Over 100 Cellulite Hacks, Solutions & Tips In A Nutshell

Over 100 Cellulite Hacks, Solutions & Tips In A Nutshell

This is 100 and more of the best cellulite hacks and solutions that are out there. You may find some bizarre, and some that you may have heard of and even tried already yourself.  If you try even just one of the solutions, its a great first step in beating your cellulite. 

Some are just little tips, and others big professional treatments. There are many ways to go about treating your cellulite and here they all in a brief nutshell laid out for you.

So lets get going then and see the myriad of cellulite hacks, tips and solutions for your dimpled skin.

26 Food Cellulite Hacks

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Here is the best list of foods to eat for treating your cellulite in a nutshell. If you would like more specific information about a diet then check out my Anti Cellulite Diet Plan blog.

  1. Bananas – Best thing about bananas is the amount of potassium it has leading to more skin elasticity and evenness due to the way potassium drains fluids from the surrounding tissues. 
  2. Oatmeal – Oats, with its high fiber content, enables more effective and smooth digestion which aids with weight loss. Just remember to add no sugar. 
  3. Chicken breast – Chicken breast is a protein beast. Protein is an essential component for improved elasticity of your skin and repairing muscle cells. Eat it skinless for maximum results.  
  4. Grapefruit – Grapefruits have a potent blend of vitamins and phytonutrients which helps with lymphatic drainage and lowering levels of fluid retention – two great ways that assist in reducing cellulite.
  5.  Watermelon – With its high levels of lycopene (a phytochemical), eating watermelon will keep your collagen strong leaving it less likely to break down. Strong collagen keeps cellulite at bay. 
  6. Green & White Tea – Green tea is known to increase rate of metabolism which is a killer for weight loss… while White tea keeps the dermis layer of your skin in good shape, decreasing the chances of any fat deposits poking through from below to create your dimpled skin. 
  7. Asparagus – One of the best anti inflammatories out of the green vegetables, Asparagus is also great as a blood circulation boost and as a detoxifier. Great assets to have in the battle against cellulite.
  8. Bell peppers – The king of vitamin C for vegetables, it packs more punch than any other vegetable so get a lot of these babies into you and your collagen will be all the better for it. Having high collagen levels is a must to keep cellulite at bay. 
  9. Cucumbers – Hydrating fruits such as cucumbers contain phytochemicals which re-enforce collagen, making it stronger and thus making the epidermis layer of your skin immune to any dimples popping up from below.  
  10. Onions – Onions are a great cleanse and boost for your immune system due to the sulfur compounds that are active in onions. The toxins will have no chance against these compounds and will thus be flushed out the lymph system and through your blood. Eat garlic as well for an even bigger sulfur compound release. 
  11. Bone broth – To increase your collagen intake, get some bone broth into your diet. Collagen is produced in large amounts in our bodies – in fact its the most protein produced out of any other. If you can pump the body with a bit more collagen by eating bone broth, it can’t hurt to make your collagen fibers even stronger and ward off that creeping dreaded cellulite. 
  12. Sunflower seeds – With its high Vitamin B6 content, Sunflower Seeds have the ability to reduce any fluid retention that builds up. It also functions to regenerate any connective tissue damage by processing proteins which serve as a repair mechanism, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. 
