How To Erase Cellulite – Learn The Facts & Treatments

How To Erase Cellulite- Learn The Facts & Treatments

There are a lot of treatments that tell you how to erase cellulite, but let me be clear from the outset that no treatment will 100% erase your cellulite. There is no permanent cure for cellulite, so if you are looking for some silver bullet – it does not exist. However, there are ways you can reduce your cellulite through some natural and surgical methods.

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Cellulite is a common condition, affecting billions of women from around the world. It is a skin condition characterized by a dimpled and bumpy skin, and although it will not in any way affect your overall physical health, it can make your skin look unsightly and undesirable. This could lead to stress, anxiety and insecurity for some women.

So what is cellulite caused by? This is a common question, yet it does not have any specific answer. This is because there are various reasons why a person could develop cellulite and it is often triggered by a wide variety of factors. In this article, let’s take a look at the different reasons behind the growth of cellulite.


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Cellulite could develop as a result of the changes in the overall size and structure of the fat cells in your body. It is for this reason why some people would suggest that hormones like catecholamine and insulin could be a factor in the development of this unsightly skin condition. These two hormones are responsible for the breakdown and storage of fats in the body.

For instance, it’s been suggested that a hormonal imbalance could trigger fat gain instead of fat breakdown, which puts a person to be at a much higher risk of developing cellulite.

In addition, since cellulite is often common among women, it’s also been thought that the estrogen, which is a female sexual hormone, might play a part in the development of cellulite.

These theories about hormones being the cause of cellulite may be true since cellulite tends to develop right after a woman hits puberty. Furthermore, cellulite also tends to get worse during those times when a woman would experience changes in her estrogen levels such as during a menopause and pregnancy.

But despite these claims, it is still difficult to confirm if hormones do play a role in cellulite formation. Thus it may still be difficult to address the question on what causes cellulite.


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The development of cellulite could be a result of the accumulation of fluid on the body’s surrounding tissues. Thus many believe that the changes in the blood circulation of the affected areas of the skin could be the reason.

According to experts, if the blood vessels and capillaries that are responsible in bringing in nutrients into the skin deteriorate, the lymphatic fluid will be leaked into your fat cells and will become engorged. When these fat cells are clustered together, liquid will poof up and will move towards the skin’s surface, which explains the appearance of the lumps and bumps.

And to make matters worse, the health of your skin will DETERIORATE as a result of the poor circulation. This, along with the declining amount of collagen (which is a protein responsible for giving the skin its structure) will cause the skin to slack and become weaker and will make any of those engorged fat cells become visible in the form of cellulite.

Some health experts also suggest that cellulite may be triggered by an INACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

This is because sitting for a longer period of time could reduce the flow of blood, which leads to the development of the dimpled skin texture.


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Women are more prone to developing cellulite than men. One of the reasons behind this has something to do with the way the female fat cells and connective tissues are arranged on the skin.

Cellulite, as you know, is made up of pockets of tissues that have been squeezed in between bands of skin tissues known as the septae.

The septae of women is different than men. Men tend to have much sturdier bands and are placed in a crisscross formation and this is what keeps their fat in place.

Women tend to have their fat cells stand vertically on their skin, where the top of the cells meet with the connective tissues. On the other hand, men tend to have a much smaller number of fat cells arranged horizontally, and thus, the fat cells lie flatly against each other.


Another common theory on cellulite development is the connective tissue disorder that is caused by a chronic and low-grade inflammation. Some scientists have discovered that immune cells are often due to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, which occurs on the tissues affected by cellulite.

Nevertheless, experts cannot find any clear evidence of an inflammatory response on these areas. As a result, many still ask, what is cellulite caused by?

Does Your Diet Play A Role?

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Your diet could be the reason behind your cellulite.

One of the big factors contributing to cellulite formation is a poor diet . A group of scientists have suggested that excess amount of carbohydrates in your diet could worsen your dimpled skin. This is because they believe that carbs could increase the level of insulin in your body, thereby promoting an increase of body fat.

In addition, it’s also been said that a diet that is filled with salt could increase the retention of fluid in the body, which will WORSEN the appearance of your cellulite!

