Best Cupping Machine For Cellulite

Best Cupping Machine For Cellulite

When looking for a cupping machine for cellulite you want one that has great suction, easy to use and does the job effectively. There are a few on the market, but some can be really expensive and they all basically do the same job and have the same properties and equipment.

woman using cupping treatment on her thigh

I have just the right one for you in mind because I have used it myself with some great results. You may have tried other cellulite treatments and are curious about cupping since it has become a chic treatment recently with both celebrities and athletes.

You can have a sneak look here on Amazon at my favorite and best cupping machine for cellulite...ECO-WORTHY 110V Body Shape Vacuum Therapy Machine 

So let me discuss more about cupping and how it works for REDUCING your dimpled skin and getting that smoothness back.

Firstly, A Little About Cupping

Cupping originated in the East a few centuries BC where ancient physicians discovered that simple suction from cups on the skin could increase blood flow.

Since they believed that sickness and disease were caused by blocked energy, the increased blood flow from the effect of suctioning would have convinced them of healing. One of the major causes of cellulite is constricted blood flow so the Ancients were on to something!

And to this day, cupping is still around and is now considered as a bona fide alternative cellulite treatment. Although not recognized as a legitimate cellulite treatment among the professionals, there are still a lot of women who do get some results from cupping with reduction of their cellulite. 

How Does Cupping Reduce Cellulite 

Cellulite is caused by a variety of factors and as I mentioned earlier, having poor blood flow is one of those factors as well as build up of fluids, and also from your hormones going out of whack.

These are the factors cupping can treat and it does this well by getting the BLOOD PUMPING which causes an increase in nutrients to your starved tissues.

It stops all that accumulation of unnecessary fluids which it does so by activating the lymph system, and also causes a leveling out of the hormone levels. 

Another great thing about cupping is that you can target precisely the worse cellulite areas on your body, unlike other treatments which generally focus on all your cellulite areas with a shotgun approach.

This will really allow you to increase the pliability of your skin and and at the same time help breakup the dimples that are responsible for the look of your cellulite. 

The Right Cupping Machine For Cellulite

cupping machine for cellulite


Okay, let me discuss the best cupping machine for cellulite currently available. Its called the ECO-WORTHY 110V Body Shape Vacuum Therapy Machine.

You can read more about it here on Amazon….ECO-WORTHY 110V Body Shape Vacuum Therapy Machine . Although it is mainly used for breasts, it can also be used for your cellulite so don’t worry about that.

It specializes in BODY CONTOURING and STRENGTHENING COLLAGEN as well as detoxifying the lymph system and therefore has an impact on reducing your cellulite.  It has 24 plastic cups so you will find the right one in size and shape to perform the specific function on your cellulite.

Also if you have a bit of cellulite on your butt and you want it a bit smoother, the Eco-Worthy machine is tailor made for performing this. Never have I used a machine that got my butt that much smoother. It makes it easier if you can get your partner to set the cupping around your buttocks areas so if you have someone that can do that, even better for you. 

I found it easy to use and loved how you could get the right pressure to be comfortable with. It is suitable for all stages of cellulite, but obviously if you are at Stage 3 or 4 cellulite, the cupping effect will be more noticeable. 

Machine vs Manual Cupping

Of course, you can choose to do the cupping manually and buy your own set of manual cups. The advantage of machines is that you can set the vacuum pressure to suit your comfort and also get the right technique of the suction. 

With the different pressures set by the machine you can get different results. Generally, light pressure is best for drainage of lymphatic system, while heavier pressure can slacken the bonds between the connective tissues and also promote better circulation.

It is harder to achieve the difference in pressures between light and heavy from just manual cupping. 

Check out the price of the Eco-Worthy Cupping Machine here on AmazonECO-WORTHY 110V Body Shape Vacuum Therapy Machine 

Side Effects From Cupping

You can expect to experience some bruising from cupping which is normal because of the vacuum created by the suction effect.

The cupping will bring to the surface all that stale sluggish blood that is circulating around your cellulite areas. You will notice red marks around your skin. Don’t be worried about this – it means the cupping is working and reinvigorating the blood in your cellulite.

two glass cupping devices using suction on skin

The bruising also means that healing is at work where you might have sustained any deep tissue injuries in the past. Cupping can bring all that to the surface and restore your skin back to full health. 

So if you are bruising – the cupping is working and doing its job!

Pros & Cons Of Cupping Machine For Cellulite

Allow me to just break it down and summarize the pros and cons of using the Eco Cupping Machine. 


  • Easier to use than manual cupping
  • Able to set the right pressure to for optimal result and comfort
  • Will get your buttocks smoother due to the contouring effects of the machine
  • Can also be used for breasts and back 
  • Not only results in reduced cellulite, but will also detoxify your skin and make it just that much more youthful looking as well as decreasing pain and lowering muscle tension


  • Cannot be used if you are pregnant, have diabetes, or any serious skin allergy
  • Bruising will occur…especially with higher pressures. 



If you want your cellulite to be sucked away and have been unsuccessful with other methods, then give the Eco Worthy Cupping Machine a go. It is at a reasonable price and no better Cupping Machine will do the suction job as good as this one.

If you can follow a good anti cellulite diet with some cellulite busting exercises you will certainly see some result. I can definitely vouch for the reduction I had on my cellulite.

Order now your Eco Worthy Cupping Machine right here on AmazonECO-WORTHY 110V Body Shape Vacuum Therapy Machine 


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