  13. Chillies – Its all about the heat here. There is no better way to stimulate your metabolism and burn fat than through heat. Due to chillies having such extreme levels of capsaicin, its the perfect compound to perform these functions. So go ahead and increase your intake of chillies – don’t let the heat bother you…its doing a good job at reducing your cellulite!
  14. Spinach – Pound for pound, spinach has the most magnesium out of any food and that’s good news for your cellulite. Magnesium has the great ability of preventing any fluid retention, and the less fluid you have, the less your cellulite will be noticeable. 
  15. Avocado – Avocado has host of benefits for cellulite. With its high fiber levels it can destroy toxins and with its high magnesium content it re-enforces the strength of collagen allowing for stronger tissues which allows for smoother less dimpled skin. Avocado also has essential fatty acids which is another cellulite buster!
  16. Chlorella – Add this powder to any dish or smoothie and you will get a food densely packed with chlorophyll – a compound that boosts the production of collagen, which in turn staves off cellulite.  
  17. Sweet potato – Sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A, one of the vitamins that plays a big role when it comes to making collagen. It also contains magnesium so if you can incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet your cellulite will take a big hit.
  18. Guava – With one of its main ingredients being elagic acid (a polyphenol), Guava has the benefit of protecting your collagen from getting damaged or becoming weak which is one of the main causes of cellulite in the first place. 
  19. Legumes – Legumes are a zinc beast, and getting plenty of zinc is a vital way to reduce cellulite because zinc minimizes any breakdown of collagen (that c word again 🙂 as well as providing flexibility for the connective tissues. High fiber too so get stuck into some legumes. 
  20. Dark chocolate – Don’t feel bad about eating some dark chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate is plentiful in antioxidants which prevent free radicals from forming and erasing cellulite fat. Do it for your cellulite!
  21. Salmon – Salmon has lots of ways to beat your cellulite. It has zinc and potasium as well as vitamins B6 and E – all vital ingredients for keeping your connective tissues in top shape which it does by utilizing the right proteins. Definitely a cellulite buster. 
  22. Hummus – Try some Middle Eastern cuisine by having a bit of hummus, a food that is low-glycemic. The great thing about eating low-glycemic foods is you don’t have to worry about increasing fat cells size. With its lower carb content that means less energy for your cellulite to grow and thrive off.
  23. Saffron – Containing ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, this spice will delay any growth to your fat cells as well as keeping your appetite at bay. Handy benefits when treating your cellulite.
  24. Drink coffee – If you don’t already, then you should really consider having a coffee or two throughout the day. Due to the caffeine in coffee, simply drinking coffee can increase your metabolism and enhance the fat burning abilities of your body.
  25. Kale – The in fab food at the moment for health its no surprise that your cellulite is also in the firing line of kale’s ingredients. Eating kale will bombard your cellulite with some Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and some folate for good measure. An antioxidant giant, kale should definitely be included for any stage of cellulite you may have. 
  26. Keto Diet – Try a keto diet which will incorporate a few low-carb and low sugar food choices and this will enable your hormones to be in balance. Cellulite thrives off hormonal imbalances so keeping them in check is a must for reducing your cottage cheese skin. For more information about the keto diet and cellulite read my blog Can Keto Reduce Cellulite

