Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager Review

Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager Review

Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager review, box of the Glo 910

This will be a thorough Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager review where I will go through everything you need to know before you purchase the product.

You may have heard about machines that are tailor made to massage cellulite and the Glo 910 is one of those machines. In fact, I would consider the BEST anti cellulite massager machine on the market just due to its functionality, design, price, and ease of use.

Before I get to that, firstly let me explain how a good anti cellulite machine works and the benefits you get from using one.

Why Does Massaging Work For Cellulite?

There are a number of ways of how massaging reduces cellulite. The main beneficiary of massaging your cellulite is how it enables a gradual breakdown of accumulated groups of fat cells which get redistributed around the body.

When it comes to cellulite, its these fat cells and fat deposits which are the MAJOR CAUSE of your cellulite buildup.

Massaging also helps with redefining contours of your thighs and buttocks, making them more ROUND and FIRMER with a touch of smoothness.

Its also great for draining your lymphatic system as stale and lethargic circulation of your lymph system causes cellulite to thrive, due to the high buildup of wastes and toxins.

If you get the right massage, this will get your lymph moving again via stimulation.

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Massage Methods For Cellulite

It basically comes down to MACHINE VS HUMAN for getting your cellulite areas massaged. Sometimes you just want to relax and get a therapist to do the massaging for you, and with the right therapist you can definitely get results.

A good therapist can use the right pressure and right technique, especially if they specialize in lymphatic massage and really focus on getting the lymph system moving again. But over time the costs will BUILD UP each time you see a therapist.

woman laying face down on bed next to glo 910 device

You can also do the massage with your own bare hands and get good results but it just takes more effort and you have to be really diligent in sustaining the same constant pressure throughout the 15 or so minutes for a session.

For me, the best massage method is using a machine, specifically a professional anti-cellulite massage machine.

You can get as good as result seeing a therapist whilst saving costs, and also do a better job than from just using your bare hands.

In terms of PURE COST EFFECTIVE RATIO, a professional anti-cellulite massage machine is the best choice. 

Benefits I Found Using The Glo 910 Machine

Have a quick view of the vid below to get a quick summary of how the Glo 910 operates.

I found the Glo910 anti-cellulite massager device while searching the net for a anti-cellulite massage machine. I was satisfied with all the mainly positive reviews and I loved the design of it and how it looked and felt in your hand.

Other machines were either too expensive, required another person to use it, or just didn’t specialize specifically for cellulite.

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The Glo910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager is a great device that addresses cellulite with its innovative design and technique.

I love how this machine gets straight to the heart of the matter and gets to work by doing two main things – stimulating your blood flow and destroying matter that contributes to cellulite formation.

You want to attack cellulite by destroying its foundations and that is exactly what the Glo910 Anti-Cellulite Massager does.

The fat cells, the toxins, the sluggish lymph and blood flow. It will also restore the pliability and flexibility back for your connective tissues, enabling collagen to be more strengthened.

When your collagen is strong, there is less chance of a breakdown and that means less chance of cellulite becoming more prevalent.

What About The Technology

photo of the glo 910 device with all 4 interchangeable heads

What I love also about the Glo 910 device is the technology that has been implemented inside the device. This is not your ordinary manual mechanical massage device, but one that uses infrared technology.

Its not called the Glo for nothing, and even though you won’t see the glow, it definitely has a powerful invisible glow to it.

This infrared glow can penetrate deep enough to hit your adipose tissues which is where your collagen is stored and this will really act as a stimulus for collagen growth and durability.

When used in combination with the mechanical massage component of the device, you have a powerful 2 in 1 combo to reduce your cellulite.

Read more about the technology and functions of the Glo 910 here on AmazonGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massager 

My Experience With The Glo 910 Anti-Cellulite Massager

I had no issues at all using the Glo 910. Everything worked perfectly and all 4 interchangeable heads came inside the box.

I love the fact that each head does a specific job, where you have dry brushing heads, detox heads, exfoliating heads and the main one – the Cellu-Active massage heads. The Cellu-Active heads are the ones I mostly used since it is the nuts and bolts of the machine giving you the main deep massage.

I first used it on my thighs, abdomen and buttocks and I did it for about 15 minutes as was instructed. It took a while getting used to as at first I was pressing too hard against my skin, but I then realized I didn’t need to.

I also made sure to always press the Infrared button on the device which can be easy to forget. Don’t worry the infrared glow won’t burn you at all – you won’t feel a thing!

You just choose your power intensity and it will adjust the pressure for you. That makes it much easier as you only have to apply the same constant soft pressure the whole time.

Each area requires different power intensities so your buttocks will have the strongest and your inner thighs will require the least power.


Even from the first use I could see results. My skin felt LOOSER and didn’t feel as thick as before and there was a slight evenness and radiance to my skin. So far so good, it was promising to see something positive after only one use!

I did get some slight bruising but after a while the bruises disappeared on their own as my thighs and buttocks got used to the massaging. In any case, the bruising was just proof to me that the device was working and stimulating my blood flow.

I used it once a day for a month which was the recommended amount to see significant results. And yes, I was impressed.

Most of my cellulite had evened out to an extent they were not as noticeable anymore to the naked eye as they once were. It was a relief not to see as much cottage cheese skin as it was before I started this treatment.

My skin felt MORE SUPPLE, especially around my upper thigh areas….and I just loved how toned and taut my skin was.

before and after photo of back of woman's thighs
Just look at the difference in smoothness and how the dimples have significantly reduced

Pros & Cons

To summarize in a nutshell, here are the main pros and cons for the Glo 910.


  • No creams or oil necessary for added application. The massage heads do the job of the creams and oils.
  • Get results from just your first use
  • Different power intensities to suit your different cellulite areas
  • Convenient and easy to use once you know how it operates
  • No dry brush or exfoliation necessary – the heads for that are supplied for you.
  • Totally painless. You are getting the best possible deep massage that you can give to yourself.
  • No need to go to see a massage therapist ever again for a lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Easily maintained after the initial first month for only 1 -2 times a week for 15 minutes.


  • Not wireless, so if you are one that loves wireless devices you are out of luck with this one.
  • Possible bruising if you haven’t had a deep tissue massage in a while


Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager Review – The Bottom Line

In my opinion, this is the best professional anti-cellulite massager out there. It’s a cute little handheld device with a great design that has great functions without being too fancy.

If you have had enough with the cellulite creams, and haven’t had any success with any treatments at the local spa or salon, then please consider using the Glo 910 device to give you the cellulite reduction you desire.

It won’t entirely get rid of your cellulite – nothing at the moment will do that! But if you want some SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION, and want to do it in a PLEASANT WAY with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS then the Glo 910 Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager is the device for you.

Want to know more about the Glo 910? Read more about it on Amazon hereGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massager 


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