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My Dr Organic Cellulite Cream Review

I first heard about Dr Organic Cellulite Cream when looking for a cellulite cream that utilizes royal jelly as an extract. Since the era of Ancient Greeks, royal jelly has always been valued for its ability to promise ‘ETERNAL YOUTH, so anything that makes this promise must also be great at fixing your cellulite too!

Worker honey bees produce royal jelly for the nourishment of their queen bees and its no secret that royal jelly itself is great for the skin as it IMPROVES COLLAGEN.

Its also great to know that the royal jelly is organic 100% certified!

If celebrities like Madonna and Kate Hudson (to prevent cellulite forming during her pregnancy) both used the Dr Organic Cellulite Cream with success which helped them minimize their cellulite, then you know it must be a great product….especially knowing with their riches they could afford much more expensive creams and treatments.

Yet they choose a budget friendly cream and get RESULTS!! You can see the results just by looking at their photos which show how smooth their skin is and the toning effects of this cream.

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What Causes Cellulite

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As most of you already know, 90% of women, after a certain age, develop creases and dimples in their skin and this is essentially what cellulite causes. Under the layers of subcutaneous skin, where the fat deposits are collected is what cellulite is defined as. In these layers are located the connective tissues where fluids and fat migrate and build up.

When this hardens, due to the thickening of the layer, this causes the dimply skin effect and this is what cellulite basically is….others may call it the skin of cottage cheese or orange peel effect.

Its Claims

Lets delve a little deeper into this cream.

It claims to give your circulation a boost while at the same time REDUCING THE VOLUME on your thighs and buttocks.

It has a rich wellspring of amino acids and supplements, with properties that regenerate due to its epigenetic cells. With a plethora of COMBAT FIGHTING ANTI-CELLULITE CONCENTRATES which have been tested and researched to formulate this cream, it sure sounds like a great fix for your cellulite!

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What Are The Ingredients That Make Up Dr Organic Cellulite Cream

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The Aloe Vera plant

The main ingredient in Dr Organic Cellulite Cream is ALOE VERA which is known to MAKE YOUR SKIN GLOW and make it more tender. Aloe Vera causes this by tightening your skin and by also increasing the renewal of skin cells naturally, thus making the texture of your skin more enhanced.

Another great ingredient is MANUKA HONEY. We all know how honey by itself benefits the skin and can create a glow…and Manuka honey is no different. Known to have an elixir effect, it can also IMPROVE SKIN TEXTURE AND TONE.

You may not have heard of BITTER ORANGE LEAF OIL but its known for its skin treatment properties and its treatment of cellulite. It can treat cellulite by the stimulation of the capilliaries of the skin and and make the worst parts of your cellulite tighten up.

Another oil making up the ingredients is GERANIUM OIL. This was popular back with the ancient Egyptians due to its ability to radiate wonderful and youthful looking skin. Its known as a lymphatic system stimulator which aids in flushing out toxins and reducing water storage where cellulite is located.

cocao butter fragments
Cocao butter fragments

Being a natural moisturiser, COCOA BUTTER is another of the ingredients of Dr Organic Cellulite Cream.  Cocoa butter is excellent for your skin as it hydrates it naturally and deeply, providing that ESSENTIAL NOURISHMENT that helps to treat your cellulite.

Another of the butters Dr Organic Cellulite Cream contains is SHEA BUTTER. Known for its large levels of Vitamin A which help with the strengthened formation of collagen fibers since its these fibers, when damaged, that cause cellulite. Cinnamic acid is another of Shea butters features which also aids with increased blood circulation to the skin which is so important for oxygen replenishment to enable CELLULITE TO BREAK DOWN!

red clover flower
the red clover flower used in the extract


And lastly, another important ingredient of Dr Organic Cellulite Cream is RED CLOVER EXTRACT, which is a great cellulite fighter as it can REMOVE TOXINS away from the skin. Also, due to the red clovers ability to imitate estrogen from the compounds it contains, it can halt the ageing of your skin and make it look younger and ripe.

As you can see, these are organic certified natural ingredients, as well as being bioactive due to the effect they all have on the skin.

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Pros and Cons of using Dr Organic Cellulite Cream

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  • Skin becomes firmer with strengthened texture
  • Evens out the skin and is easy to apply
  • Pleasant fragrance and non-greasy
  • Shields the skin from unsafe poisons and toxins
  • Nurtures and rejuvinates skin
  • Ingredients are organic certified
  • Free of BPA


  • Due to the royal jelly extract in the cream, people with bee allergies may get a mild allergic reaction
  • Can take a while to see effects, in some cases may take longer than a month.


Applying The Cream

All you need is to massage Dr Organic Cellulite Cream in your cellulite areas twice a day. You have to be regular with this and apply it every day to enable the cream to really penetrate the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

If you use it regularly you will definitely see a noticeable effect in the skins condition and appearance.


If you are looking for a cream that can fix your cellulite and dont mind having a bit of royal jelly as an active ingredient than look no further than Dr Organic Cellulite Cream.

I know some creams don’t smell that nice or some are a bit greasy but at least with this cream you get a NICE PLEASANT SMELL which also leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. If A Listers like Madonna, who is 54,  and Kate Hudson can swear to the effectiveness of this cream than there can be no better endorsements for this product.

Whilst also reducing your cellulite, you are also getting the BONUS EFFECT from the royal jelly with its antibacterial nourishing qualities, B vitamins for boosting skin elasticity, and vital fatty acids and amino acids which contribute to your YOUTHFUL GLOW.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks were on to something when they discovered this magical natural substance as a divine beauty treatment.

Step in Cleopatras shoes and experience the youthful and smooth glow that Dr Organic Cellulite Cream will bring to you.

If you have tried other creams that have not worked, than why not give it a go with its royal jelly elixir and other bio-active natural ingredients the cream contains.

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Stick with it, be patient with it, and you might just see some dramatic results. It may not be a quick fix, but in the long run YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS.

Final Grade For Dr Organic Cellulite Cream = B

At a great price and with a powerful ingredient in royal jelly, definitely worth it!

I would love to hear if any of you have had any success using Dr Organic Cellulite Cream. Please share your success stories below, or if you have any questions or concerns about using this product. I will be happy to answer.

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