18 Salon Treatment Cellulite Hacks

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If you are looking for something more professional and longer lasting, check out some of the salon treatments here. These treatments won’t be cheap but they come with the guarantee of reducing your cellulite the most out of any other treatments. Some are old and trusted, and other treatments have just recently become developed as the technology gets better.

  1. Shockwave Therapy – This is a low energy therapy that is non invasive and free of side effects. Known as Collagenometry its known to smooth the dermis and epidermis layers of skin and rearrange collagen structures within the skin, leading to a breakdown of cellulite which lasts from 2 to 6 months. 
  2. Subcision – A costly procedure that is invasive and involves cutting septal bands underneath the dermis where your cellulite is most congregated. This allows the fat cells of your cellulite to redisperse to other parts and results in smoother looking skin. Cellfina is one of the best subcision treatments. 
  3. CCH Injection – While still in late testing stages, this exciting new treatment involves 12 injections promising a quick cellulite fix. 
    Collagenase clostridium histolyticum injection – remember the name and watch this space. 
  4. Radio Frequency – A radio frequency treatment involves heat which is focused on your fat cells deep below, causing them to shrink in size as well as producing more stronger collagen fibers. Thermitight, T-shape and NuEra tight are the best current popular radio frequency treatments. 
  5. Acoustic Wave Therapy – AWT is all about vibration where the connective tissues of your cellulite become bombarded with acoustic pulses causing them to jiggle and vibrate. This causes a smoothing and firmness of skin leading to a reduction of cellulite. 
  6. Ultrasound Technology – Technically known as Ultrasound Cavitation, this treatment is like liposuction but without the surgery, which means rather than using suction to extract fat cells, ultrasound breaks down fat cells through vibration. This will cause the wall of the fat cells to tear and the resulting fat is then reuptaked back into the body and disposed of through the lymph system. Sound away your cellulite with an ultrasound treatment. 
  7. Carboxytherapy – An injection involving carbon dioxide which ruptures the fat cells in your body. Since carbon dioxide is lethal to fat cells they won’t have a chance remaining stable once they are hit with a dose of CO2. Once ruptured, the fat cells are expelled from the body leaving with you smoother skin once again. 
  8. Body Contouring – This involves a device developed by the company Sharp Light that uses both radio frequency and infrared light for a full body contouring effect.  The radio frequency of the device uses heat to break down fat cells, while the infrared light tautens your skin by replenishing your collagen. 
  9. Cryotherapy – This treatment is all about freezing, specifically in -240 F degrees and its all over in 3 minutes. You just lay in a chamber and the low temperature will enable your body to flush out those toxins and increase collagen and metabolism. If you can handle a bit of cold, give it a go…a bit of pain for a long time gain of reduced cellulite. 
  10. Cellumassage – This is a leading edge tech massage that uses a machine called a Celliss where basically you sit in a armchair for 15 mins front and back and become deeply battered and compressed on your cellulite areas. Its comparable to a lymphatic drainage massage but done in half the time with more specific areas focused on. 
  11. Heat & Shock Therapy – Using heat and shock therapy might not sound appealing, but this new treatment promises to shock and melt away cellulite. The combo of shock wave and heat gets the smallest amounts of blood circulating in your cellulite areas and this enables any stale fluid in the lymph to be discharged, resulting in baby smooth cellulite free skin. If you can handle a bit of heat on your skin, give this revolutionary new treatment a try.
  12. Compression Therapy – Available only in Singapore for the time being, this is a new treatment that uses compression and vacuum therapy to target all areas of your cellulite while you cycle in a chamber for 30 mins. Its called the Hypoxi S120 device and it states you can lose up to 270% more fat than exercising normally. So if you are relatively fit, have a bit of cellulite, and are ever in Singapore you should definitely check it out.
  13. Laser Treatment – Getting laser treatment for your cellulite is the best professional treatment for your cellulite. Quick, effective, painless and only requiring a local anesthetic, your cellulite will be zapped away without any fuss. Laser dissolves fat cells and cuts through any connective fibers that are a cause of your cellulite. Can be costly, but sometimes its worth it to rid your dimpled skin. Read more here on my Laser Treatment blog.
  14. Biodermology – Bio-dermology involves the use a high pressure vacuum device which through massage stimulates your cellulite areas. For that reason the patient wears a special body suit because of the pressure of the device. This vacuum massaging forces the vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream to travel to the connective tissues, thus replenishing them with much needed nutrients to combat free radical damage that causes cellulite. You can see results after only one treatment. Read more here – How Biodermology Can Treat Cellulite
  15. Endermologie – Another professional massage treatment, Endermologie uses a device with suction and rollers which enables connective tissues to regrow after they have been worn down from the massage. This new connective tissue is more durable and firmer and as you have a few sessions your cellulite will gradually decrease as the old elastic fibers are being replaced. Read more here – Endermologie Benefits For Your Cellulite
  16. Ionithermie – An Ionithermie treatment is usually done on a cruise and involves the use of thermal clay and algae which is spread all over your body. Electrical stimuli is then conducted to your body from electrodes which are then placed around the body and this transfers heat and energy through the clay. Its said to detoxify the body at a cellular level which results in smoother skin. You can read more here –Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program.
  17. Velashape – Used by Victoria Secret models and with a 97% satisfaction rate, a Velashape Treatment has a high chance of reducing any of your cellulite. Combining massage with Infrared radiation, it allows blood circulation to increase while at the same time breaking up your lymph system and limiting any blockages. Read my review about Velashape
  18. 3D Liposuction – Without the side effects invasiveness of old school liposuction, 3D Liposuction is the way forward. Its called 3D because it involves three different results all in one – removing fat, tautening the skin, and of course lessening of cellulite. Using both Cryolipolysis and Cavitation, a powerful combo that terminates fat cells rather than just dividing them like normal liposuction.

