Cellulite When I Pinch My Skin – Fix My Early Stage Cellulite

Cellulite When I Pinch My Skin

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I know all about cellulite when I pinch my skin. This was a stage of cellulite that I went through and it is quite common. It is considered the first stage of cellulite and this will be the first time you actually realize that you have cellulite.

Don’t be confused as sometimes there is an initial zero stage, (or the false stage), of cellulite when you pinch your skin and its not dimples that are showing, but rather wrinkles. It’s also referred to as “invisible” cellulite just because of the simple fact you can’t see ANY cellulite until you pinch your skin.

However this phase does not last and it’s not long before the dimples eventually replace the wrinkles and you are then classed as properly having Stage 1 cellulite.

So before we discuss more about this cellulite stage and how to treat it, let me explain how cellulite forms in the first place.

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How Cellulite Forms

In the past, cellulite was not really focused on much in the medical field so there was not that much study and research performed on cellulite. However, with recent advances in technology for both cellulite creams and devices, cellulite removal has become a big business and proper research is finally being done on those dimples!

What we basically know about cellulite is that when fat cells begins to collect underneath the skin they eventually begin to push against the connective tissues and this is what causes the dimples to form. Cellulite mainly forms around buttocks, upper thighs and occasionally on stomach and upper arms.

When you are pinching your skin and first see your cellulite, you will notice that the skin in these areas are colder to touch and have lost a bit of elasticity. At this early stage of cellulite, the circulation has already been compromised and begins to get sluggish, and this is what affects the ELASTICITY of your skin.

They are just not getting as many vital nutrients as it used to and so the lack of nourishment begins to take its toll.

Genetics, a bad diet, lack of exercise and of course age all play a part in the build up of cellulite.

If you are one of the lucky 10% of women who don’t get it – lucky you!

However, its a problem for the rest us and a few men, and its something we have to deal with…especially when we first start to notice cellulite when we pinch our skin.

What You Can Do About It

Okay, first thing is not to get too distraught about it and just accept it’s part of being a woman. Recognize the fact that you are in the early stage of cellulite development and that SOLUTIONS ARE AVAILABLE!

Once cellulite begins to develop in later stages then it becomes harder to treat. You are now at the perfect time to prevent that from happening.

Probably the best method to erase cellulite before it gets worse is getting a laser treatment. However this treatment is usually reserved for later stages of cellulite development and you don’t really need to go down the laser route just yet. Its just too expensive as a treatment and I would only recommend it when you have exhausted all other options.

There are just easier ways to treat this stage of cellulite and one of the best ways to tackle your invisible early cellulite is by using an Ionithermie treatment that specializes in this Stage 1 phase of cellulite.

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A lot of treatments and products focus on general all stage cellulite, but with this Stage 1 Body Contouring System it will FULLY FOCUS on your invisible Stage 1 cellulite.

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Tell Me More…

Stage 1 Ionithermie treatment pack

The good thing about this Stage 1 treatment program is that it is only for 12 DAYS! Yeah, that’s all it takes to see some substantial cellulite reduction and it only takes 4 Steps.

This package utilizes 4 products where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You can use these products separately but you will not get the full effect unless you use them together in sequence.

The 4 Steps To Cellulite Pinch Free Skin

Following a good anti cellulite diet and with good exercises that target cellulite you can go a long way to diminishing a lot of your early stage cellulite. Focus on dieting and exercising whilst undertaking these 4 steps.

Step 1Tonic Silhouette – Your first step is just preparing the skin for the other products. It does this by thoroughly removing all skin of dirt and contaminates, and gives an overall smoothness to it. It also kick-starts the circulation into action to prepare for more efficient nutrient transfer to the connective tissues.

Step 2Ampoules A & B – Taking these ampoules is the next step required and these will mainly boost the circulation that is already happening from the effects of Stage 1. This will enable all those toxins and wastes to be TOTALLY ELIMINATED away from those cellulite areas that are showing up when pinched.

Step 3Pro Metasysteme – With its moisturizing properties this cream will act to add FIRMNESS to the skin to prevent your cellulite from going into stage 2. It has powerful active ingredient extracts like Guarana and Kelp to assist to aid in detoxifying the skin.

Step 4Lait Pour Le Corps – This final step is the use of this french sounding cream which will just act as final barrier by reinforcing and soothing the top layer of skin to ensure constant elasticity and silkiness. When you touch your skin once you have completed this step it will no longer feel as soft or cold as it used to.

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No More Cellulite When I Pinch My Skin

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And that’s all it takes. Four steps to having your dimpled skin look less dimply when it is pinched.

If many other women can get a good result with this Stage 1 Ionithermie Pack then I am sure you can too. It can be deflating when pinching your skin and seeing that cellulite pop up, I know the feeling as I experienced it too.

But do not be discouraged, and just know you can fix this problem, you can FIX your cellulite before it gets worse.

Order now your Stage 1 Ionithermie Pack and start working on your invisible cellulite now.

It won’t totally eliminate your cottage cheese skin, but it will go a long way to slowing down the progression of it to more advanced stages and also make it far less noticeable when you pinch your skin.

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