However there is not sufficient evidence to support these claims. It is still important to make sure that your diet does not contain excessive amount of refined carbs and sugars. It would also help if you try to maintain a healthy weight and make sure that you are well hydrated at all times.

In fact, aging and weight gain are big factors to consider for fat and cellulite reduction. Thus, maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet can somehow help to improve your cellulite.

How Weight Gain Could Affect Your Cellulite

The excess amount of fat in your body could be the reason behind the appearance of your dimpled skin. Weight gain could make your cellulite worse – most especially if you’re already overweight.

However, this does not necessarily mean that losing weight could make the cellulite disappear.

In one study, it has been found that losing weight may help in reducing the severity of cellulite, most especially among overweight individuals. However, about 32 percent of those who are part of the study have been found to have their cellulite worsen despite losing weight.

This could be due to several factors. One of these is the difference in the structure as well as the connective tissues in the body. Fluid retention may also be the reason behind it, which could greatly contribute to the development of cellulite.

Yet a lot of people still believe that weight gain could be the reason behind the development of cellulite and losing weight can greatly help to improve the cellulite appearance. This may be true in some ways, but this is not applicable for everyone.

In addition, ditching the pounds alone without firming up your skin will not in any way help in reducing the presence of cellulite on your skin. In fact, it might even make it worse!

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If you lose weight, your skin will become more lax, which will pull on the septae and thus, the cellulite might just become even more visible. So aside from merely loosing the extra weight, you must also exercise regularly.

Strength training is the most effective way to keep your skin as taut as possible.

Other Possible Causes of Cellulite

Aside from the things mentioned, there are several other reasons behind the appearance of your cellulite. In fact, there are so many of them that it can be hard to determine what is cellulite caused by exactly. Nevertheless, knowing these could be important in determining the best method of treatment in learning how to erase cellulite. 

· DEHYDRATION – the human body is made up of 60 percent water. Thus, it is pretty understandable why cellulite could be triggered if you don’t drink enough water. Not getting the right amount of water could lead to the buildup of toxins in your fat cells, and this could make it difficult for your body to metabolize and will lead to the dimpled appearance of your skin.

Moreover, dehydration can cause your skin to weaken, which will further trigger the development of cellulite.

· EXCESSIVE SUN EXPOSURE – sun damage is said to be the number one reason why the quality of your skin will diminish, giving it a rough and dimply texture. One way to avoid cellulite is to stay away from the sun in peak hours.

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· GENETICS – sometimes, no matter how hard you will try to treat your cellulite, it will still keep on coming back. The reason for this is maybe because it is in your genes. Thus, if your grandmother or mother had cellulite, then you have a better chance of developing it even if you live a healthy lifestyle and exercise on a regular basis.

· LEAKY GUT – perforations on the lining of your gastrointestinal tract can lead to some food particles not being digested well. These particles could infiltrate into the tight junctions of the body cells and tissues. Your body will respond by quarantining these toxins to insulated cellular pockets. This in turn will worsen your cellulite appearance.

· DRINKING ALCOHOL– alcohol will not directly trigger the appearance of cellulite but it could constrict your skin’s blood vessels and this could worsen your cellulite. In addition, alcohol could lead to weight gain, and as mentioned above, gaining weight could be a contributing factor to the development of your dimpled skin.

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· SMOKING– just like alcohol, smoking will not directly trigger the appearance of cellulite. However, it could weaken and disrupt the formation of collagen. This will cause your connective tissues to be stretched and weakened, and as a result, more cellulite will show through.

As you can see, there are absolutely so many reasons behind the growth of cellulite. Thus, the answer to the question what is cellulite caused by is very broad.

And since there are many possible causes behind cellulite, there are also a wide range of  treatments AVAILABLE FOR YOU to consider on how to erase cellulite. 

How To Erase Cellulite – What Are The Best Methods

There are various ways on how to treat your dimpled skin. While several of these methods and treatments are truly effective, the result may not be the same for everyone.

Below are some of the most common and effective ways on how to erase cellulite.