16 Home Treatment Cellulite Hacks

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These hacks you can do yourself at home with the right tools, accessories and techniques. 

  1. Foam Rolling – Foam rolling over your cellulite areas will make it less noticeable because of the way the rolling motions affects the dermis layer of skin above cellulite. The foam roller fluffs up the dermis layer which makes your dimples difficult to see in the brightest of light. Results only last 2-5 days but it works!
  2. Sugar Scrub – Consider a sugar scrub treatment where you use brown sugar crystals (because they are more gentle than white sugar ones) and by applying them on your cellulite it will scrub away dead skin cells and give your buttocks and thighs a more glossy effect…reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Power Shower – If you can handle a bit of cold water in your showers give this a go. Just try oscillating between hot and cold water while showering and this will accelerate your blood circulation, enabling effective disposal of wastes and toxins that build up and cause cellulite. Once done, end your shower with just warm water to keep the circulation active.
  4. Cupping – Cupping is a great non-invasive treatment where you use silicone cups to create suction along your cellulite. Good for a blood circulation boost and removing any blockages in your lymph system. 
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – Try mixing this with honey and water and then applying it on all your cellulite areas, and then using a body wrap over the areas. Leave it for 45 minutes and then rinse.  
  6. Wear A Belt – This is good to try if you have any cellulite on your stomach. The product is called Silk’n’Lipo and by using Electric Muscle Stimulation its able to accelerate fat disposal and invigorate muscle growth, helping to breakdown any cellulite and decrease stomach diameter. Only need to wear for 15 minutes a day for 2 months…tingles with no pain.
  7. Mineral Salt – Next time you have a bath, try an old Ancient Egyptian trick and massage on to your skin some mineral salts as its a great way to exfoliate and also promotes circulation.
  8. Cloves Scrub – Making your skin supple and smooth by expelling dead skin cells, clove powder mixed with a bit of sugar and ground coffee is all you need. Massage with a washcloth and see the results. 
  9. Anti Cellulite Leggings – There are special stockings for cellulite, where through compression they are able to stop the build up of fluid which is a major cause of cellulite and also through little tiny massage ridges that are placed on the stockings to boost circulation. Look for Silver Wave stockings which has great feedback. 
  10. Deep Breathing – So simple, yet can be effective. Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to get that blood circulation going which is great for eliminating any cellulite waste that builds up. Practice it a few times a day.
  11. Caffeine Scrub – Scrubbing your cellulite with caffeine will cause a temporary size increase in blood vessels which will allow your skin to absorb more nutrients. This will cause your skin to smooth and tighten over time causing good reduction of cellulite. Learn about different ways to use caffeine here – Cellulite & Caffeine
  12. Dry Brushing – Dry brushing is one of the best ways to detoxify your skin. By eliminating dead skin cells and purifying your skin pores, it truly is a great way to smooth the skin as well as giving it a nice tightening effect. There are many dry brushes on the market, but if you want to know the best read here – Best Dry Brush For Cellulite
  13. Yoga – Yoga is the best way to strengthen the body as well as building lean muscle. If you can do the right yoga moves to target cellulite and give your body a boost in circulation then that cellulite will slowly start to burn away as it loses its supply of fat cells. The Eagle Pose is the best yoga to pose to fight your cellulite. Read more here – Yoga To Reduce Buttocks & Thighs
  14. Essential Oils – Essential oils are great for getting deep penetration into the skin which can revitalize and restore your hormonal imbalance and provide a good avenue in getting more oxygen into the cells. Oxygen starved cells are poor at stopping the onset of any cellulite so give them some ammunition with the right essential oils. Grapefruit, Rosemary and Lemongrass are the best oils to fight your cellulite. You can read more about those three oils here – Essential Oils For Cellulite
  15. Creams – With a ton of creams on the market for cellulite, there is bound to be one to suit you. Creams are the most popular ways to treat cellulite. They basically all work the same way and on average take around 30 days to see any results. Look for creams that have caffeine or ginseng as an active ingredient and with organic ingredients. To see a full list of my creams, check out my cream reviews here...Cellulite Cream Reviews

15 Exercise Cellulite Hacks

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Try some of these exercises to battle your dimpled skin. They are the best for cellulite because they focus the most on those areas where cellulite forms. If you want to know how to perform each exercise please refer to my Exercise blogs where I go into more detail. Here I will just give a brief rundown for each exercise.

