Stage 3 Cellulite Treatment – What Is The Best Option?

Stage 3 Cellulite Treatment – What Is The Best Option?

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Finding a good stage 3 cellulite treatment is hard to find and if you are at this late stage of cellulite development it can be tough to find an easy solution.

However, don’t fear that you have missed the boat because all stages of cellulite have their own specific treatments and stage 3 cellulite is no different.

These are the different stages of cellulite.

Stage 1 Cellulite

Some women at this early stage are not even aware of having cellulite. They can still get away with wearing anything and don’t have to worry about any tough treatments for cellulite. The cellulite will only show when pinched, so its more considered “invisible” cellulite.

Stage 2 Cellulite

At this stage you will definitely notice your dimpled skin as it will appear when standing up. But it still disappears when you lay down so for that reason Stage 2 is considered a “transitional” stage.

Stage 3 Cellulite

Now this is the stage I am assuming you are at and at this stage there is no way to hide your dimpled skin by even laying down.

Stage 3 is the most developed stage of cellulite and can even cause some pain for women as well as being extra sensitive to any external stimuli. This stage is most HARDEST to treat, but I hope I can change that for you.

What Is An Effective Stage 3 Cellulite Treatment?

There are not many treatments that deal with Stage 3 cellulite, and what firstly comes to mind is Laser Treatment. This is very effective due to its ability to zap away your dimples with amplified UV light and its ability to dissolve underlying fat cells.

However the main drawback to laser treatments are the cost – they will easily set you back over $2,000 – $3,000 dollars and you have to find a good reputable clinic that performs the treatment.

Another alternative which I am focusing this blog on is an Ionithermie treatment. Patients at Stage 3 cellulite have gotten great results from it and  is way less expensive than having a laser treatment…and more importantly – MORE ENJOYABLE 🙂

Have a sneak peek here on the Stage 3 cellulite treatment I recommend on AmazonIonithermie 36 Day Program Stage 3 Cellulite- Value Pack

How Does Ionithermie Work?

Firstly a little about how Ionithermie works. You may have experienced an Ionithermie treatment on a cruise or in a spa resort as that is where they are most prevalent. It is the ultimate spa cruise experience.

Its basically conducted through electrical stimulation, specifically faradic and galvanic stimulation, which are basically different intensities of currents.

The faradic current is more intense and good for toning the skin, whereas the galvanic current is a milder stimulation and more for rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. Both forms of stimulation work well in tandem with each other.

A thermal clay is spread around your body and this is what acts as the electrical conductor. When the clay solidifies it begins to heat up the skin as the electrical currents run through the thermal clay.

The resulting effects are reflexive convulsions of the muscles which is said to improve your skin and circulation and dispose of toxins and wastes.

Known for many benefits including reducing your cellulite, particularly in its use of algae. Algae is known as a GREAT WAY TO DETOX  and when you experience a full Ionithermie Algae Detox you get all sorts of benefits.

Whats great about an Ionithermie treatment is that it is one of those treatments that can reduce Stage 3 cellulite.

A lot of other treatments will be successful for Stage 1 and Stage 2 cellulite, but not many for Stage 3. With its all its vitamins, amino acids, guarana, algae and other minerals it is the perfect natural treatment for reducing this stage of cellulite.

Ionithermie Stage 3 Cellulite Treatment Value Pack

stage 3 cellulite treatment, ionithermie 36 day kit
Rather than looking for an Ionithermie treatment at a salon, or waiting until you go on your next cruise, you can get your own Ionithermie treatment at home. And for women like you, there is the PERFECT Ionithermie value pack that specifically addresses Stage 3 cellulite.

It has the ingredients of a proper Ionithermie treatment and simulates the effects of the electrical stimulation.

Its called the 36 Day Kit which you can read more about here on Amazon….Ionithermie 36 Day Program Stage 3 Cellulite- Value Pack

36 days is how much time you need to get some result with your stage 3 cellulite and the value pack caters for this time frame.

There are four items in this value pack and each item has a specific role. Trust me, you will definitely need to utilize each of the products which this 36 day pack has to tackle your Stage 3 cellulite.

Having just one or two of these products won’t be enough – you need the whole Ionithermie kit to have a good chance at reducing it!

What Do You Get?

Tonic Silhouette (250ml) This is what you use first and gets your skin pampered and ready for other products to have deeper penetration. It has great softening and cleansing properties and will help smooth the worst areas of your cellulite.

tonic silhouette bottle

Ampoules A + B (36 x 10ml)This is the deal breaker – the ampoules are the nuts and bolts of the 36 Day Kit and that is why you get an extra 24 ampoules with the Stage 3 Value Pack .

So 18 x  A ampoules and 18 x B ampules.  Once you apply the Tonic Silhoutte then apply one each of the ampoules. The ampoules will really get your circulation going which will enable all toxins and wastes to be eliminated.

Ionithermie ampoules A & B
Pro-Metasysteme (150ml)You can apply this moisturizing cream right after the ampoules as it keeps the areas from drying up too soon. You want to keep these areas as moist as possible and the Pro-Metayssteme allows this due to its algae and almond oil content. Also has excellent detoxifying attributes.

Pro-Metasysteme bottle

Lait Pour Le Corps (250ml)The final product in this pack contains avocado oil and is more of a light moisturizer just to keep your cellulite areas with added moisture. It keeps the skin in great shape and is not overbearing with its scent.

Lait Pour Le Corps bottle
You can read more about the products here on Amazon…Ionithermie 36 Day Program Stage 3 Cellulite- Value Pack

Please note to use a dry body brush before you begin the treatment every day, just to get deeper penetration with the products and easier application. Its not necessary, but will just make your treatment a bit easier.

Read my blog here Best Dry Brush For Cellulite if you haven’t already got a dry brush.

This is the CLOSEST EXPERIENCE you will have to an Ionithermie treatment and all the scents and sensations from the kit will have your mind thinking you are on a cruise 🙂

The big bonus of this kit is that it is MUCH CHEAPER than your standard Ionithermie spa treatment without sacrificing much of the Ionithermie benefits.

The core elements are still there – the moisturizing effects, the essential oils and vitamins, the amino acids, and most crucially the Algae Detox contents which is the signature feature of an Ionithermie treatment.

Not only will you feel clean and refreshed, but you will have an extra glow and vigor about you as your circulation increases.

No More Stage 3 Cellulite

I hope I have convinced you enough to try the Ionithermie 36 Day Kit as a Stage 3 cellulite treatment.

Nothing will permanently erase your cellulite but at least if you can downgrade to Stage 2 cellulite or even reduce and smooth any of your cottage cheese skin it will have been a success.

It is tough to treat this stage of cellulite but have hope that at least you will see some result if you stick with this 36 Day Kit and utilize every product to its maximum.

You just gotta stick with it and maintain discipline. You gotta do it every day for at least 36 days, don’t skip a day. Use the products thoroughly and correctly and please stay hydrated and stick with a good diet during this 36 day period.

All the best to you in your quest to rid your Stage 3 Cellulite.

Give yourself the best chance to by giving the Ionithermie 36 Day Kit a try here on AmazonIonithermie 36 Day Program Stage 3 Cellulite- Value Pack


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