Having Cellulite When Crossing Legs – Causes And Ways You Can Fix This

Having Cellulite When Crossing Legs

Don’t you just HATE having cellulite when crossing legs and it shows up along your thighs? Sometimes you think you have the smoothest legs and then all of a sudden, that smooth skin BECOMES ALL DIMPLED as soon as you cross your legs.

having cellulite when crossing legs, woman sitting cross legged at park

It can be a real bummer to see that, and destroy any confidence you have of wearing any short skirt. Its hard for us women as we do tend to cross our legs much more than men – we just find it a natural thing to do when sitting.

You become so mindful whenever you have to sit that you try to put a reminder in your head not to cross your legs.

Do not cross my legs!

Do not cross my legs!

But sometimes you just do it subconsciously and when you realize you are crossing your legs its too late! You know that orange peel skin is showing in front of the person next to you or beside you.Its embarrassing and can give you a low self esteem if you are a sensitive soul.

So what can be done about it?

Firstly, How Does Cellulite Form

Contrary to what others may think, not all fat is classified as cellulite.

Cellulite is the fat that gets trapped and accumulates in the connective layers of the tissues underneath the skin. Although your skin may be elastic, your connective tissues are not.

When the fat cells collect in these connective tissues then this is what causes the dimples (your cellulite deposits) to poke through your skin due to the rigid structure of the tissues.

woman pinching her fat on stomach area

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No expansion is possible so these deposits of fat become trapped and then become noticeable with their bumps and bulges.

Why Does Cellulite Show When Crossing Legs

There are plenty of women out there who have this problem. In fact, its not just from crossing your legs that this ‘false’ cellulite can show up. It can also show from bending over while standing or twisting in some way.

In general, cellulite is determined on your body when you are in a standing position….so you can show no signs of any cellulite but then when you cross your legs or twist and bend at all then cellulite can show all of a sudden.

You can be confused as to whether you think you have cellulite or not. To be clear, YES YOU DO HAVE CELLULITE but it is totally exaggerated and emphasized when you cross your legs, no matter what cellulite stage you are at.

Whenever you cross your legs the gluteus muscles of your thighs and the chambers of fat cells below your skin become confined which causes straining on your collagen fibers. Its this straining effect that is causing your cellulite to temporarily form on these specific muscle areas.

diagram of collagen fibres under skin
The collagen fibers under your skin that gets strained

And then as soon as you uncross your legs the constriction of the muscles is lessened and viola – your cellulite has gone back to its original state. This is whats known in circles as a “pinched” cellulite type

This is exactly what the press looks for with female celebrities. They can make any woman look like they have much more cellulite than they actually have. None of them are immune to when a sneaky photographer might be stalking them from a distance…just waiting for her to sit down and cross her legs and SNAP! There is the money shot!

So if you are a female celebrity walking around with a short skirt, shorts or swimwear – be extra wary when you cross your legs 🙂

Long Term Effects Of Crossing Your Legs

Another good reason not to cross your legs if you have any cellulite is that it can actually INCREASE your cellulite over time. Not only will the crossing cause the swelling to enlarge but it will also cause the blood circulation in these cellulite areas to be severely reduced.

Impaired circulation is what cellulite thrives off since this limits the amount to which your toxins and waste can be thoroughly disposed of.

Crossing your legs can also cause an INCREASE in lymph blockage where drainage of your lymph can become stalled and this will also cause an increase in cellulite formation.

A blocked lymph can cause water to be retained much more readily which cellulite loves! A good running lymph system is another method in removing waste products and if this is blocked, the resultant waste buildup contributes to even MORE CELLULITE!

Read my Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal blog on how to drain your away your lymph blockage.

If you have a tendency to cross your legs a lot, then you will notice that one leg will have slightly more cellulite than the other. So when you do get treatment, just ensure that the worse leg gets most of the treatment.

Unrelated to cellulite, crossing your legs can also cause a temporary raise in blood pressure which can be more serious for people prone to developing blood clots.

How Can You Prevent Having Cellulite When Crossing Legs

You can either make behavioral changes or you can choose to treat the cellulite on your thighs. Old habits die hard has never been truer in this sense. Because it so ingrained for us women to cross our legs when we sit and do it subconsciously…..that it will take a MIGHTY EFFORT to change this hardwired action.

Its not something you can change overnight but do you even want to change this daily habit? A woman crossing her legs is such a feminine trait that it would make us feel less feminine if we had to never cross anymore because of some lousy cellulite!

If you can’t help not crossing your legs then you can also avoid wearing shorts or short skirts. But again, this is not viable in the summer months and you also want to have the confidence to show off your legs.

I don’t know about you but I know that I would never change my habits of crossing my legs so I would tackle the problem head on and go for some treatment options.

Treatment Options

If you go down the treatment path then you have a few options available. As I mentioned earlier, the best way to treat the cellulite on your thighs is through a lymphatic drainage method.

woman receiving massage on thigh

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You can give yourself a massage on those thigh areas manually or by using a machine. The machine I recommend is the Glo910 which you can read more about under my blog about Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal.

There are also lots of creams also you can use to treat those areas of cellulite. While not as effective as the lymph massage method, you can still get a reasonable reduction enough so as not to be noticed when crossing legs .You can go through my list of Cream Reviews here and choose the one that will suit you.

Also, dieting and exercising will help a lot too. For more information, read my Anti Cellulite Diet Plan blog as well as Exercises For Cellulite  On Thighs blog and these should help you in your quest to rid that thigh cellulite.


woman sitting cross legged while looking at phone

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In the end, it all comes down to you.

Can you break a hard habit? Obviously by reading my blog you want to change because having cellulite when crossing legs is something you don’t want to worry about anymore.

You want to cross your legs WITH CONFIDENCE!

Its time to do something about it!

Start now by treating your cellulite with a lymphatic massage, a cream, a diet, and some specific exercises. Never again will you have to worry about cellulite when crossing legs and feeling ashamed of somebody noticing that ‘cottage cheese’ skin.


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