My Velasmooth Review

My Velasmooth Review

velasmooth, woman with smooth legsVelasmooth, just like my experiences with Endermologie and Bio-Dermology, is another massage and suction therapy which I undergo to see if it can give me as good result, if not a better result than the former methods.

I have read more negative reviews over positive reviews, so I am hoping I might have a positive experience with the Velasmooth method.

The meaning of Vela is actually a constellation of stars in the Southern Hemisphere so they are obviously promising sky high results for their smoothness 🙂

Do they live up to their galaxy potential?

The company which designed Velasmooth is called Syneron Candela and they do have a good reputation with their beauty products including UltraShape Power and GentleLase. There are so many promises of companies that aim to fix your cellulite and banish it forever….but the hard truth is there is no permanent cure for cellulite!

So like you, I am very skeptical when it comes to claims, but I still went in with an open mind…hoping I might get some kind of result.

What Does The Velasmooth Treatment Entail

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Velasmooth involves rollers and vacuum for the massaging and suctioning part of the treatment. Lasers and radio waves are also used and they create the necessary heat and light which, when used together, supposedly BOOST cell metabolism as well as diminishing their diameter, causing the cells to SHRINK!

Sounds good in theory, but will it actually work for me?

My Initial Consultation

I decided to go with Advanced Dermatology, a company based in Sydney. They had a promotion offering 8 sessions for $756….which is not bad at all considering some women are paying on average $2,300 for the same amount of sessions.

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The sessions were to be around 40 minutes long for once a week. It was mainly just to treat my upper thighs where most of cellulite is congregated…but if you have cellulite in other areas you may want to be clear with the surgeon if they perform the treatment per section or per time as that can be a BIG DIFFERENCE in your result.

The Velasmooth Experience

So I turned up to my first session. and the staff were accommodating and clear in how Velasmooth would work into my cellulite. I was informed there were MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS and it is a fairly straight forward NON-INVASIVE procedure.

No body suit required nor any other special body covering – all that was going on to my cellulite areas was a gel.

The specialist started off with light pressure first whilst moving the roller and then eventually pressed harder into my upper thighs and this really got the suction going and is what caused the heat.

I was informed of the option to take a painkiller before my treatment as it can be quite painful with the burning and pressing, however I decided not to because I really wanted to experience how the roller was treating my cellulite.

woman cupping her knee

The light pressure was okay until she started pressing firmer and then I could feel a bit of burning and tingling, with some occasional pain now and then. But I can say I have a high pain threshold so I was able to tolerate most of the suction, but if you are sensitive to pain I would recommend a painkiller just to be sure.

To me it really felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage and at the end of the session I didn’t feel too bad. The specialist really focused on my cellulite going really slow over the worst parts of it.

Its great that she took real care and was thoroughly focused on the job at hand.

I did receive a little bruising after my first session but I expected that (no pain, no gain, right?), and my skin did a feel a little tender and was very red. To get the most out of Velasmooth you have to make your skin AS RED AS POSSIBLE…really get that heat in there, so it is vital that you have a specialist that knows this.

Did I Get The Results I Wanted?

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Fast forward 8 weeks and I did notice a slight improvement of my cellulite after only 3 sessions, but after my complete 8 session set there was not much difference in the end.

I can honestly say my cellulite probably diminished by about 15%. To be honest, paying this much I expected at least a minimum of a 50% reduction, so was disappointed with the final result. I was even going through a stricter diet to accommodate the treatment and focusing on thigh exercises more.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you take before and after photos otherwise you might not even notice any reduction. I was lucky I did this before I started so I could actually see a little difference.

I can get much better results through Endermologie and Bio-Dermology, and even just getting a smooth even tan is just as good.

If you have a lot of looser and wobby cellulite rather than hard firmer cellulite you might get a better result with Velasmooth, but in my case it didn’t get the desired result I hoped.


Pros & Cons Of Velasmooth


  • You will get a result…depending on your specialist and type of fat you have
  • At times it felt like a deep tissue massage
  • If you find the right package you can get a good deal.
  • Side effects are temporary, just a bit of bruising and is non-invasive


OUCH in big capital letters

  • Burning and bruising will be expected, so get ready for some pain
  • The average price for Velasmooth is $2,300 – expensive when compared to other treatments
  • If you don’t get a good specialist, you will not get full benefit. You can be shortchanged in time or quality.
  • It will not actually rid your cellulite, rather its all about smoothing it.
  • Velasmooth has been updated and slightly improved with Velashape

My Summary Of Velasmooth

I am glad my experience with Velasmooth was not as bad as other women and I was able to tolerate what was dished to me with the heat and pressure.

I went in hoping that a bigger dent would be undertaken to my cellulite but it wasn’t the case. Like I mentioned earlier, a little reduction of about 15 to 20% was the best that Velasmooth could achieve for me.

If I didnt accompany this with the diet and exercise I am sure I would have had even a less successful result.

If you have the cash to spare and want a quick result then by all means go ahead and give Velasmooth a try. You might get a better result than me, especially if you have cellulite that is very loose and in more areas.

Just do your research properly, find a reputable technician and get a good deal for at least 8 sessions. Don’t try and go for more package sessions like 12 or 20 unless you get a good result with 8 sessions.

To sum up, I don’t think I will be going through Velasmooth again. In fact, I will give the Velashape a try next which is supposed to be an improved version of Velasmooth so I am looking forward to that.

Good luck with your Velasmooth journey if you decide to go through with it but this treatment did not give me the whole Vela smoothness…..only a tease of it.

I had better results with both Endermologie and Bio-Dermology so if you are not successful with Velasmooth then please go ahead and read my blogs on the other salon treatments.

If any of you have tried Velasmooth, please share your positive or negative experiences so we can help other women who might think of going ahead with this treatment. Or if you just have any other questions about Velasmooth I will be happy to answer.


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