Nivea Cellulite Review Of Good-Bye Gel Cream

Nivea Cellulite Review Of Good-Bye Gel Cream

This is my honest Nivea cellulite review of the popular Good-Bye Gel Cream. To be clear, I am not reviewing the Good-bye Serum which is also available. The two products are similar with their ingredients except one is a serum, the other a cream…so each one will work differently into your skin.

Nivea, a brand synonymous with beauty over the years with a range of quality skin products, is one of the most well known brands in the world. Established way back in 1882, Nivea is a brand with years of experience which became ever more popular during the 80’s due to larger expansion.

So you can be assured that their cellulite product Good-Bye Gel Cream will be of a HIGH QUALITY, especially with its unique natural Lotus extract as well as L-Carnitine which is a beneficial ingredient to have.

What I noticed right away when writing this Nivea cellulite review is how much the actual name stands out amongst all the other cellulite creams. Having a catchy and direct name like Good-Bye Cellulite Gel Cream you feel like you are dealing with a product that MEANS BUSINESS and wants your CELLULITE TO BE GONE!

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Why Do We Hate Cellulite?

You know, there is nothing worse than going to the beach in a two piece or one piece bikini and having that orange peel skin showing in public. Ugh! You just want to get rid of it, hide it, or smooth it out!

woman applying skin cream on leg

Cellulite used to be accepted as healthy in the past but now in this day and age, with photo brushing and and various treatments out to combat your cellulite, it just doesn’t feel right anymore to be carrying around excess baggage on your thighs and hips.

When those fat cells get trapped in the deeper connective layers of skin tissue then they end up hardening and this is what causes cellulite to begin in the first place. Its impossible not to control these fat cells, because as women we have more fat than men, and thus as we age all that fat builds up over time.

Its time to do something about it! Lets see if this Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Gel Cream has what it takes to MASK and HIDE your cellulite. It claims that your skin can be a little smoother in just two weeks!

Big claims, lets find out more in my Nivea cellulite review…

The Special Ingredients

lotus flower

As I mentioned earlier, LOTUS EXTRACT is one of the natural ingredients where the extract is taken from the pretty Lotus flower. This flower is so popular in certain cultures that it is India and Vietnam’s national flower.

The advantages of having Lotus extract in your cream is the amount of ANTIOXIDANTS it contains which is always great for your skin.

You will feel the difference in your skin from the MOISTURIZING and HYDRATION that Lotus extract is well known for. As well as hydrating your skin it will make it more flexible and give it a BETTER TONE overall.

L-CARNITINE…is another potent ingredient which is one of those molecules that gets involved with METABOLIZATION.

The great thing about this amino acid is how it naturally burns fat and you can get a lot of it from your diet through meat and dairy….however it doesn’t hurt to have an extra boost through a cellulite cream that contains it.

In this Nivea cellulite review I have not mentioned caffeine as an ingredient in the Goodbye Gel Cream, however this is no negative as L-Carnitine is an effective replacement as it metabolizes fat in a different way to caffeine.

COENZYME Q10, or just CoQ10 for short, is also an EFFECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT. Anything that can act as an antioxidant is going to be beneficial in the fight against your cellulite.

The skin is in a constant battle against free radicals, even more so where your cellulite is congregated, so having something like CoQ10 will play a major part in eliminating that orange peel skin!  Cellulite thrives on free radicals and is a major cause in its formation.

When Will You See Results?

caption displaying the word results

Okay, the most important question regarding a cellulite cream – when do those results show?

From my research for this Nivea cellulite review I began chatting with other women using this product and some did get results in only 2 weeks. There was some noticeable toneness to the skin...but the vast majority of the women saw some improvement in SMOOTHNESS and REDUCED APPEARANCE to their cellulite after 4 weeks, which is pretty good.

How Does It Compare To Other Creams?

In writing my Nivea cellulite review, I noticed that the price is cheaper than a few of the other creams I have reviewed. For such a cheap price you will get a few good uses out of it, and it works just as good as the other creams.

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Also, you don’t really need to massage the cream into your skin like other creams, just apply it on and it will dry quick for you – no hassles! Massaging takes extra time and effort so if that can be cut from the application – the better!

Applying The Cream

You will notice the cooling sensation that Good-bye Gel Cream has on your skin as soon as you apply it. This cooling allows the blood circulation to really improve its flow and thus you will therefore notice that your skin will gradually warm up.

When you feel any heat you know something is working. If you also use some body brushing to compliment this gel it will work even better, so give that a go.

Use twice daily and because its cheap you don’t have to be so strict for the amounts you use. What you will notice directly after applying is how SOFT and SUCCULENT your skill will feel. Touching your skin after first applying will be a nice sensory experience, which is important as this is what gives you the confidence to keep using the cream.

Go and use as much of the cream as you want, and get the most out of it! For best results, you use it after your shower when you have done a workout.

Pros & Cons of Nivea Good-Bye Gel Cream

woman with smooth leg laying on a towel on beach


  • Massaging not required for application
  • Cheaper compared to the other creams
  • A notice in smoothness of skin in as little as 2 weeks
  • Has L-Carnitine as an ingredient, an essential amino acid for burning fat
  • Has a pleasant ‘forest’ scent
  • No residue remaining after use


  • Can cause allergic reaction if allergic to soy or CoQ10
  • No clinical trials undertaken to prove effectiveness
  • No caffeine listed as an ingredient


Final Thoughts For My Nivea Cellulite Review

Do you want to temporarily say goodbye to your cellulite?

Do you want that cottage cheese skin to just disappear for a while and look good in a bikini and short dress?

From my Nivea cellulite review give the Good-bye Gel a go and see if it can MAKE A DIFFERENCE for you!

nivea creme jar

It won’t be a permanent fix for your cellulite but it will do a GOOD JOB OF HIDING IT…which is good enough. If you follow this cream with proper hydration and a good anti cellulite diet (which you can read about it hereBest Anti Cellulite Foods) then you will definitely get the result you desire.

Just be wary if you are allergic to soy or CoQ10 then you may see some adverse reactions on your skin, so keep that in mind.

I could not find any free trials or money back guarantees…however since the price is cheap it’s not really necessary. Even if you don’t get any positive results after one bottle, just try again with another bottle because of its low price.

Where To Order

You can order right here through AmazonNivea – Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream 200ml

At the end of the day, we are talking about NIVEA after all, and the company has a GOOD RECORD of distributing quality affordable skin care products world wide.

So don’t take just take my word for it – go out and purchase a bottle or two and start getting ready for the upcoming summer so you can show off your new smooth legs with new found confidence!

Thanks for reading my Nivea cellulite review for the Good-Bye Gel Cream. I wish you all the best in fixing your cellulite. Any more questions you have about the cream, please ask me…or if you have had good results with the cream – share your success story!

Final Grade – A

Hey, its Nivea, its a low affordable price and delivers what it promises!

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