Do Men Care About Cellulite

Do Men Care About Cellulite

A lot of women ask me do men care about cellulite and I will always give them the same response – it DEPENDS on the man!  I put the men into three categories:

  • Men who can’t stand the sight of any cellulite – mostly your fitness type guys
  • Men who are neutral, and don’t prefer either way
  • Men who get turned on by the sight of any of those dimples!

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So if you are lucky enough to get a man who is neutral about it or gets turned on by it, then that will be great for you. The only issues with cellulite then is just the issues you have with yourself.

However, there a lot of men out there who get disgusted with cellulite and that is unfortunate, especially if are you at later stages of development.

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When you are young its not something you have to worry about with any boyfriend except just having a big butt or putting on weight. Now when you are on the wrong side of 30 and you start getting Stage 1 cellulite, then eventually Stage 2 and you then start to worry and think…. is my partner noticing any of this creeping cellulite?

I guess there are two aspects to it – if you are single and looking for a man, or already in a relationship. Like me, if you are already in a relationship then I am sure you have an understanding partner who has accepted your cellulite.

And then you have those thoughts that he might leave you for another girl who is cellulite free. I know it always plays in mind, no matter how many times he reassures me that my cellulite does not bother him.

If you are trying to attract a man, then its a mixed bag. Of course in winter it won’t be much of a problem hiding your cellulite so its not really something that should bother you then…(unless if you are interested in a guy in a sauna where you are wearing a bikini)

There Are Men Who Like Cellulite

I know its almost impossible to imagine but yes, there are a lot of men who like cellulite and who look for women who have it! The more you have, the more they love! So if you are at Stage 3 or 4 cellulite….these men will still come after you.

Don’t feel bad showing off some cellulite on your legs at summertime, don’t feel you won’t attract any men because you certainly will. These type of men can be of any kind, so you are bound to find one that you can be attracted to.

The only obstacle you have to overcome is convincing yourself that you can still be attractive with cellulite! Much easier said than done, I know. But just don’t think you have zero chance of attracting a mate.

How To Attract Men Who Hate Cellulite

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Easy enough in winter when you can hide your cellulite, its in the summer months which becomes a challenge in attracting a mate. You will have come to terms with the fact that there are men who can be rude and cynical and will not be with a woman just because of a little cellulite. That is sad, but that is the day and age we live in.

You would have no issues with men before the sexual revolution in the 60’s. Going back to Antiquity times, through the Renaissance, through the Dark Ages, and Industrial Revolution men had a different mindset and accepted women in all their forms – no matter how bad your cellulite was. It just wasn’t an issue with men in those days.

Unfortunately, in this era, with models being photo shopped and filtered erasing any cellulite it puts the image in men’s minds that every girl should be like this.

If you want to attract more men, then you will have to either treat your cellulite or hide it. I will discuss the options available to you below.

For a quick option if you can’t afford any treatments or creams and if you have summer coming up then try a 3 week anti cellulite diet. You can lose up to 20 lbs during the 3 weeks provided you follow the diet strictly.

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Any weight loss will be sufficient enough to reduce your cellulite – it won’t totally eliminate it but it will be enough so as not be noticeable anymore…and better yet, no man will notice what little cellulite you have remaining! Get amazed by the results you can achieve through this diet.

You can also just get a tan, either naturally or using a special lotion. This is the easiest way to go and good for a short term option. Read my blog here….Best Cellulite Tanning Lotion to get an idea about how it works and the results you can get.

Or you can go about treating your cellulite with some professional treatment, creams or some tips at home. To know more about all the ways to treat cellulite, please read my blog…Over 100 Cellulite Hacks In A Nutshell….and this will give you vast array of options on which to choose.

Do Men Care About Cellulite Or Do I More?

At the end of the day, its not about asking do men care about cellulite, its more about asking DO I care about cellulite? If you are like the majority of women then you do. Its time to start doing something about it, taking action and feeling confident about yourself.

Your confidence can only be helped knowing you are working on your cellulite, knowing it can be reduced. Whenever you look in the mirror you will see your confidence shine as that dimpled skin starts slowly disappearing….not having to worry about anymore if any men will care about your cellulite.

So start taking action now and stop worrying about if men are noticing your cellulite or not. You won’t have to worry about that if you can get your “orange peel” skin down to a level where it can’t be seen by the naked eye.

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