  1. Lunges – Lunges are a great exercise to target on your thigh areas. You can burn more by using dumbells with at least 5 pounds minimum to truly get that intensity.
  2. Squats – The best exercise for your cellulite as it really focuses on your toning and building up strength for your legs. Do it with a barbell to get more of your cellulite burned off.
  3. Leg Lift – Leg lifts are great for focusing on cellulite that is around your stomach and buttocks because of the contractions involved when lifting and holding the legs in place.
  4. Buttock Tuck – Buttocks tuck is obvious in what kind of cellulite it targets and no better exercise will get rid of that bum cellulite.
  5. Swimming – Swimming will increase the strength in your legs and also make them more toned due to the flapping motion. The fat cells in your thighs become less in number just from the stretching required while swimming.
  6. Jogging – Jogging is the best cardio exercise to perform if you want to get rid of that leg cellulite as every muscle in the leg is in constant motion as well as putting pressure on your thighs.
  7. Brisk Walking – Doing a quick brisk walk is enough to get your blood circulation going. Such a simple exercise for a lot of cellulite reducing benefit, which can be done anytime, anywhere.
  8. Jumping – If you don’t want to leave the house and really want to burn calories, jumping is the way to go. Do it non stop for 10 minutes and watch that cellulite jump off!
  9. Cycling – Cycling really gets the muscles in your thighs moving and since that is where most cellulite forms, it truly hits the sweet spot. All you need is 30 minutes a day.
  10. Step Ups – This can easily be incorporated into any part of your day wherever there are steps. Just go up and down on a step and this will be enough to get your thighs pumping and burning that cellulite.
  11. Seated Leg Raises – All you need is a chair and the ability to raise your leg at right angels. Do it in the office, a great little exercise that focuses on the front of your thighs.
  12. Inner Thigh Lift – Although called inner thigh lift, this exercise really focuses on the cellulite on your outer thighs because of the way the legs extend.
  13. Donkey Kick – Nobody will mess with you if you can do a proper donkey kick, including your cellulite! Get on all fours and kick back like a donkey – this quick exercise will target your cellulite down your thighs and legs.
  14. Knee Extensions – Another exercise to target cellulite on the front of your thighs this can also be done on a chair. The longer you can hold the legs the more cellulite you can burn.
  15. Zumba – Zumba is a great fat busting dance/exercise, and particularly targets cellulite around your stomach areas. Just doing one intense Zumba session will cause you to lose around 400 calories. Start busting those moves now!

11 Herbal & Eastern Cellulite Hacks

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These are some good alternative cellulite hacks that involve different kind of massages and some powerful herbs. 

