Does Body Contouring Work For Cellulite?

Does Body Contouring Work For Cellulite?

Does body contouring work for cellulite? It sure does and I will reveal how it works and what the best device is to use for body contouring which you can do at home.

Body contouring is great for fat loss in general, and anything that can help you lose some fat is also good for reducing cellulite.

does body contouring work for cellulite, clinician examining womans thigh

As the name suggests, body contouring is all about reshaping the contours of your body, by that I mean, decreasing circumference sizes.

Body contouring can be performed through radio frequency, infrared light therapies and heat energies which can include vacuum. When all three components work together they make an effective combination of contouring the cellulite areas back into shape.

 So how does body contouring work for cellulite? Its a pretty simple process really. Body contouring basically eliminates fat cells in your cellulite areas via lypolysis which then enables these areas to be molded or contoured into smoother, less dimply shapes.

Other procedures simply shrink the fat cells in size which then become enlarged again once the treatment stops. With body contouring – the fat cells are gone for GOOD so you don’t have to worry about any re-emergence and revival of fat cells.

One of the main causes of cellulite is weak collagen and reduced elasticity of connective tissues. When your cellulite areas are being body contoured it will ensure that all collagen fibers are REINFORCED and elasticity is being STRENGTHENED, thus making the epidermis top layer of skin easy to mold.

There will be a noticeable difference with your skin texture, making it more smooth and will also cause your skin to tighten up. Less dimples will appear when your skin layers are more tighter and taut.

In other words, your cellulite areas have become contoured.

How To Get A Body Contouring Treatment For Cellulite

Some clinics offer body contouring services like Liposuction, Coolsculpting, and Velashape. The only drawback to these services is the costs involved and the fact you have to find a clinic that performs them, and regarding Liposuction you also require a subcision.

The alternative and easier solution is to do the body contouring yourself at home and there is the perfect device available. Its painless and its called the Silk’n Silhouette Body Countouring Device and this will give you just as good results as the professional body contouring services.

You can read more about it here on their website…Silhouette Device.

More About The Home Body Contouring Device

silk'n silhouette body contouring device model

The company Silk’n have created popular products as a treatment for anti-ageing and hair removals and have been featured in magazines like The Oprah Magazine and Vogue.

Now the company has turned to treating cellulite with its own body contouring device and has been highly trusted by dermatologists, engineers and scientists.

Just like the other body contouring services the Silk’n Silhouette device uses radio frequency, light and heat energies and they combine beautifully to give you the skin you desire.

It uses its own patented Home Tightening technology which enables the heating and deep penetration to eliminate your fat cells.

Here is a brief video of how the Silhouette device operates

Read more about how the device works here on their websiteSilk’n Silhouette Device.

My Own Experience With The Device

You only need to use the device twice a week for 3 months and then only once a week after that as maintenance.

So its great you don’t have to use it every day like some other home treatments like creams and dry brushing. As an efficient time saver, the Silk’n’ Silhouette gets TOP MARKS in that regard.

The best way I used the device was to break up the days for different areas. So for my thighs I treated Monday and Wednesday, and my buttocks I treated Tuesday and Thursday.

This saved me from doing a long session and I felt more focused on the one area I treated.

The device comes with its own slider gel so you don’t have to worry about providing your own gels or creams.

This is a safe ultrasound gel that will prevent your skin from turning red and not getting too hot. Make sure you apply enough gel otherwise the red light will not turn on – its the gel that enables the light energies to pierce through to the skin layers.

You can check out the price here on the Silk’n Silhouette websiteSilhouette Device.

And don’t use any oils or creams as they will only damage the device.

However, the only drawback to the gel is how much of it gets used for each session. So just to give you a little advice to make it last longer – spray some water on the area as soon as the gel starts to get sticky and this will prevent the gel from drying up too quick.

And you can also buy some good cheap ultrasound gel ….the one I recommend is the which you can check out here on Amazon. Its best and cheapest one on the market.

I definitely noticed the difference when I didn’t use the gel, so just make sure to use it every session.

I spent around 15 minutes every session, starting off first at the lowest level just to prepare my cellulite areas for higher level treatments.

This is the best way to start – don’t start off at the deep end on the highest levels…ease into it slowly on lowest level, to medium and finish on the highest level. It just feels like a high end warm sensation when you reach level 3, and its easily tolerable and comfortable.

Also there is no right way to use the device. You just use it however you feel comfortable…you don’t have to follow any specific directions.

After every session I made sure to keep hydrated to make sure my skin kept up its rejuvenation

The Results

Just take a look at this Before and After where you can see the cellulite has become much less noticeable and how the thighs have become CONTOURED and SMOOTHED.

thigh showing cellulite


thigh showing cellulite reduction

I was very impressed I saw some cellulite smoothing in as little as two weeks. It was only a tiny reduction, but at least it was SOMETHING! I looked forward to seeing the results after 10 weeks.

Splitting the treatment areas over 4 days made it easier for me as I didn’t feel rushed and wasn’t too time consuming.

At the end of the 10 weeks my thighs and buttocks looked real good…I could definitely see the different RESHAPING and CONTOURING done to them by this device. I also made sure I stuck with a good diet and kept myself hydrated with water every time I finished a session.

Pros & Cons


  • Requires no charging
  • Can be used on areas with tattoos
  • Also helps with erasing stretch marks
  • Is specifically designed to treat cellulite areas
  • Painless with only a slight warm feeling felt
  • Daily use not required


  • Not wireless, cord only. 
  • The gel can be used up pretty quick, so please spray water before use.
  • Your skin may turn red after the first few treatments.

Does Body Contouring Work For Cellulite – Conclusion

Do yourself a favor and give the Silhouette a go. With a 60 day money back guarantee you will have enough time to see some sort of result as a bare minimum and you will know if the device is a right fit for you.

There is no other body contouring device quite like this one with its innovative technology… and of course the biggest sell on how it specifically caters for CELLULITE REDUCTION.

That is what is the best thing about the Silk’n Silhouette Body Contouring Device – its created to reduce cellulite!! 

Does body contouring work for cellulite? Well now you know it sure does for me and you can do it for yourself too like many other women!

Order now your own body contouring device right here….Silhouette Device.

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