Does Anti Cellulite Massage Work

Does Anti Cellulite Massage Work?

Does anti cellulite massage work for all cellulite or only certain types of cellulite? Massaging is one of the BEST methods for treating your orange peel skin, regardless of the type and stage of cellulite you have.

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The basic principle of how massaging your cellulite works is the stimulation of the adipose tissue where your cellulite forms as well as the stimulation of your skin – this action aids in disposing of the fat cells that have deposited there and distributes them around the body.

Doing a massage regularly can aid in making your skin smooth and breaking up all those fatty deposits that have collected over the years, as well as reshaping your buttocks and thighs.

Whats great about massaging your cellulite is that it is fairly inexpensive compared to other treatments and can range from 0 DOLLARS if you are doing it with bare hands up to a couple of hundred.

Not only that, but it is the most enjoyable way to treat your cellulite….I mean who doesn’t like getting a massage?

There are different techniques involved with different tools.

An anti cellulite massage will definitely work if done correctly using the proper procedures. There is one golden rule to massaging when it comes to cellulite – always massage upwards towards the heart.

With that in mind, lets evaluate all the different massaging methods.

Self Massage Using Bare Hands

This seems so simple but it does work, albeit a bit slowly and you have to do it regularly. Massaging your cellulite yourself will be effective because any manual stimulation on your cellulite areas will INCREASE blood circulation which is good for lymphatic drainage.

Giving yourself a massage just with your hands is sometimes all you need, especially if combined with essential oils like olive oil and rosemary oil. Just apply the correct technique by using small circular motions on your cellulite areas and with pressure applied on your fingertips.

You can also use a good cellulite cream or moisturizer if you are allergic to oils.

Best time to do this is in the morning, just before a bath or shower.

Self Massage Using Dry Brush

The next step up from just using hands is using a dry brush. Dry brushing is great for making new cells grow by removing dead skin cells and is therefore great at PURIFYING and CLEANSING skin pores.

It can also tighten and tone your skin, making it less susceptible to any cellulite buildup. There are a ton of dry brushes to use, so you have to make sure you use a good one that is right for you and is specialized for cellulite.

Read my blog Best Dry Brush For Cellulite to get more of a guide on dry brushing and which brushes I recommend.

Machine Massage

To get a better result than just using your hands and dry brushing, you can use a machine specifically designed for cellulite massage called the Glo910.

Glo910 massage machine

You can penetrate MUCH DEEPER with the machine and really loosen up all those cellulite pockets which enables easier disposal of your toxins and wastes.

It will also enable strengthening of your collagen fibers whilst toning your skin at the same time. It really is a fantastic device that will do wonders for diminishing your cellulite.

Check out what others are saying about the Glo910 here on AmazonGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

Gua Sha Massage

If you want to try something totally alternative then a Gua Sha Massage might be worth pursuing. Its an ancient Chinese tradition that involves “scraping” skin off the cellulite areas with a specific tool like a board.

This alternative cellulite treatment is also good for increasing blood circulation and good for lymph flow.

Just check out if you have any local Chinese practitioners who are involved with Chinese medicine or Chinese massage.

Massage By Trained Therapist

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If you feel like you not getting results by self massaging, then you can always consider a therapist massage where they are well trained in applying pressure which is best suited for your cellulite.

Most of the therapists will be delicate with their touch, enough to knead the muscles to get your lymph flow moving again.

However, they come at a cost, and a massage by a therapist per session could be as high as $80 for half an hour.


For a more professional massage treatment you might consider Endermologie which uses a high end specialized massage machine where suction is involved.

What Endermologie basically does is regrow connective tissue after breaking it down. This regrowth of connective tissue causes it to become more tighter and more stable which means your cellulite will be a little less wobbly, and a little less in volume.

The only downside to this is the cost involved and you have to wear a stocking like outfit.

You can read more about Endermologie on my blog where I undertook the procedure…Endermologie Benefits For Your Cellulite


Another effective professional massage treatment specializing in lymphatic drainage. As the name suggests, this is all about pressing…..pressing points with pressure. This treatment involves pumps that inflate and deflate which trust me, does feel exactly like a massage.

The pressure is just perfect, not too soft or hard, and you can get a good result out of it from the way it unclogs your lymph system. When you have a free running lymph system, no toxins are out of reach and they can easily be filtered out.

I would say consider Pressotherapy if you have a higher budget and find it difficult to get the right pressure when massaging yourself.

Bottom Line….Get A Massage

I hope I have answered your question does anti cellulite massage work…even if you don’t enjoy massages you should still consider it. Not only will massaging cause a degree of cellulite reduction, but you also get the added benefits of relaxation and an improved immune system.

woman receiving massage on back of thigh

Bear in mind, no amount of massage will permanently decrease your cellulite – as of yet there is no permanent fix, only temporary solutions or masking solutions. But opting for an anti cellulite massage treatment will go a long way to a cellulite reduction, especially if you are at the early stages of cellulite development.

Along with specific exercises and a good diet, you will get a great result with a good massaging treatment.

In my opinion, the BEST MASSAGE METHOD taking into account cost, time and effectiveness would be the Glo910 machine massage. Its cheap enough to purchase without breaking the bank and does the job for your cellulite.

You can check out the price here on Amazon.. Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 


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