Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream Review

Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream Review

I will give you a total thorough Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream Review where I will go into every detail about this cream and its strong and weak points.

First thing I must mention is that its one of those rare cellulite creams that serves two functions, where besides treating your cellulite, it will also treat your muscles too. In that sense, you can even use it on your male partner if he needs some muscle treatment.

Now that is good value if you do suffer from aching muscles after a hard workout as well as trying to reduce your cellulite.

What is also great about Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream is its organic mixture where 87% of that mixture is ORGANIC. Now that is almost living up to its brand name of being majestically pure 🙂

It also lives up to its name as being HOT….and you will feel that hotness. Read further down below to see my first impression of the cream.

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But firstly….

How Does Cellulite Form

woman measuring waist with tape

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Before reading anymore of my Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream Review its best to know a little of how that cottage cheese formed on your skin in the first place.

Why do us women get that lumpy appearance on our skin?

Why do we suffer it?

Well as we age we tend to accumulate MORE FAT CELLS and they mostly form and collect under thе subcutaneous skin layers. The problem is then caused when these skin layers stiffen and then press against the fat cells and its this pressing that causes your cellulite to show with all those pocket marks.

I know its not a nice look, but hopefully with Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream I will be able to reduce a bit of my own cellulite.

The Ingredients

Let me discuss a few of these organic ingredients…

Pink Grapefruit – This ingredient is great as an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Since cellulite is sometimes considered a connective tissue disorder caused by  inflammation that is chronic, having an ingredient like grapefruit will be a HUGE BENEFIT due to its enzyme bromelain which specializes in anti-inflammatory functions.

half a slice of pink grapefruit exposed

Capsicum Capsicum INCREASES blood circulation which is fantastic for fighting your cellulite. This is the best way to get rid of any toxins floating about and prevents any of the toxins from being reabsorbed back into the cells.

Cellulite THRIVES off toxins and waste so getting rid of that is a huge step to reducing cellulite. Capsicum works even more better when in combination with caffeine which Majestic Pure contains, so you will get double the benefit.

Lemongrass Oil – Lemongrass has DIURETIC PROPERTIES which are essential for reducing any retention of fluid. When there is a build up of fluid around the connective tissues then cellulite will thrive off this, so anything that is able to cut or minimize this is a great additive to have. Lemongrass oil will provide this crucial task.

plant of whole lemongrass in wild
The lemongrass plant used to make the oil

Spearmint Oil – Another of the wonderful oil ingredients that are in Majestic Pure, Spearmint will mainly help with SPEEDING UP the fat metabolism. And since it is combined with the Pink Grapefruit it will be even more effective for cellulite reduction.

Rosemary Oil – This oil is well known to TONE and TIGHTEN the skin where cellulite forms and can also be effective for DRAINING your lymph system. Hitting two birds with one stone here…any ingredient that can do this is a worthy addition for any cream.

branch of rosemary next to jar of rosemary oil

Black Pepper Oil – Besides contributing to the hotness of the cream the Black Pepper oil will also make your dimpled looking skin appear much SMOOTHER due to the way it CLEANSES the pores on your skin.

Read about more ingredients here on AmazonMajestic Pure Cellulite Cream

First Time Application

When I first opened the bottle I noticed the menthol scent right away. I felt like I was in a hospital or a very clean hotel room that had just been polished. I could handle it okay but if you have an extra sensitive nose it might bother you a tiny bit.

When I first applied it to my skin I immediately noticed the tingly sensation that the cream is renowned for. I didn’t mind this at all because it means something is happening.  It felt cold to touch at first, and I mean really cold, and then that hotness really starts to set in after about 15 minutes.

A crazy transformation from COLD TO HOT – a unique experience that I have never felt before with a cellulite cream.

They didn’t call it Pure Hot for nothing!

I felt that hotness working into my skin…..even after 2 hours. For some of you it may bother you feeling it this hot, but you knew what you getting into buying a hot cream 🙂

I loved feeling the hotness – I felt like it was doing something to my skin. And it does leave your skin feeling PLUSH and SILK like. Whenever a cream does this to my skin I just love touching it, feels so smooth to touch.

A Few Hours Later…

The hot sensation is still lingering after a few hours. I still didn’t mind it even though it was a bit tingly.

match being lit

I made sure I did a BIG WORKOUT before I applied the hot cream just to see if it would also have an effect on my muscle aches.

I didn’t care if it didn’t as I am totally concerned (as you might be as well) with only its cellulite fighting abilities….but knowing that it lives up to something it promises makes the product a bit more trustworthy. I am glad to say I did get some relief from my aching muscles – so that was a good bonus to have.

That menthol scent is still there, but as I mentioned upon application – this scent I can handle.

And did I get any minimization of my cellulite? Not on the same day, but I did notice SOME REDUCTION after two weeks which is not long at all. Because of the SKIN TONING EFFECTS of the hot cream, my cellulite was definitely LESS VISIBLE. 

A cream can make your skin soft, make your legs look good and silky, and even treat your muscles, but as long as it can also reduce or hide your CELLULITE than that is what counts at the end of the day! Its all about the cellulite.

A major pass mark for this cream!

Pros & Cons For Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream


  • Excellent 2 for 1 deal that treats aching muscles as well as cellulite
  • Is not oily at all like other creams
  • Can be used on men too for their muscles
  • Fantastic organic oil ingredients
  • Quick absorption with no problem putting on clothes right after
  • Makes your skin that much smoother
  • Great low value, especially with the big size bottle it comes in – you can check out the very low price here on Amazon….Majestic Pure Cellulite Cream


  • Strong menthol smell that might be off putting to some of you not into this scent
  • You might feel that burning hotness to be a bit too hot if you have really sensitive skin or a really low pain threshold, so be warned!



Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream, I feel,  is going to be one of those creams you are either gonna love or hate. It is just going to come down to how much of that hotness you can put up with. If you can tolerate the burning, then you will have a good chance of seeing some results for your cellulite.

However, I can understand why some people would not enjoy this burning sensation and would probably not continue using the cream, especially knowing you have to apply this cream twice a day  – but hopefully this wont be you!

But if you are looking for a unique cream that lives up to its name then give it a go. I was satisfied with the results on my cellulite. Of course its not a permanent fix, but any little fix to my cellulite is an achievement!

Was it too hot for me? No

Was the smell too strong? No

Did it soothe my aching muscles? Yes

Did it reduce my cellulite? Yes

That basically sums up my Majestic Pure Hot Anti Cellulite Cream review experience in a nutshell.

Any questions about the product or you want to share your positive or negative experience about it, please comment below.

Final Grade = B+

Its Pure hot, its Pure burning, but you will get a Majestic cellulite reduction experience after the hotness subsides!

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