Which Cellulite Cream Has The Most Caffeine

Which Cellulite Cream Has The Most Caffeine

I am here to give you a guide on which cellulite cream has the most caffeine. There are a ton of creams on the market dealing with cellulite and most of them will contain caffeine.

which cellulite cream has the most caffeine, coffee beans

Caffeine is one of the most active ingredients in cellulite creams and one of the most effective ingredients.

Most cellulite creams will have caffeine as most of the cream brands know just how important caffeine is as an ingredient. There will be different levels of caffeine but on average the concentration of caffeine in these creams is about 3%.

Anything under that I would not really recommend unless they have some other fantastic exotic ingredient as its selling point.

What Makes Caffeine A Special Ingredient

Caffeine has a wonderful ability in stimulating your nervous system which in turn causes your metabolism to speed up. When you have an increase in metabolism then you have an improved ability in burning more of your fat and breaking up your cellulite.

Its like having a free fat burning energy boost while resting. It also boosts the circulation of blood around the body which is the perfect way to expel any toxins and wastes that accumulate.

You can even get an effect from the caffeine in reducing your cellulite by just drinking coffee or Red Bulls, although it won’t be as effective as a cellulite cream…still its good to know that your regular latte is doing SOMETHING to your cellulite.

There are a couple of other ways you can use caffeine to treat your cellulite like using a body wrap with coffee ground powder and also mixing coffee powder with egg white to massage on to your cellulite areas. For more information about these methods you can read on my Caffeine blog here….

However, the best way to utilize caffeine for your cellulite is by using a cream with caffeine, and if you want a cream that has the most potent caffeine, you need to look for a cream that has Guarana.

Guarana Most Powerful Caffeine

Guarana, a plant originating from the Amazon forest in Brazil, is a POWERFUL antioxidant where its seeds are processed into powder form to create the Guarana extract.

Creams that contain caffeine from coffee beans are one thing, but creams that contain Guarana extract are on another level.

Not only does Guarana contain caffeine, but it has other ingredients that are beneficial for your cellulite like theobromine and theophylline which contribute to increased strength of collagen fibers.

In some recent tests, Guarana has been shown to turn on specific genes that cause a decrease in fat cell creation and at the same time turn off genes that are the causes of fat cell creation. A 2 in 1 hit, more yin for your yang.

That is the beauty of Guarana.

Guarana extract has only recently been added to cellulite creams in the last couple of years. I would say its the best innovation ever in any cellulite treatment product.

Guarana is the MOST POTENT form of caffeine in the world…in fact the seeds contains more than 4 times the levels of caffeine from coffee beans.

That is a lot of bang for your buck so any cellulite cream that has Guarana you can be guaranteed a lot of caffeine.

So which cream has the most caffeine? The cellulite cream with the most caffeine is a special cream from Bianca Rosa. It has a whopping 22% of Guarana in its cream and therefore has the title of most caffeine in a cellulite cream.

It is the Red Bull of the cream world, nothing can surpass it in terms of raw caffeine power. Your metabolism won’t just be speeding up – it will be on Turbo mode after having a dose of this cream.

You can check out the price here on Amazon for a 3 pack…Guarana 22% Cream 

More About This Guarana Cream

Bianca Rosa Guarana cream of 22%

This is still a new product and is slowly gaining traction as a popular beauty and cellulite treatment cream.

I took the plunge and ordered this cream and while still early days, I can definitely notice a reduction on my thigh cellulite. It was easy enough to apply on my fingertips and I did it morning and night for about a few weeks now.

The smell is very “foresty” which just made it appear more natural to me. I had never smelled Guarana before so it was nice smell, nothing overbearing. The drying time was only a few minutes, so that was nice and quick.

I ordered the three pack just so I can give it a thorough test to check out both long term and short term effects.

Or You Can Go For Something More Established

If maybe you don’t want to take a chance on a new cream and want a more established cream on the market then I would go with the Clarins High Definition Body Lift. (You can read more about it here on AmazonClarins High Definition Body Lift, 7 Ounce )

Clarins High Definition Body Lift

From my personal experience this cream has one has one of the highest concentrations of caffeine among the best selling cellulite creams. What makes the Clarins stand out from the rest is the way the caffeine is able to PENETRATE your skin.

Other creams that have caffeine in cellulite might not be able to penetrate as deeply but with Clarins you can bet you will get deep penetration into your deepest layers of dimpled skin. The extracts of Horse Chestnut and Sunflower will make this deeper penetration possible so no caffeine in the cream will be underutilized.

Whichever cream you choose, you are getting best caffeine creams out there. They are both different powerful caffeine creams. I have used both creams and have gotten results, but I can understand if you are hesitant with a new cream on the market.

Don’t let that put you off…there are always new cellulite creams entering the market and most of them are an improvement on the old creams with new ingredients.

As I mentioned earlier, Guarana is one of those new ingredients so you will see more creams coming out with Guarana as companies realize they can get more caffeine out of their new creams.

So its up to you what you decide to go for.

For an established cream that utilizes caffeine in the most effective way possible, read more about the Clarins High Def Body Lift here on Amazon…Clarins High Definition Body Lift, 7 Ounce

Or, if you want to go for pure power and actually use the cream with the most caffeine, then check out the Bianca Rosa 22% Guarana cellulite cream here on Amazon…Guarana 22% Cream

Either way, you will make a wise purchase. 


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