  1. Cod Liver Oil – Having such high omega 3 fatty acid levels you just can’t ignore this potent oil. Although horrendous to taste, just think what it can do for your cellulite. Consuming this oil will bolster and rejuvenate your skin tissues as well as reducing any inflammation – a potent combo in defeating your cellulite.
  2. Ayrurevdic Massage – Get your cellulite attacked from all angles with an Ayruevdic massage. Originating in India with its promise to soothe the soul and body, this is a tough and unrelenting massage which focuses on putting pinpoint pressure and manual manipulation on your cellulite areas. Don’t expect to relax with this massage 🙂
  3. Body Detox – Try some detoxing body methods whether by juicing (anything green is best) to cut down on inflammation or by trying a body detox bath which includes baking soda mixed in with essential oils. Try them both for a detoxifying purifying cellulite blasting effect!
  4. Silica – Try adding the herb Spring Horsetail try next time you feel like adding a herb to your cooking because the silica it contains will be a great benefit in maintaining the strength of collagen in connective tissues.
  5. Sea Salt – Mix a bit of sea salt with some olive oil to create a paste for your skin that will help it retain moisture and revitalize your skin which will minimize lumpiness.
  6. Supplements – Taking a specific supplement for cellulite sounds wonderful and one does exist in Forza Anti-Cellulite Formula which contains zinc, Vitamin C, and Grape Seed Extract to get to the heart of your cellulite. Taking the capsules will promote formation of collagen thus limiting the amount of cellulite formed. CardioFlex Q10 another supplement to consider.
  7. Evening Primrose Oil – Taking some of these will stabilize your hormones, particularly estrogen which is the main hormone responsible for any cellulite. It also contains strong fatty acids which is good for circulation
  8. Gingko Biloba – One of the best, if not the best herbs for enhancing any stale circulation around your body. Once the tissues that are influenced by cellulite get more of this supply of blood then the toxins that build up in these tissues can be much properly disposed of.
  9. Gotu Kola – A great powerful herb to combat any cellulite due to its amazing abilities to regenerate connective tissues and amplify blood circulation. Poor circulation along with weak collagen are ripe for cellulite formation. Beat it now by taking Gotu Kola in powder or liquid form.
  10. Gua Sha Massage – With its roots in Ancient China, this “scraping” massage still has benefits today for cellulite. Using tools specifically shaped for “scraping” along your skin, it creates a surge of blood flow to the surface of the skin. This brings with it the toxins and stagnated blood and allows for them to be disposed of through the new and improved blood flow. Its a unique massage, but worth it to rid your cellulite.
  11. Fascia Treatment – Fascia is a broad term, but where cellulite is concerned, fascia according to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, is “fibrous tissue that surrounds the body beneath the skin and includes all fluid between tissues in the body”. When the fascia gets affected by age and diet, cellulite forms from the disruption created, so the theory goes. A fascia treatment can manipulate the fibrous tissues and fluid and get it moving and healthy again, reducing cellulite as a result. The Fascia blaster tool is the big treatment option for a fascia treatment. 

9 Simple Tip Cellulite Hacks

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Here are some simple cellulite hacks. These don’t require any accessories, just simple changes in behavior and some discipline.

  1. Cut back on salt – Salt is one of those nasties for cellulite because it affects in your cellulite it two ways on opposite ends of the spectrum. On one it end it causes major skin dehydration and on the other extreme end causes mass buildups of water retention. Cutting out salt will get that balance just right to normal levels.
  2. Totally reduce sugar – It sounds tough, and it is tough, but if you can eventually cut out processed sugar you will do your cellulite a huge favor. Excessive sugar that is not utilized by the body will just end up as fat, and this is like gold to cellulite, making it hungry for more and making it look worse.
  3. Reduce alcohol – Simply put, alcohol is the biggest toxin bomb out there, and every time you consume it, it just packs on the toxins in your blood and around your tissues where cellulite forms. Its like giving blood to mosquitoes…giving it free reign to feed and expand. For more info, read my article about this – Cellulite & Alcohol Consumption
  4. Don’t squeeze your butt – If you are in the bad habit of squeezing your butt, whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly – stop it right now. Squeezing your butt makes even Stage 1 cellulite look much worse, let alone later stages. Just be conscious of it whenever you do it and try to break this bad habit.
  5. Watch for lighting – Be wary of where you stand in regards to your cellulite as different angles of light can make it look like you have worse cellulite than you really have. On the flipside, a good angle of light can hide your cellulite very good.
  6. Reduce sun exposure – Although getting a tan is a great way to hide your cellulite, getting too much will just make your skin less elastic. Less skin elasticity will make your cellulite worse, so remember to cover up your cellulite areas when out in sun too much.
  7. Keep hydrated – Simple advice here, keep up the water intake. Not only will it make the texture of your skin glow and radiate, drinking water is one of the best ways to flush the toxins out of the system. Add some honey or lemon for better results.
  8. Quit smoking – Smoking is real bad for cellulite as it restricts the flow of blood and causes major disruption to any construction of collagen – two big factors for cellulite formation.
  9. Get a tan – As I mentioned earlier, getting a tan can hide your dimpled skin, particularly if you have pale skin. You can either choose to tan the natural way or choose a good tanning lotion. Read my blog here on the Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion.

