Dermitage Cellulite Control System Review

Dermitage Cellulite Control System Review

Dermitage is well known for its range of skin products so it should be a given they would release a product to combat cellulite. The Dermitage Cellulite Control System consists of both a soap and a gel.

I was prepared to order the product through the company’s website – however the website is down! Its not a good sign that you can’t even access their own website!

Dermitage are heavily selling the product with a bit of Brazilian flair which includes the exotic extract ingredients of SOYBEAN and SPIRULINA….both of them promising to TONE and MOISTURIZE the skin. More about those ingredients later.

I discovered the claim that you can see results within 42 days which is not really that big of a claim since most cellulite creams see some results on average around 30 days!

Its also stated that within those results there was a 50% reduction in cellulite and improved smoothness of skin, and a 60% increase in skin firmness and elasticity…which sounds more promising, but does it live up to that potential?

Lets find out…

Firstly, A Bit About Cellulite

Cellulite is basically caused by layers of fat that have been hardened due to being trapped in the layers and fibers of skin. Without adequate circulation the waste just builds and builds where disposal becomes ever harder.

When these waste materials harden this is what causes the dimpled effect on your skin that can look gross anywhere on the body, but mainly the thighs, buttocks, and hips. It will feel very saggy when touched or massaged even though your skin will feel tight and heavy.

The good thing about anti cellulite creams is that they do a good job of hiding the cellulite and at the same time making your skin feel more smoother and toned. However, its a must that you pick a good cellulite cream, preferably one that has caffeine as an ingredient and a few good natural ingredients.

Great to know that the Dermitage Cellulite Control System has caffeine!

More About Those Brazilian Ingredients

As I mentioned earlier, Soybean and Spirulina are two of the extract ingredients in the Dermitage Cellulite Control System.

bag of soybeans

Controlling estrogen levels is a key component in PREVENTING CELLULITE from being formed, as estrogen is a major contributor to the breakdown of collagen. When collagen is broken down this allows the fat cells to rise up to the upper skin layers and causes many of the fat cells to be trapped, thus beginning the formation of cellulite.

Whats good about Soybeans is that they are full of phytoestrogens and they are able to LIMIT the amount of estrogen in your body.

asian woman laying on bed with legs in air

Asian women in particular consume the most soybean in the world and you just have to look at the average Asian women’s bodies where they have much less cellulite than Westerners.

So having a bit of soybean extract in the Dermitage Cellulite Gel won’t hurt a bit.

The effect of Spirulina on cellulite is a bit less clear cut. I did my research on it and there is not really that much to go on. Its mainly a detoxifier as it eliminates toxins under the skin and a booster for the immune system. Nothing really specific on how it combats cellulite but if it plays a little part in helping eliminating toxins than at least it has some function.

spirulina powder on wooden spoon

Because the website was down at the time of writing this article I was unable to check out other influential ingredients…suffice to say, as I mentioned earlier, it does have caffeine (which you can read about here – Learn More About Caffeine & Cellulite) and L-carnitine.

There are conflicting reports of the cellulite gel using synthetic ingredients and other reports mentioning all natural ingredients. So its quite confusing and without checking out any of the information on the official website, I cannot verify either way.

More About Dermitage Cellulite Control System

As I mentioned earlier the Control System consists of only the soap and the gel. I am not really sure how much the soap has an effect and if its worth purchasing separately. The good thing about the soap is it contains caffeine and has these bumps to really get into your cellulite and prepare for the gel.

To be honest, you would be better off just using a normal dry skin brush or massager to get the same effect.

Whats good about the Dermitage Cellulite Control System is they offer a 30 day free trial, but it may not be enough to see any results….so it would have been much better to have a 60 day free trial. But if you do happen to get a result in under 30 days, kudos to you!

Just a reminder that you have to sign up to get a free trial, so really take note when that 30 days is up otherwise you will be charged the full price going one day over the free trial!

They seem like a good hearted company who donate one dollar to breast cancer research for every product purchased which is a nice touch.

Pros & Cons Of Dermitage Cellulite Control System


  • Product is shipped on day of ordering
  • The Control System is a simple process – use the soap, then the gel
  • 30 Free Day Trial
  • Clinical trial was undertaken with promising results


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  • Website is currently down so makes it a bit tough to place an order from the company and to check the ingredients
  • There are not that many user reviews on the web so its hard to gauge how effective it really is
  • The Spriulina ingredient is yet to be clincally tested on the efficiacy for combating cellulite
  • Overpriced compared to other cellulite creams
  • Side effects unknown

Where To Order

As I mentioned, at the time of writing both the soap and the gel are unavailable. As soon as any come in stock, I will post the links as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there are better cellulite creams out there THAT ARE CHEAPER. If the Dermitage Cellulite Control System was cheaper I would definitely recommend it a bit more because as a package the soap does compliment the gel well. And the fact that it has Soybean extract as an ingredient is a wonderful bonus to have.

However, the price as mentioned, does bring it down a bit…and the fact that there are not many testimonials in glowing praise of the product is a negative.

Also, its not even currently possible to purchase the product with the company’s website down and no stock at Amazon. If I find somewhere on the web where you can order it I will let you know with an update.

Final Grade = C

A good soap and gel cellulite system letdown by price, lack of testimonials and broken website.



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