.

woman performing lunges with dumbbells

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As I mentioned, using dumbbells for lunges will burn even more cellulite as the intensity will be upped. You want to at least have dumbbells that are 5 pounds minimum as anything lower will not have enough intensity.

Have your palms facing you when you are holding the dumbbells. Just perform the lunges in the same manner as in the previous paragraph and never letting your arms drop while holding the dumbbells….KEEP THEM STRAIGHT he whole time for all the reps.

When using dumbbells you can just do 2 sets of 10 reps for each leg, again with a 30 second rest between sets.

Leg Lifts

woman performing leg lifts

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Another popular cellulite busting exercise are the leg lifts which is also good at working your hips. Its a simple compound exercise where you just lie down on your side with your legs fully extended on top of each other.

Place one of your hands on your head as support and the other hand planted firmly on the floor with the palm down in front of your chest area.

Keeping both legs extended and with your toes stretched out, raise the leg above as far as possible and then slowly lower it until you are just above the other leg (without touching it).

Do about 12 – 15 reps for one set and repeat on the other side.

Inner Thigh Lift

Another variation of the leg lift is the inner thigh lift. Laying down on the side again with both legs outstretched…have the top leg bent at the knee and cross it over your bottom leg ensuring it is in line with the hip joint. Also keep your hips in line with each other.

When in position place your right hand on the floor palm down and then raise your left leg only a couple of inches off the floor. Hold this position for like 20 seconds and then return to the stationary position.

Do 1 set for 10 reps and then repeat 10 reps on the other leg.

Donkey Kicks

woman performing donkey kicks,

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Although it may look awkward, the donkey kick is a TRULY EFFECTIVE exercise for cellulite all over legs and thighs.

To begin, get into position on all fours and have your knees and palms on the floor shoulder width apart. Now just raise your left leg from the floor and kick it backwards as if you are kicking someone you hate like a donkey 🙂

Do it quickly, no slow mo and then slowly lower the leg an inch off the floor and repeat the kick again.

Do it for around 12 reps and then repeat on the other leg.

Knee Extensions

A wonderful exercise to target your quadriceps. All you need for this are ankle weights with whatever weight you feel comfortable with. 2 pounds each is fine.

Its simple really…just sit on a chair and stretch out your legs (shoulder width apart) until they are only a few inches off floor, and keep the stretch going even for your toes. Really give it a good flex and then lift up your right leg until it is parallel to floor and hold that leg for a good 5 seconds.

Then bring it down again without touching the floor and repeat upwards again until you do 10 reps. You will feel it working your quadriceps after a set.

Once you complete one set of 10 reps repeat on other leg for another set of 10 reps. 

A Final Word…

Okay, that about wraps up all the main effective exercises for cellulite all over legs from top to bottom.

Just remember to do some warm up activity before attempting these exercises.

Walking and some light jogging is fine. If you can do these some of these exercises daily to show your determination you will get the RESULT YOU DESIRE!

That cellulite will start to slip away. Just keep it up. Take a photo of your cellulite that is on your legs and use it as a motivator – keep it as a goal that you want to lose it.

Once you have become accustomed to these exercises then just add in an extra set, extra weight to your dumbbells, barbell, and ankle weights. Don’t make it easy and comfortable for yourselfKEEP IT HARD! The results on your legs will be worth it!

For additional benefit for cellulite all over legs, also consider some yoga specifically targeting your cottage cheese skin. Check it out here – https://fixmycellulite.com/category/yoga/


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