Cellulite And Alcohol Consumption

Cellulite And Alcohol Consumption

When dealing with cellulite and alcohol consumption there are two things to consider – how much cellulite you have and how  much alcohol you consume.

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If you are at the later stages of cellulite then you should really cut back on alcohol. Cellulite THRIVES off toxins and alcohol is one of the biggest contributors of toxins towards your cellulite.

I know it can be hard to cut back on alcohol if you enjoy the social occasions it brings and how much pressure there is to drink at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc…BUT if you want to be serious about reducing and fixing your cellulite, then you are going to have to take the hard line and cut back on alcohol…or even stop drinking altogether if you are hard enough to go down that path!

Lets discuss how cellulite forms and how alcohol contributes to the dimpled skin.

Cellulite Formation From Excess Fluid

One of the big ways that alcohol consumption contributes to cellulite formation is through fluid retention.

When fat cells accumulate in the hypo-dermis layer of skin, the extra fluid that is brought about by alcohol causes the fat cells to swell up which in turn affects the ability of the lymphatic system to drain the excess fluid.

When these fat cells start swelling up what inevitably happens is they start to cram up against each other and fill outwards taking up a whole heap of space.

Once they start expanding then they start affecting the outer layers of skin and because these layers are so thin there is not a chance they are gonna be stopping the oncoming swelling of the fat cells.

Hence the reason why the cellulite shows up – its those blasted fat cells popping up all over the place as they push against the thin dermis and epidermis layers of skin.

Cellulite Formation From Toxins

Another way excessive alcohol consumption can affect cellulite build up and cause fat cells to swell is from all the TOXINS and WASTES that accumulate from it.

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When our lymphatic circular system is overrun from wastes and toxins then the system becomes clogged and can’t function as well. Then as the more alcohol you drink, the more the toxins will be able to enter the cells and start to suck the life out of them… which leaves the cell no choice but to start bulging and expanding.

And the cycle repeats itself again as the fat cells expand they press up against the upper thin layers and start cause your orange peel appearance.

So your fat cells are getting hit by the excess fluid and from the excess waste and toxins.

Who would think that alcohol can be so damaging and cause our dreaded cellulite?

Indirect Ways Alcohol Causes Cellulite

Besides the direct and main ways that alcohol cause cellulite, there are other subtle ways it also contributes to your cottage cheese skin.


  • Excess Calories. As you may be aware alcohol contains a lot of empty calories that do nothing else besides gaining weight. Any added weight gain, small or large, is a prerequisite for any cellulite, increasing your fat cells in those places where cellulite loves to form.


  • Dehydration. This is the paradox of alcohol and how it can hit you with two extremes. On the one hand it can cause excessive fluid within the cells, and on the other cause your upper layers of skin to be dehydrated due to the way it depletes the minerals and nutrients that your epidermis requires. All this does is weaken your epidermis and make it that much more easier for your fat cells underneath to show. A healthy glowing and mineral rich skin layer will be much tauter and stronger preventing any cellulite from showing.


  • Cortisol Increase. There are two ways this stress hormone can cause cellulite development. It can affect how much the fat cells can absorb extra fat as the more cortisol there is in your system, the greater the intake of fat into your fat cells. Cortisol also impacts on collagen fiber development, greatly reducing their strength and structure, thus creating weak collagen fibers which are no match for a rampaging cellulite tsunami of fat cells.


  • Narrows Blood Flow. Alcohol also has the ability to narrow your blood veins, arteries and capillaries which in turn just ends up making your cellulite more prone to increasing to further stages of development.


What Are The Solutions


Short Term Solution

Hear out my quick solution.

Would it be impossible for you to go without any alcohol for 3 weeks?

If you can do that, then I have a great solution for you. There is a 3 Week Diet specifically tailored for weight loss and cellulite and if you can focus on this diet without drinking any alcohol you will have the best ammunition for treating your cellulite.

4 copies of 3 Week Diet ebook

Only 3 weeks without alcohol and only a 3 week diet. Read more about it by Clicking Here

Doing this diet will tremendously assist you for fixing your cellulite. Once you have your mind set on reducing alcohol then you will also have the mindset for starting an anti cellulite diet which will go hand in hand.

Simply just stopping drinking alcohol will not be enough…you have to also be playing your part with some action and going on a diet for only 3 weeks is the best way to do it.

The best thing about it is you don’t have to do any exercise or any other specific treatment.

Just go without alcohol for 3 weeks and follow a specific diet – that’s it! That’s all you need to do if you are disciplined enough.

The 3 Week Diet is what its all about. Click Here to check out the price!


Long Term Solution

Of course, if you find it would be difficult to totally go cold turkey on alcohol and don’t have the self discipline to go on a quick diet….you can always go the slow route and slightly cut back on alcohol and go about treating your cellulite with exercise and cellulite creams and cellulite procedures.

This might take a few months, but you will get to your goal in the end if you stick with it!

Just follow 3 steps here.

    1. Cut back on alcohol
    2. Use a good cream like Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. ( Read more about the cream here on AmazonSol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 8.1 Fl oz.)
    3. Followed by a great anti-cellulite massage device called the Glo910  which is great for penetrating deep and getting the lymph system moving after the damage alcohol has caused to it. (Read more about the device here at AmazonGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine ) 

You can go through my site here – FixMyCellulite and navigate about for other methods on fixing your cellulite.

But just remember to cut down on alcohol, even just a 10% to 20% cut back is good enough to see some little results, as long as you are also exercising and treating your cellulite with a good cream or using a good device.

For me personally, once I realized alcohol consumption played a major part in my cellulite, then I severely cut down on my intake.

You can do the same.

Take action now and check out the great deal you get for The 3 Week Diet – alcohol free!


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