Murad Cellulite Treatment Review – Firm And Tone Serum

Murad Cellulite Treatment Review

Ready to experience a Murad cellulite treatment? Murad are a BIG HITTER in the beauty product world and have a BIG REPUTATION for delivering high quality products. Does their Murad cellulite treatment product Firm And Tone Serum keep up with their reputation?

This is what I am going to find out… read on to see if I have any success with the cream.

Murad was established in 1989 by its founder Dr Howard Murad, who is a trained pharmacist and certified in dermatology. Dr Murad set out to be a leader in skin care products and thus founded Murad, Inc with a mission to be one of the most innovative companies in the cutting edge field of skin care research.

Murad have released a range of products including their successful Clarifying Cleansers and Toners as well as Eye Creams and Rapid Age Spot Serums. They obviously have an in depth knowledge of everything skin related so the signs are good that your cellulite will also be fixed with their Firm and Tone Serum product as a Murad cellulite treatment.

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How Does Cellulite Occur

murad cellulite treatment, woman showing off legs at beach

When fat cells get trapped into the deep skin layers and become enlarged, the circulation then becomes restricted and this what causes cellulite to begin to develop.

The tissues then harden over time and this causes the orange peel appearance, which BECOMES REALLY NOTICEABLE once all the fat cells accumulate.

First Impressions Of Murad Firm & Tone Serum

When I first opened the bottle I did notice the smell right away. As with most of the cellulite creams you are either gonna LOVE the smell, be neutral about the smell, or hate the smell. In  my case, I found the smell okay…but I can see how others might notice a kind of cough medicine smell about it, since it does have menthol.

When I squeezed a bit of the gel out of the tube I did notice how smooth and glossy it was. Also, it came out of the bottle fairly easily without too much pressure, so good sign it wont be a messy Murad cellulite treatment.

Applying The Cream

Before I even applied the cream I read that having a hot shower beforehand will help, and also giving your cellulite areas a hard scrub.

When I first applied the cream on my upper thighs, I had to wait about a minute for it to dry, which is not too bad of a waiting time.

I heard of some women getting really bad reactions after applying so I was hoping I wouldn’t be one of them.

Thankfully I did not get any burning or skin irritation, and also no redness.

To get the most out of your Murad cellulite treatment application, its best to exfoliate your skin beforehand and really get in a hard massage… I mean really get in there. You are paying so much for this bottle so you want to GET MAXIMUM BENEFIT!

I recommend you get a Bliss Fat Girl Slimulator as this will help make your application more easier.  In fact, use 2 of the Slimulators – more efficient. Massage the areas for at least 5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes. You want to constantly keep the gel polished and not get sticky so my advice is just to add water if any stickiness starts to occur.

Just remember not to get dressed at all until the gel has completely dried up and there is no wetness at all….otherwise you won’t get the maximum Murad Cellulilte Treatment!

Read more about applying the cream here on AmazonMurad Body Care Firm and Tone Serum

Active Ingredients

Murad does have some interesting and potent ingredients. I will go through a couple with you.

cayenne pepper powder
  • Cayenne Pepper – This pepper is well known for BURNING FAT! It can do this by speeding up metabolism and improving the circulation of your blood flow. Another great function it can do is raise the body’s heat which facilitates the burning away of your fat cells.


  • Phospholipids – Lipids are a type of fat so when your skin is lacking in these fats then your skin can become easily dehydrated because water is easily leaking away through your skin barrier. Having more phospholipids into your skin shores up this barrier and prevents any dehydration from occuring. Any skin dehydration will cause your cellulite to be more obvious  – basically LESS WATER means LESS SMOOTHNESS!
horse chestnut tree
  • Horse Chestnut Extract – Whats great about this extract is the active ingredient in it called aescin which is known to strengthen the blood vessels in the body – all the better for blood flow improvement which helps the cellulite to ERODE away.
amazon rainforest
  • Cats Claw – One of the more exotic ingredients in the cream since it originates from the Amazon…Cats Claw is known for its INFLAMMATORY FIGHTING ABILITIES and boosting the blood flow. Research is still in early stages regarding Cats Claw but there are wild claims of treating even leukemia and arthritis… far as cellulite is concerned, anything that claims to be anti-inflammatory is just what is required to reduce cellulite. Mainly because it can help your fat cells get the desired oxygen they require which enables shrinkage in size.

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Did I Get A Result?

For my Murad Cellulite Treatment I was consistent with the product for 30 days, using it both morning and night. I definitely noticed SOME IMPROVEMENT with my cellulite, much more smoothness. I would say I got around a 50% REDUCTION which is pretty good. I was disciplined with my actions always exfoliating and applying while in the shower, as well as constantly using my 2 Slimulators.

I am sure I would get more of a reduction after another month if I kept at it. Plus, if I also used the Body Firm Creaming as a supplement that would probably help too with faster reduction.

But the signs are promising after 30 days, and even if you don’t get any cellulite reduction, at least your skin will be more supple and soft.

Pros & Cons Of A Murad Cellulite Treatment


word graphic showing the word "RESULTS"

  • Even if your cellulite does not disappear, you will still feel that your skin has tightened and your skin is softer.
  • Dries quickly under a minute
  • Smell is okay, not too strong or “mediciney”
  • 60 day back money guarantee which is more than enough to know if the product works
  • Murad has a great track record of creating quality products
  • Can get a good result under 30 days
  • Can also cover stretch marks as a bonus 2 in 1


  • Not great for sensitive skin – you might experience burning, redness and/or itchiness
  • Is expensive for a bottle, and even more so if you also use the Body Firm Creaming lotion
  • You really must stick at it day and night, miss a day or two and you back to square one
  • Can be a bit sticky if you don’t follow through with proper application

My Final Summary About The Murad Cellulite Treatment

At the end of the day, I was happy to see some masking of my cellulite. I know it didn’t really disappear but if it can be hidden then that is just as good for me. The Murad Firm & Tone Serum will work for you if you use the proper application procedures with the massage techniques.

Providing you don’t have sensitive skin, then really give this serum a go….especially with the 60 day back guarantee – you can’t go wrong.

If you want a better result and have the cash to spare consider using the Body Firm Creaming lotion too which will really work into your skin and prepare it for the Serum.

Check out the image and product right here on AmazonMurad Body Firming Cream, 6.75 Fluid Ounce

Final Grade:  B

A quality serum, from a quality company, guaranteed to give you a result!


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