11 Offbeat Cellulite Hacks

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The following cellulite hacks are unusual in the fact that you would not consider them at first to have any benefit for cellulite, but they do in fact treat your cellulite in weird and wonderful ways.

  1. Acupressure or Acupuncture Mats – If you are game for a bit of pain, then lying down on a mat full of nails might be a way to go. These acupressure mats are known to increase blood circulation and some women have noticed less cellulite after laying down each day for 20 minutes.
  2. Booty Mask – Try getting your booty masked with a special product called “Down With The Thickness“. If you have a lot of cellulite on your booty then this masking product promises to detoxify and smooth the dimpled areas with Vitamin B making it more resilient and sleek looking.
  3. Vibrations – Vibrate away your cellulite by using a Power Plate machine. Look for a Platefit class in your area that has these machines where you lay your butt and legs on the machine and the vibrations hit your cellulite areas. Said to create a lymphatic flush to help with cellulite reduction.
  4. Hot Pants – Called Zaggora Hot Pants, they are tailor made to counteract cellulite just through sweating that flushes out toxins and fats. The sweating is caused by the body’s heat which is then deflected back to the skin thanks to the Celulite technology that is imbued into the hot pants. You can wear it all day long, and see results in as little as two weeks the makers claim!
  5. Colon Therapy – Yes that’s right – treating your colon is a great way to reduce tenacious cellulite. Its known to arouse circulation and decrease water retention, and it also includes an abdominal massage to purify and purge the colon. Try it for 4 weeks with 2 sessions a week at a clinic that performs the treatment near you!
  6. Ice Swimming – If you live in a cold region then give ice swimming a shot. Jump in a for a few seconds and then once you come out your blood will immediately start to pump so quick to heat the body. This is a fantastic way to expel those toxins from your underlying skin layers and preserve the elasticity of your skin, helping ward off cellulite.
  7. Body Sculpt Treatment – Claiming a 33% reduction in cellulite depth in just 3 sessions, getting a Body Sculpt Treatment should be worth considering. Using a tool called Body Palp, a therapist can have the strength ten times than normal which is used over an exfoliating peel on your cellulite. 20 seconds is equal to 2 minutes of manual massage and results in smoother looking skin and reduced concentration of cellulite.
  8. Infrared Slimming & Detoxifying Wrap – A lot of models try this treatment before going on the catwalk because of claims you can burn 3000 calories from the infrared heat. You lay down and get wrapped in a heat blanket and a sheet for an hour while the wrap works its magic by making you sweat, really sweat! It will really vitalize your skin composition and help smooth over your cellulite.
  9. Cannabis – As cannabis is known to reduce inflammation, why not use it as part of a cellulite treatment. That’s the idea behind the new lotion Nice Buns Cellulite treatment where its THC properties will help decrease inflammation responsible for your cellulite. Not enough to get you high, but nothing will beat that high of being cellulite free!
  10. Pinching – This involves pinching your cellulite areas until the skin starts turning pink which causes a breakdown in accumulated fat deposits and wastes. The theory goes the pinching will cause a stimulation of blood circulation where the wastes flush away due to the blood suddenly gushing in. Be prepared though – I have heard this pinching method burns!
  11. Soap – Believe it or not, there is an actual soap made for treating cellulite called the Putin Soap and manufactured in Siberia. Made of apricot oil, shea butter and orange zest it has a unique scrubbing effect when applied to your cellulite areas where I have heard good reports of smoothing those areas. Can’t hurt to try 🙂
  12. Anti Cellulite Jeans – There are jeans specially designed to reduce cellulite from the technology of their fabric. Called Smart Denim Technology, the fabrics in these jeans are designed to reflect your body heat back on to your skin via far infrared radiation. Not only are they high tech, but they also look good and feel good when you wear them. Get results after wearing the jeans every day for 30 days without doing anything!! Read more here…Anti Cellulite Jeans – Do They Really Work?

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