Non Surgical And Surgical Cellulite Removal

Non Surgical And Surgical Cellulite Removal

Knowing the best non surgical and surgical cellulite removal methods is what I am discussing here in this blog. I will just point out the most effective ones that give you the biggest bang for your buck (or your productivity) and then you can decide for yourself which method is best for you.

surgical cellulite removal, nurse holding scalpel

So how does cellulite form?

When blood circulation in your deep skin layers is slowed, cellulite is able to form from this lack of adequate circulation and thus the fat cells become ENLARGED in these deep layers. This then causes the fat cells to  become embedded and forces them to push against the top layer of skin which causes the “cottage cheese” look of your skin, and this is even more magnified due to the hardening of the tissues.

Your cellulite will become gradually MORE NOTICEABLE as the fat cells become MORE EXCESSIVE and collect in these tight areas.

So many women are unhappy suffering from this dreaded orange peel look on their thighs, tummies, and buttocks…and we all wanna do something about it!

Regarding non surgical and surgical cellulite removals, there are many myths that claim to get rid of it.

One of those myths is that some women think if they abstain from eating certain meals during the day that this will assist them in reducing their cellulite.

They couldn’t be more wrong!

If you keep on missing meals this will be counterproductive in that it will slow down your metabolism and cause MORE BODY FAT to form.

I will give you a short guide on the best non surgical and surgical methods of removing cellulite.

Best non surgical cellulite removal methods

When reducing your cellulite, DIET is right up there as one of the best non surgical removal methods.

variety of vegetables

The top reason cellulite will form is consuming TOO MUCH JUNK FOOD! They are just full of salt and saturated fat – best to eliminate from your diet. You want to aim for a good balanced diet without skipping any meals – stick to 3 MEALS A DAY, and find a diet that is full of fiber with very low saturated fat.

Read more about diet and cellulite here where I have written a few articles about it.

EXERCISE is another fantastic non surgical cellulite removal method. A good exercise that focuses on cellulite is able to eliminate those fat cells which have collected in deep between those skin layers.

woman jogging through woods

Yoga is one of the best exercises because of the amount of different moves you can try, especially the Eagle Pose which is great in combating your cellulite. Little things like parking the car further away from the malls so you can walk more or taking the stairs instead of the elevator and escalator – all helps in reducing your cellulite.

For more about yoga for your cellulite – click here.

And What About Creams

Creams for removing cellulite. There are so many creams out there that promise to remove your cellulite, but you have to be wary that not all of them will give you the result you desire.

Focus on a cream with ingredients that are ANTI-OXIDANTS and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.

There are basically two kinds of creams.

woman applying cream on skin

One type is fast acting but only has a temporary effect. These short term creams are great at hydrating the skin and for making it feel MORE TIGHT and other words – LESS STRETCHED!

The other type of creams have effects of longer duration which are better at destroying your cellulite as they are a more efficient at penetrating further into the skin. When the cellulite is broken down this will eventually cause your bad toxins to be eliminated from the body.

Don’t think the creams are anything complex to use. They are basic to apply and the general principle is to apply them twice a day morning and night, preferably massaging them into your cellulite areas just to increase the effect.

Usually for the majority of creams you will see some result in about 4 weeks, however its not uncommon to see some little results before that…in some rare cases even after a few days!!

I have reviewed a lot of creams which you can go through here. (Take a pick 🙂

Best Surgical Cellulite Removal Methods

Unlike the non surgical cellulite removal methods, these surgical methods will have a MORE LASTING EFFECT and in some cases a permanent effect. Its why you pay more and feel more pain 🙂

Laser treatment is one of the best surgical cellulite removal treatments. Not only is it effective, but its also one of the safest procedures. Sometimes, no matter how hard we diet and exercise and use the top cellulite creams, there is always going to be some cellulite that is leftover and hard to eliminate.

surgery room with surgery equipment

Whats great about the laser beams is that their light energy can be totally pinpointed to these pockets of cellulite which causes them to disintegrate from the sustained heat that is being produced.

Once this cellulite has been hit with the laser beams the resultant fluid that is formed from the disintegration is then drained away. Its as simple as that!

From laser you hit many birds with one stone as it also eliminates all the other toxins when being drained, and it also encourages growth of collagen which is super beneficial for your skin.

The collagen will help restore the elasticity and flexibility of your skin to how it used to be.

Also, after the treatment you will notice how much more your skin will be TONED and how the TEXTURE of your skin will be markedly improved.

To know more about laser treatment, read my full review – Know More About Cellulite Laser Treatment

A Bit Of Lipo…

surgical cellulite removal, Woman receiving liposuction through injection
Portrait of surgeon making injection into female body. Liposuction concept.

Designed by Nensuria / Freepik

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical cellulite removal methods and is mainly used to rid all variety of stubborn fats anywhere from your chest and back to your abdomen and buttocks. If you have tried all diet and exercise and haven’t had much success with any of the creams, then liposuction is a good last resort to consider.

You will first receive a fluid injection into your cellulite areas and this will prevent any blood loss during the surgery. What happens next is that you will have thin tubes inserted into your body to enable total break down of the fat cells.

Not only are the FAT CELLS BROKEN DOWN, but they end up getting pumped out of the body and TOTALLY ELIMINATED due to the suction caused by the vacuum pump which these thin tubes are attached to. They can also be sucked out by a big suction syringe – whichever the preferred method of the clinic.

Whats good about liposuction is you don’t have to wait for each cellulite problem area to be attended to – all your cellulite areas can be simultaneously worked on.

Depending on your age and recovery you might have to remain in hospital for one or two days, but generally speaking you should be fine to go home right after the surgery.

Your Choice

It all comes down to you in the end. If you have the cash and really really hate your cellulite then by all means go down the surgical cellulite removal route. It will be MUCH QUICKER and with a more PERMANENT EFFECT.

diagram of apple showing a diet plan

You can’t go wrong with either liposuction and the laser treatment. If you are concerned about the cost, then read my blog here about cellulite removal costs to give you a better guide on what you will be paying.

However, just remember that choosing non surgical cellulite removal methods is a more satisfying and fulfilling way in reducing your cellulite.

With the big bonus of being much cheaper it will also make your body feel good because you are nourishing it with proper exercise and a good diet. Using creams while exercising and dieting will you give you the best possible result, so if you have the energy and will – give this method a go.



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