Cellulite MD Cream Review

Cellulite MD Cream Review

I am here to review the Cellulite MD Cream which I have read MANY GOOD reviews about. I am not sure what the MD stands for (maybe for Mayday or a Masters Degree in beating cellulite :), but nonetheless, I will put my ugly dimpled skin to the test to see if there is any reduction, any fix, any little success!

The first thing that really stands out about the Cellulite MD cream are two interesting ingredients it has over other cellulite creams. One is Coenzyme-A which aids in reducing fatty acids and is a known oxidant, and the other is the Bupleurum falcatum plant extract and is a great at fighting fat cells. More about them later.

I also like the fact that a proper clinical trial has been undertaken where results showed a 51% CELLULITE REDUCTION among volunteers as well as an increase in smoothness of skin.

What Causes Cellulite

Cellulite is something all us women cringe (and some men too!)….and there is no avoiding it as we age. Unless you have a rare slim body structure you are bound to experience the dimpled effect around your lower limbs, stomach and upper thighs, as well as your buttocks.

Cellulite is basically accumulated fat in these areas that have become compressed underneath the deep skin layers, and because we women generally have more fat layers than men, it shows up more easily.

woman squeezing her tummy

You can maintain your cellulite or try hard at decreasing it by following a strict diet and doing the appropriate exercises….or you can look towards some surgery treatments….or look at using some good cellulite creams and lotions that are great at HIDING your cellulite.

Notice I said ‘hiding’ your cellulite as that is mainly what these creams do – they make your skin appear MORE SMOOTHER which helps hide those dimpled marks.

Cellulite MD is no different in this regard, so fingers crossed that it works for not only me, but for yourself too.

The Unique Ingredients

As I mentioned earlier the two unique ingredients in Celllulite MD are Coenzyme-A and an extract of the plant Bupleurum falcatum.

diagram of a chemical molecule

A coenzyme is a tiny molecule that aids in the catalyzing reaction of enzymes. Coenzyme A is just one of the types of coenzymes which greatly assist in fatty acid oxidization.

When fatty acids are provided with enough oxygen, this helps them ensure that cells are properly hydrated. Cellulite THRIVES when there is a LACK OF HYDRATION so if fatty acids serve their function well it can really fend off that cottage cheese skin.

Kudos then to Coenzyme A which starts off the whole hydration process!

Read more about the ingredients here on AmazonAnti Cellulite Cream: Cellulite MD

Known for its liver treating and cleansing properties, Buplerurum falcatum is a powerful ancient Chinese herb that has been used in the last 2000 years. Regarding cellulite, it has a great ability to breakdown fats through a process called hydrolysis…and this works great in tandem with Coenzyme A because it allows the release of the fatty acids which Coenzyme A then oxidizes…...getting that hydration going!

Other Notable Ingredients

Besides caffeine (every successful cellulite cream pretty much has caffeine as an ingredient), there are a few other noteworthy ingredients which I will summarize briefly.

yellow poppy flowers
  • Glaucine – originating from the yellow poppy flower this is an interesting ingredient to have in an anti cellulite cream. It has some important functions in that it INHIBITS fat cells from increasing in size, as well as even converting some of the fat cells into collagen cells. Collagen plays a major role in disrupting cellulite formation due to the strengthening of the connective tissues.
elderberries hanging from branch
  • Elderberry extract – Elderberry is good for reducing the water volume that accumulates above the epidermis skin layer. This is a great benefit as removing all that extra moisture aids in reducing the thickness of the cellulite.


  • L-Carnitine – Although evidence is still sketchy regarding this amino acid as a benefit for cellulite, there is some anecdotal evidence that it speeds up metabolization of fat in the body so I classify it as a beneficial ingredient in the Cellulite MD Cream.

Applying The Cream

As soon as I got the cream, I applied it right away in the morning and again at night. No dramas about the application, was EASY TO APPLY – no gooiness at all and totally non-greasy.

I got a nice even spread around my upper thighs and with it I also got a nice pleasant warming sensation which is normal for the Cellulite MD Cream – it means its working!

It left my skin feeling WONDERFULLY SOFT. Because the cream is so thick you don’t have to apply that much which is good, so that helps in getting more value out of the bottle.

The smell has a nice forest fragrance about it and is not too in your face….just enough to really notice it and appreciate it.

Know more about application here on AmazonAnti Cellulite Cream: Cellulite MD 

Getting A Result

Okay, getting a result is obviously the most important factor in deciding if a cellulite cream is worth it. I used the cream for a month and can honestly say I noticed a bit of REDUCTION in only a couple of days.

The back and front of my thighs definitely looked MORE TONED and I also loved the fact they remained MOISTURIZED too! When you feel like your skin is moisturized this good then you know something is working – your cellulite is losing the battle!

After the whole month was over I got even BETTER RESULTS! It made my skin MORE GLOWING and I definitely noticed an even bigger improvement of my cellulite compared to the first couple of days. Much MORE HYDRATED too so obviously the Coenzyme A and Buplerurum falcatum extract working well together in this cream.

I stopped at 30 days, but I am quite positive you would get even more reduction in your cellulite if you persisted with it. Of course it won’t eradicate it entirely but if you follow proper diet (You can read my blog here – Best Anti Cellulite Foods) with adequate water intake to give a boost to the hydration then even better!

Pros & Cons of Cellulite MD Cream


  • Feels great on the skin and is non-greasy
  • Has a nice refreshing fragrance that is not too strong or weak – just right
  • Gets results in only a couple of days, and even more so after 30 days
  • Two unique ingredients in Coenzyme A and Buplerurum falcatum that work well together
  • Cream is thick allowing for more uses from the bottle
  • The actual tube has a durable and strong seal, so no damage in transit like you get with other creams.
  • Has a 15 day free trial and 30 day money back gurantee


  • May get an allergic reaction if you have extra sensitive skin
  • Although the bottle is big,  it wasn’t quite full with cream to the top of the bottle. 

Check out the price here on AmazonAnti Cellulite Cream: Cellulite MD 

Final Verdict

cellulite md cream, woman placing hand in cream bottle

In the end, I was impressed by what I experienced with the Cellulite MD Cream. Not only did I get a GOOD RESULT after only a couple of days, but it improved even more over the following weeks. It was EASY TO APPLY, absorbed fairly quickly and had NO GREASINESS which plagues a few of the other cellulite creams.

I did not experience any side effects or rashes or redness and the smell did not put me off at all. I did drink lots of water to assist with the hydrolysis and I am sure that made a difference in making my skin MORE TONED AND FIRMER.

Dehydration is the bane of most cellulite problems so getting that vital skin hydration is a must for combating it. The Cellulite MD Cream was MADE to do just that and you will see the effects of this on your skin on how smooth and soft it feels after only a few days.

I would definitely have the Cellulite MD Cream in my top 5 creams. If you can get past the price then just go for it! Give it 15 days which you get as a free trial and I guarantee you will keep persisting with it.

Just remember to drink water, follow a good anti cellulite diet and some cellulite busting exercises and yoga…and YOU will get that DESIRED RESULT you always wanted.

It won’t permanently fix your cellulite but sometimes all you need is for it to be hidden away, locked up and never seen 🙂 And that is almost as good as any permanent fix.

I cannot recommend the Cellulite MD Cream highly enough and with successful clinical trials that back up its claims I say you have to give it a go!

Learn more about this cream right here on Amazon and decide for yourselfAnti Cellulite Cream: Cellulite MD 

Final Grade : A

A fantastic anti cellulite cream that delivers what it promises with its special ingredients


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