My Velashape Cellulite Treatment Review

My Velashape Cellulite Treatment Review

Before I had my Velashape cellulite treatment, I undertook the Velasmooth treatment which is an earlier version of Velashape…so now I am here to discuss everything Velashape and about my own personal treatment sessions.

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Unlike Bio-dermology and Endermologie where the massaging and suction can get a bit rough and deep – the Velashape massage is MUCH LIGHTER…especially with the latest 3 model.

There have been 3 models released over the years with the latest model being the Velashape 3 model which I will be focusing on. The other earlier models were the Velashape 1 and 2, but now with Velashape 3 you get INCREASED POWER as well as being MORE GENTLE, and generally MORE EFFECTIVE results.

So when you are unsure which is the best – just remember its the 3 🙂

If you want those fat cells to shrink – no other method will do it as effective as Velashape.

Five million people in the world can’t be wrong – that is the number of people that have had a Velashape treatment with a whopping 97% SATISFACTION RATE! Now that is impressive.

How Does Velashape Operate?

infrared light
Infrared radiation used in Velashape devices

Velashape uses both Infrared and Bi-Polar Radio Frequencies and is a fantastic way to pump up that blood circulation. Velashape is also effective in the way it is able to really penetrate the skin deep below and cause the fat cells to HEAT UP and also SHRINK. 

Any heat increase will cause metabolism to speed up and this will cause any excess fat to be broken down much quicker, especially fat related to your cellulite.

And the big selling point for Velashape is the way it is effectively used as a massager and the way it applies vacuum pressure to the skin. This massaging technique is wonderful in DRAINING your lymph system and REDUCING any blockages.

Cellulite thrives off a blocked lymphatic system so when this is broken up by the massaging of the device, your cellulite will be reduced in this manner.

This is also an effective method in getting rid of those toxins and the waste that builds up from a blocked lymphatic system.

So as you can see – Velashape fixes your cellulite in a VARIETY OF WAYS and not just limited to one method.

My Initial Consultation

two people consulting business over desk

Previously, I had undertaken a Velasmooth treatment where I was not really satisfied with the outcome. My cellulite had only diminished 15% where I expected to achieve better returns for the value.

So I was hoping my Velashape cellulite treatment will give me a better outcome.

When I went in with my consultation I was first examined to see what Stage my cellulite was at. This is crucial to know because you will get a DIFFERENT RESULT depending on the amount of cellulite you have.

I am currently at Stage 2  which basically means my cellulite shows up only when I am standing up, and not when I am lying down. I was told I had a good chance of seeing significant reduction but the results would not last if I also didn’t exercise and eat well.

If you have Stage 1 where your cellulite only shows when pinched then you will have a high probability for an IMMEDIATE result.

For Stage 3, where your cellulite appears in both standing and lying positions, you can still get a result but it will be minimal at best and in a month or so your dimpled skin will return. You really have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle and diet to improve on the Velashape cellulite treatment.

My Velashape Experience

velashape cellulite treatment, clinical setting with clinical machines

Okay, after consulting, I went in for my first session at my local Medi Spa in Sydney. I laid down on the table and the specialist went to work. I hardly felt a thing… if anything I maybe felt a little pinching every now and then but that was it. I didn’t feel any heat or burning, just a nice relaxing massage.

It was all over in about 30 mins which is about right for Stage 2 cellulite. I was happy it didn’t take too long and fitting it in a lunch break is no problem.

If you have Stage 1 cellulite, it will take you 20 mins, and with Stage 3 it might take you up to 40 mins.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

I have heard reports where just after one or two treatments you can see results but that is not that common as Velashape is a gradual process.

You will more likely see an immediate result if you only have Stage 1 cellulite.

I continued one Velashape cellulite treatment a week for 6 weeks which I was told is ideal if you have Stage 2 cellulite. You may have to undergo up to 10 treatments if you have a lot of cellulite and it is at Stage 3.

What Is The Cost

Again, this totally depends on the stage of your cellulite and the number of areas that need to be treated. The higher the Stage and the more areas you have it will set you back about $400 a session. The minimal amount of cellulite you have will cost around $200.

For myself, it cost me around $300 with a total cost of around $1,800 in the end. This is about in line with other clinical treatments.

However you might find some package deals which might be cheaper. Just look around at some clinics to see if they offer any packages.

What Are The Results

woman with slim smooth legs holding camera at beach

On average you can expect a 30% REDUCTION of density in your layers of fat which means reduction in your cellulite. Your skin will also be MORE ENHANCED and feel MUCH SMOOTHER to touch. That’s what I was told in my consultation.

So did it work for me?….I am happy to report that YES – I did get some circumference reduction of about 2 cm off my thighs which was fantastic. There was also a decreased thickness to my layers of fat as projected.

In the end, I got the result I was looking for and am glad it was worth the investment.

The results lasted me a good month and if I wanted to keep up the reduction I was advised to have maintenance sessions every one to two months. Now if you can afford that, that’s great. By all means go for it.

Pro’s & Con’s To A Velashape Cellulite Treatment


  • Results are pretty much guaranteed, regardless of the amount of cellulite you have
  • Sessions are short at average of 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive and no pain felt at all, except a little pinching
  • Feels like a nice pleasant massage
  • Hardly any side effects



  • Just wish the results would last longer. Average is a month. 
  • Requires maintenance sessions that will add to your budget
  • May feel some slight bruising after your treatment


Final Summary

This is a very effect treatment for your cellulite. You pay for what you get for here, and its up there definitely as one of the top clinical treatments.

Of course you will need to also do your part with regular exercise and following a strict anti cellulite diet, especially if you have Stage 3 cellulite and in lots of areas.

But don’t let it get you down. You can do this!

You can FIX YOUR CELLULITE if you put your mind to it.

From having a Velashape cellulite treatment it will just make it that much easier for you to lose that dreaded cottage cheese skin look.

Victoria secret models
Victoria Secret models showing off their cellulite free legs

Lots of women have had success with this treatment, and if Victoria Secret models swear by it then that is proof of how good Velashape is regarding cellulite.

If they can be satisfied enough to walk on the catwalk without showing any glimpse of cellulite you can be confident in knowing that you none of your orange peel skin will reveal itself after a Velashape cellulite treatment.

Thanks for reading my review on Velashape. If you have had it done please share your experience below. If you are thinking about having it done, I am more than happy to answer any of your queries.


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