Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal

Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal

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If you have considered lymphatic drainage for cellulite removal then allow me to explain to you more about it. Lymphatic drainage is massage of a special kind, which is undertaken to BOOST STIMULATION of the lymph circulation, thus allowing the REMOVAL OF CELLULITE.

When fat deposits accumulate in the subcutaneous skin layers then cellulite is formed and this is what causes the orange peel appearance. The contributing factors that contribute to cellulite formation are poor eating habits and if you do not exercise regularly, combined with a predisposition of gaining weight easily.

When lymph circulation is sluggish then you can expect a major buildup of cellulite!

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White blood cells are stored in the lymph and they deliver nutrition to the cells as well as aiding in the flushing of waste fluid out of the body. Having an immune system that is healthy is a great sign that you have a great lymph circulation system due to white blood cells which are in top shape.

If this lymph system becomes clogged, cellulite is able to eventually form due to the accumulation of fat deposits and toxins and also the lack of nutrition for the cells.

So bottom line – get that lymph moving! Get rid of all those waste fluids out of the body. Go and get a lymphatic drainage for cellulite removal treatment!

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What Are The Main Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal Methods?

The two most popular methods are by massage and using a dry skin brush.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Removal

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Dr Emil Vodder, a French physician, was the first to develop this technique which uses massage to boost lymph circulation all around the body. Utilizing a specific sum of pressure, the massage  instigates muscles to impel the lymph stream through the lymph vessels towards the nodes of the lymph….following on to the lymph channels. This is then depleted from the body once the lymph re-enters the thoracic pipes.

Your cellulite is reduced from this massage because it TRIGGERS A DRAINAGE which is able to DESTROY THE FAT DEPOSITS AND TOXINS!

Therapists who are trained undertaking this massage know how to get the lymph moving because they have the right technique and know the exact amount of pressure to apply. Their technique involves using soft rolling finger movements to manipulate the muscles in your body which BOOSTS CIRCULATION of blood and lymph.

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Give Yourself A Lymphatic Massage

However, if you don’t have the time or the budget to see a therapist, you can try the massage yourself and get results just as good.

Solely focus on the trouble areas where the cellulite has amassed, especially the upper thighs and knees. In circular motions massage the skin with delicate pressure, just like you are playing with dough. This is to ensure the development of fat storage and wastes are halted and to enable the cells of your body get the sustenance they so badly need.

This must be done every day for 15 mins. Be wary not to over exert the pressure as the lymph capiliaries are as fragile as threads and must be gently massaged.

Bear in mind that you may feel like throwing up after the first few sessions of a  lymph drainage massage, but that’s natural to feel like this because of the lymph system removing your toxins.

The best way to give yourself a lymphatic massage is from the best anti cellulite massage machine perfect for home use. I will discuss this more further down, but for now.…Check out the price of the home lymphatic drainage machine here on Amazon  –Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

Dry Skin Brushing

dry brush for skin

This option is a GREAT BOOST for the lymphatic movement and circulation, as well as TIGHTENING OF THE SKIN. All you need for this is a large skin brush that has gentle, natural bristles which you can rub around your body.

Just ensure you pay specific attention to your cellulite areas whilst brushing with delicate, skyward strokes always towards your heart.

Follow this routine before your shower for just 5 minutes a day and try to make it a ritual of your morning.  Doing it in the morning before the start of your day it can make you more RELAXED AND REVITALIZED. Within a few months you can expect to see results. Start off soft as the experience can be a bit intensive at first, but as your body becomes accustomed to it you can bolster up the pressure.

Not only are you getting an improvement with the flow of lymph and blood, but you are also STIMULATING the formation of new cells by ERASING the dead cells on your skin, and also causing the fat cells to smooth out.

The other effects of dry skin brushing is that your skin tone becomes more even and it can cause complete eradication of ingrown hairs and bumps that you may have on your upper thighs of buttocks.

Please note that when you first start using the dry brushing method you may feel a bit off as the toxins are being eliminated from your system by your lymph. Don’t stress though, this will eventually pass!

Other Lymphatic Drainage Methods

Massage Machine For Home Use

Cellulite can be removed by various procedures from machines which specialize in boosting the lymph flow. There is a massage machine specialized for home use which can aid in the disruption of fatty tissues by generating large amounts of heat.

Its powerful, simple to use and so effective that I use it regularly. Its called the Glo910 Massage Machine and is the best one on the market for home use. It just saves you time and money rather than going to a clinic for expensive professional treatments to drain your lymph system.

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Professional Treatments For Lymphatic Drainage

The main professional treatments that specialize in lymphatic drainage from the use of massage are Bio-dermologyEndermologie. These machines utilizes the power of suction which is able to tug the skin at various angles, and this contributes to better circulation and lymphatic drainage…due to the discharge of all your bad toxins and wastes. They are both expensive treatments so you need to be prepared to fork out the cash to get full benefit.

Another treatment to consider is Pressotherapy which feels like a massage but is performed from inflated pumps and is effective in improving blood flow and draining the lymph.

I know the idea of having your arms and legs wrapped up in inflated pumps doesn’t sound very appealing, but rest assured this will get your lymph moving freely and will feel like a massage 🙂

The pumps function in this form of therapy is to deflate and inflate which control the right amount of pressure to be applied and these pumping actions are what give the massage feeling.

Your lymph will be a little freer once Pressotherapy is applied.

Changes To Your Lifestyle

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Modifications of lifestyle and changes to your diet is a great natural way to get the lymph stimulated again. Here are my recommended lifestyle changes that you can consider lymphatic drainage for cellulite removal.

  • Restrict your greasy foods that are full of trans fats and eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Increase your daily water intake
  • Once a week, have a bath in the sauna
  • Try Colon therapy, which enhances the lymph to boost its flow because of its capacity to sweep the toxins out of the body. This occurs as a result of the colon being ‘cleansed’ from the therapy.
  • Don’t restrict the lymph by wearing tight clothing, rather wear clothes that are freer and more snug.
  • To really get your lymph drained do some deep breathing combined with meditation as well as yoga (which you can read about here – Yoga To Reduce Buttocks & Thighs) and acupressure.

Lymphatic drainage for cellulite removal is not the be all and end all as a treatment but you will get GREAT RESULTS if you can combine it with these lifestyle changes.

You have to remind yourself that a cellulite fix will not happen instantly and you will need determination as well as patience… but if you follow the advice I give here then you are on the right track to beat that dimpled cottage cheese skin  🙂

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