Luxe Spa Formula No 33 Review For Cellulite

Luxe Spa Formula No 33 Review For Cellulite

This will be a thorough Luxe Spa Formula No 33 review for cellulite where I go through everything you need to know about this premium luxury smoothing cream. The ingredients, the effectiveness, the value for money, and what results you can expect.

luxe spa formula no 33 review for cellulite, two bottles side by side of luxe spa cream

Firstly, what I love about the company Luxe Spa is that they are American made, originating from Austin, Texas so you can guarantee there will be nothing unethical about the product…meaning no animal testing.

This is a cream for the elites, from the Miss Universes to international models, and to Royal beauties around the world. It has only just been recently available for the consumer after being limited to use by practitioners and medical spas, but now you too can take advantage of the Luxe Spa cream in your own home.

Why is the Luxe Spa Formula called No 33? Well I like to think that its a special formula as the number 33 represents the Holy Trinity in an enhanced way, not to get all religious and spiritual but it sounds like a magic number to use as a formula.

And does the cream work its magic for your cellulite?

This I will find out for myself.

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The Ingredients Of Luxe Spa Formula #33

What I love about the ingredients is that they are all ORGANIC and totally alcohol and paraben free. Besides containing caffeine, which is an essential ingredient in any cellulite cream, it has some of the best essential oils that nature has produced, as well as other active ingredients that do the job in ensuring your skin becomes ever more smoother.

Here are 4 wonderful beneficial ingredients Luxe Spa #33 contains:

Green Tea Extract – The green tea extract component of the cream does the dirty work and wipes out any free radicals that are detrimental in causing your cellulite. It is one of the best antioxidant ingredients to have in a cream.

Organic Seaweed – In its highest concentration form the seaweed in the cream assists in revitalizing your skin and making it more rigid – helping to stave off any unwanted cellulite from forming.

Aloe Vera – A common ingredient in many cellulite creams, Aloe Vera is great for counteracting inflammation which causes sluggish circulation and contributes to buildup of lymphatic fluids. Aloe Vera also hydrates the skin.

Vitamin E Oil – Although the cream has a few vitamin oils, the main oil that is the most beneficial is the Vitamin E oil. This oil assists with the elimination of wastes and toxins which it does by delivering oxygen to the layers of your skin. This will enable further reduction of cellulite.

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What Your Bottle Options Are

So I couldn’t resist ordering the cream… I wanted to be part of that elite luxurious company who have gotten results from this product. There were a couple of options available…there was a single 8 oz bottle, a 16 oz bottle, and a 3 pack of 8 oz bottles. Sure, you can go for the cheaper option of the 8 oz bottle but you won’t really get full value.

3 bottles of luxe spa formula cream with exfoliating gloves

The only downside to the 8oz bottle is that there is no pump, rather you have to manually push out the cream…its no big deal and once you get the hang of it and know how much pressure to push its fine.

The 16oz bottle does have the pump and this is good value. You will have enough of the product to know if it does reduce any of your cellulite.

You can check out the 16 oz bottle here on Amazon…Luxe Spa Formula № 33 (16oz. bottle)

However, I went with the all out with the 3 x 8oz bottles. This was a great choice to have. Yes it is pricey but I really want to get a result with 3 bottles. What is great about having 3 bottles is that you can be more flexible about mobility.

You can have a bottle in your gym bag, you can have a bottle at home, and also have a bottle in your beach bag. So you never have to worry about missing out using the cream in the morning or evening.

Read more about bottle sizes and packages here on Amazon…Luxe Spa Formula № 33 

Applying The Cream

As soon as I received the 3 bottles of cream I straight away began to use it in the morning on my thigh and buttock cellulite areas after a shower. I made sure to exfoliate first because I wanted my skin to be in top condition before applying. If you don’t have a dry brush for exfoliating, then read my blog here to decide on a suitable one for you…Best Dry Brush For Cellulite

My first impressions of the cream was the pleasant scent, not too overbearing, just enough to be noticed as an organic scent should be.

I used a small amount at first, and just experimented for a few days until I found the right amount suitable for my cellulite.

It was also easy to apply on my skin, no greasiness, no thickness. I didn’t have to really massage it in like other creams, it went very smoothly with soft application from my fingertips. And it dried within 30 seconds which was great.

What Were The Results?

before after photo for cellulite reduction on back of thighs and buttocks

I ended up applying the cream every day morning and night for 8 weeks as this was the average time to see results for most people.

And…<drumroll>…. I was definitely IMPRESSED by the results. It certainly did love up to its premium high quality reputation.

The skin around my thighs and buttocks were much smoother than previously and more importantly, the dimples on my skin had reduced. It was far less noticeable than 8 weeks ago.

Waiting 8 weeks was worth the wait! I know its twice as long as the average cellulite cream to see results, but at least you can guarantee you WILL get a result. And hey, you may be one of the lucky few to get a result in 4 weeks or less which there have been reports of.

If you want an even better result, try it also after giving yourself a lymphatic massage where you can really reduce cellulite even further. To know more about lymphatic massage, read my blog here….Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal

Pros & Cons Of Luxe Spa Formula #33

Okay, to summarize, here are basically the pros and cons for the Luxe Spa Forumla #33 Cream.


  • Works also for stretch marks, cellulitis and scars
  • No artificial ingredients or testing on animals
  • Tightens and smooths the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized
  • Luxurious in texture and scent
  • Used by international models and beauty pageant contestants
  • Has a wonderful blend of both essential oils and vitamin oils
  • Besides your cellulite areas, also works great for face and feet.


  • 8 weeks might be a bit long for some to see results so patience is required!
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or women with nut allergies due to the coconut oil it contains. 

My Luxe Spa Formula No 33 Review For Cellulite…Bottom Line

So at the end, it comes down to YOU, the consumer, in how badly do you want to decrease your ugly cottage cheese skin. If you have a high enough budget and can afford to invest in a high quality American made cellulite cream, then just go for it.

I know its more pricey than the average cream, but sometimes you just have to invest more if you want a more premium product that delivers what it promises. You are getting one of the top end creams here and I have no doubt at all you will see your cellulite reduced, wherever it may be on your body.

Check out the Luxe Spa Forumla #33 Cream right now on Amazon…Luxe Spa Formula № 33 

Final Grade = A

A pricey but premium elite cellulite cream that will ensure smoothness of dimples and make you feel like you have come out of a professional spa treatment every time!


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