Is Your Cellulite Worse During Period?

Is Your Cellulite Worse During Period?

Periods…the bane of many women with its weight fluctuations, but how is cellulite worse during period time? I will get to that in a minute.

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Firstly, some people (mainly men of course) assume that the weight gain is all in our heads and is only perceived as added weight due to our hormonal balances going haywire…and our emotions going out of whack.

However they couldn’t be more WRONG!! I, and am sure all of you reading this can attest that the extra weight gain is real!! There is nothing made up or exaggerated, I can actually feel it with my bra size and of course the scales don’t lie when they tell you that you have put on weight.

There is something going on, its not in our heads.

So how does this relate to cellulite during your period? Well there is always the risk of cellulite whenever there is weight gain – temporary or not. Lets delve a little deeper into how cellulite forms to get a clearer picture of why is cellulite worse during period.

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I will discuss more about it further down.

Cellulite…How Is It Formed

Cellulite are basically lumps and fat cells which have been collecting under your dermis skin layers over the years and once they become trapped between the skin layers the fat cells begin to expand outwards.

This expanding pushes against the outer layers of your skin and causes the dimpled cottage cheese look which we so hate.

We can’t battle against age so its just a fact that 90% of women have to deal with sooner or later.

And this just becomes AMPLIFIED when we are pregnant or going through our periods so don’t stress about any of that – its completely normal.

What Causes Your Cellulite To Be Worse During Your Periods

When your body enters the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle this is what leads to all the major changes concerning your cellulite and other parts of your body.  This phase ends once you start your periods and all the effects from your luteal phase last through until your periods end. You can expect these changes to start about a week before your period begins.

So what changes can you expect? Excess water retention is what this phase is all about. You will have much more increased fluids and this is the major cause of your cellulite getting worse by making it swell bigger and generally look more dimply.

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The major cause of this water retention is from increased levels of the hormone aldosterone which really rise during the luteal phase. That can’t be helped and is a natural process. This hormone is also responsible for the bloating you feel too.

Also cortisol levels can become high if you are stressed during the phase and this hormone can also play a part with fluid retention.

As we tend to eat more salty foods during this phase the excessive intake of sodium will also be a contributor to water retention…so if you can cut these foods out all the better.

Our levels of estrogen are low during our periods and this will cause your skin to be dehydrated. Therefore any cellulite will become more noticeable during this time until skin hydration levels become normal again once estrogen levels have risen.

These are definite physical changes to your body and is definitely not in your head at all.

Steps To Make Cellulite Less Noticeable

Okay, so what can YOU do to make that cottage cheese skin less noticeable during your periods. There are a few options and I will lay them all out here.

There is really nothing you can do about your hormones but you can control your behavior with diet and taking some action.

I know its easier said than done, but it won’t hurt to at least try to be a little LESS STRESSED just to keep your cortisol levels in check so it doesn’t have that much effect on building up fluids.

As I mentioned earlier, cut out all salty foods during your periods. That means no chips, crisps, pizza, bacon or sausages…etc. Don’t let your swelling really balloon out with all this excessive sodium.

You want to limit water retention as much as possible and avoiding salty foods is a good step. Cut out refined carbs too.

It can be hard for some women to stop eating certain foods just because of how our emotions play out in what is called ’emotional eating’. This is always heightened during the menstrual and premenstrual phases. But just try your best to eat right 🙂

Up your magnesium intake and Vitamin B6 by eating nuts, bananas, oats, potatoes and yes, even dark chocolate.

Both Magnesium and Vit B6 have been studied to reduce water intention during PMS so don’t feel bad about having some little dark chocolate – it will be good for your emotions too!

Try your best not to slacken during this phase and get moving. You want to focus on movements that will assist with drainage of your lymphatic system which will benefit those tissues most that are connected with your cellulite.

Yoga, pilates and swimming should be the core of your exercises.

Also increase your intake of drinks that have some diuretic properties such as green tea, chamomile, and dandelion root tea.

These drinks will increase your need to urinate more often which is an effective way to cut down water retention. Unlike caffeine which has the same diuretic effects, these drinks are more healthy and won’t dehydrate you.

Drain Away Your Cellulite

The best action you can take however to keep your cellulite in check is to give it the best massage possible. Massaging your cellulite will keep it at bay and drain your fluid levels, specifically a lymphatic drainage massage.

Using the right kind of device, you can get your cellulite much less noticeable during your periods. I start using this device every time I am in my luteal phase before my periods begin so that way I am already ahead.

Its called the Glo910 Massager – you can read more about it here on AmazonGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

Once you start using the Glo910 it will really dig into your deep tissues and break up all that congested lymphatic system which becomes so clogged at this time. A clogged lymphatic system leads to a build up of TOXINS and FAT CELLS, making your cellulite worse.

The Glo910 will generate heat and vibrate at the same time, triggering a drainage that can eliminate that build up of toxins and wastes.

It helped me immensely in breaking up my water retention and after a week or so of using it you can really see the difference.

Smoother skin with a less “water” feel to it. You can use it with full confidence knowing that your orange peel skin will not show up as bad as in previous periods 🙂

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Less Cellulite During Periods…

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I hope I have given you enough tips and advice to ensure that your cellulite does not look as gross or look worse during the worst times of our month.

I can honestly say there is nothing more unappealing in such a vulnerable and emotional state than to see your already bad cellulite start to look even more bad.

But rest assured you can take action and don’t have to suffer during this bad phase any longer. Try and be calmer, start eating right, and start taking some action by doing the right exercises and using the lymphatic drainage massage device.

With these steps you will no longer feel bad during your periods and be safe in the knowledge that your cellulite is UNDER CONTROL and not ballooning out with even more ugly dimples.

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