· CREAMS AND LOTIONSthe most common method of treating your cellulite is by applying creams and lotions. Most of these products contain caffeine, a compound that has been proven effective in improving the appearance of your cellulite by breaking the fat cells down, improving blood flow and reducing fluid retention.

To get an idea which creams to use, check out my reviews HERE on all the best creams out there.

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· MANUAL MANIPULATION – this process involves massaging the affected area of your skin through gentle pressure. Doing so can help to drain off excess fluids thereby reducing the appearance of your cellulite. Massaging your skin regularly can also help in damaging the fat cells, which will cause  them to be distributed evenly. As a result, your skin will become SMOOTHER and the dimpled texture will be MINIMIZED.

(To get more info, read my blogs here about Ionithermie, Endermologie, and Bio-dermology treatments which all involve manual manipulation)

· LASER OR LIGHT THERAPIES – high-powered laser treatments are being used by some beauty clinics in treating cellulite and other skin problems. The device is being applied directly into the skin through a non-invasive procedure. Several studies have shown that invasive laser therapy can help  GREATLY IMPROVE the appearance of cellulite. It works by melting the fat cells and connective tissues that make the skin to appear bumpy. These procedures can also help to rejuvenate the skin and improve the production of collagen.

· RADIO FREQUENCY TREATMENT – this process of treatment involves heating the skin with electromagnetic radio waves. Just like the laser therapy, the process works by encouraging the renewal of the skin and promoting collagen production. It also helps in BREAKING DOWN the fat cells, which is often the main reason behind the appearance of cellulite. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted and it is sometimes applied in conjunction with other therapies, such as massage therapy.

· NATURAL TREATMENT – a lot of women would opt for the natural method of treating their dimpled skin. Natural treatments are an effective form of fat and cellulite reduction. From taking natural supplements to drinking teas and applying essential oils, there are various ways on how you can treat your dimpled skin in the most natural way possible. The biggest benefit of going natural is that they are safe and rarely have side effects.

(For more info read my blogs here about How To Reduce Cellulite Naturally and also 5 Reasons You Should Choose A Home Cellulite Treatment)

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· SURGERY – for those with severe cases of cellulite and would not mind going under the knife to get rid of their dimpled skin, a surgical procedure might be a more effective solution. There are various surgical procedures that are guaranteed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by getting rid of the unwanted fats in your body. And just like with other surgical procedures, the process is done by doctors and certified technicians.

What may be effective for others may not be effective for you. It might even take time before you can find a treatment that can help to treat your dimpled skin. But aside from the treatment options mentioned above, there are also other methods that you can try, such as mesotherapy, carbon dioxide therapy, collagen injections, subcision and many more!

Of course, living a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating healthy is still the best solution. Aside from being a fantastic way to erase cellulite,  a healthy lifestyle can also help to improve your overall physical health.

Can You Get Rid of Cellulite

So what is cellulite caused by and can you totally GET RID OF IT?

The answer to these questions is a bit tricky. In fact, even medical experts cannot agree on a specific reason why cellulite suddenly appears. As mentioned above, there is a long list of factors behind the appearance of cellulite. However, there is not enough reliable scientific data that could explain all these.

But thanks to all these theories behind cellulite, various treatments have been formulated based on these assumptions. If you read all the treatments on how to erase cellulite, you might notice that the more reputable ones will not say that their product can totally get rid of your cellulite.

Because the ugly truth is that cellulite is more likely a STRUCTURAL PROBLEM and it is going to keep on coming back if your body structure remains unchanged.


You cannot totally get rid of your cellulite.

However, there are so many ways on how you can make your skin to LOOK SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. Most of the treatment options mentioned above were created to temporarily minimize the lumps and bumps in your skin. If any of these treatments work for you, then you are best to stick with it. Otherwise, your dimpled skin will keep on coming back and you will have to start the treatment all over again.

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So if you are overly concerned about the presence of your cellulite, you can try any of the methods discussed above. However, as of yet, there has been no proven treatment that can totally get rid of your cellulite for good and for the long term. Unless they can figure out exactly what the causes of cellulite are,  we can only rely on temporary cellulite reduction treatment options for now.

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