Being Skinny With Bad Cellulite

Being Skinny With Bad Cellulite

I can feel your pain! I know that being skinny with bad cellulite is majorly depressing because its logical to think that if you are thin your chances of having any fat are low.

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It doesn’t matter how lean or athletic your body may be, you can still be skinny and get bad cellulite!

Don’t feel bad if you are a real thin girl and suffer cellulite. The fact is, 90% OF WOMEN are going to suffer cellulite at some point in their lives….so you can imagine how many of that 90% will be skinny. A LOT!

Don’t think that the lucky 10% of women who don’t get cellulite are extra thin or anorexic….they can be just normal to skinny build. So don’t go thinking you have to lose even more weight to get rid of your cellulite. It won’t work that way.

Your cellulite is determined by a lot of factors….so no matter how skinny you are, you can’t beat your age, your hormones and your genes which are all predetermined. If your mother had cellulite, there is high chance you will have it too.

Firstly, What Is Cellulite

Cellulite is basically fat deposits that have accumulated over time within all the connective layers of tissue underneath your skin. These fat cells then become trapped there and are eventually squeezed and squashed in by these connective tissues.

The dimples of your cellulite are a result of all this compression from the fat deposits poking through your skin. Yes, it sounds as ugly as it looks! And the older you get the more thinner your skin becomes which results in a loss of elasticity.

The LESS ELASTIC your skin becomes the easy it is for the pockets of cellulite to poke through.

Why Do Skinny Girls Get Cellulite

Cellulite does not discriminate.

You are always gonna have some fat (hidden or visible) no matter how thin you are. You can be misguided into thinking just because you are thin that you are healthy and fit and don’t deserve being skinny with bad cellulite.

You can’t afford to be that complacent as cellulite will form if you have the genes for it and are not physically active.

A skinny girl will still get bad cellulite just because you don’t really need too many fat cells as storage, you only need a BARE MINIMUM to provide cholesterol to produce the hormones for your menstrual cycles….and cellulite is the perfect storage for this cholesterol.

In this way you can think of cellulite not being totally useless as it least it provides some little useful function, but not enough to warrant keeping your cellulite. You still want to do your best to get rid of it.

What Exercises To Focus On

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You can workout as many times as you want per week and feel as fit as you ever have, but if you are not doing the right specific cellulite targeting exercises then your orange peel skin is going NOWHERE.

Your primary goal is to focus on more muscle and less fat. Building more muscle will spread and thin your cellulite across a larger surface area, thus making it less noticeable. If you can do strength training workouts just 3 times a week you will notice the change.

If you have been doing a lot of cardio, then you will have to reduce that and focus on weight exercises. And I mean focus on HEAVY weights. Cardio will do absolutely nothing for your cellulite, no matter how much you do of it.

It will actually be counterproductive to do a lot of cardio as it can shrink your muscles.

If you have been performing bodyweight lunges with high reps then I really recommend you change to exercises with LOWER REPS and heavy weights. You have to hit your legs REALLY HARD. Whilst keeping your legs the main focus don’t forget to neglect your whole body as the main focus is to reduce overall body fat.

The primary exercises to perform in this regard are Squats, Deadlifts and Hamstring Curls with heavy weights attached. You don’t have to go overboard with the weights, just as long as you are doing performing them with good form and only doing 5-6 reps.

You want power over endurance. POWER is what is going to hit your cellulite hard!

What Should A Skinny Girl With Cellulite Eat

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All you basically need is enough food to aid the growth of your muscles. Its a balance whether you eat to bulk where you can fuel the growth of your muscles much quicker but at the same time this will increase a little of your fat storage too…..but as long as you are exercising right then this little extra fat won’t hang around.

Or you can just eat to maintain where your muscles will grow a littler slower. It just depends how quickly and how bad you want to get rid of your cellulite. If you have summer coming up quick, then just go all out with a full bulk diet and get those leg muscle gains going.

What I recommend is just getting enough protein for your body weight, which is around 1.5 grams per pound and just eat healthy. Focus on skinless chicken and lean steak and get enough fruit and vegetables.

Also, keep up the hydration. For more information about what to eat, read my blog Anti Cellulite Diet Plan.

Treatment Methods For Cellulite

Besides diet and exercise you can also target your cellulite with creams and home treatments. The best cream for being skinny with bad cellulite is Brazilian Bum Bum Cream because its more natural and focuses on your thigh and buttock areas where cellulite usually accumulates for skinny women.

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Read more about it here on AmazonSol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 8.1 Fl oz

Massaging also helps tremendously and you can do it yourself at home with one of the best machines I have ever used for my cellulite. I have got tremendous results from it as have others, you can check it out here on Amazon…..Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

It will really set you off on your way to rid that dimpled skin as it LOOSENS ALL THOSE POCKETS which enables it to be flushed away much easier.

If nothing else works and you have a high budget then you can always treat your bad cellulite with a professional salon treatment.

For more information on treatments I have compiled a massive list of every current available cellulite treatment.  Read more here on my blog – Over 100 Cellulite Hacks

Final Remarks

I hope I have provided you with enough information on why you have cellulite despite being skinny and a good guide on how you can decrease it.

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Don’t feel you are the only one being skinny having bad cellulite, there are so many other skinny girls just like you – they are just hiding it.

Just accept that you have it, its normal for your body type to have it and just do something about it. You might not be used to changing your lifestyle for issues of fat but cellulite is another issue and is quite treatable. There is no permanent fix for cellulite, but if you can decrease it so its not as noticeable than you will have achieved your aim.

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If you are skinny with bad cellulite then let us know below how you are treating it, and if you have had any success with it. Also if you have any questions, please post them below.


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