Will Cellulite Disappear After Pregnancy

Will Cellulite Disappear After Pregnancy

will cellulite disappear after pregnancy, woman feeling her pregnant bellyThe big question – will cellulite disappear after pregnancy ?  This question I can certainly relate to. When I was pregnant with my first child in my early 30’s I didn’t really have that much cellulite at that time, but as the months rolled on I started noticing the little changes.

Dimpled skin that started appearing bit by bit along my thighs and butt.

I knew I was going to gain weight and possibly increase my fat storage, but I did not expect to GAIN cellulite so it was not a nice surprise. Looking back now in hindsight, besides being a normal part of pregnancy for most women, it was also a product of my own doing.

I just wasn’t eating right nor was I doing the correct exercises to combat the growing cellulite.

My pregnancy wasn’t a smooth ride in the beginning weeks where I suffered a lot of morning sickness until at least week 20. During those weeks I did not eat healthy at all and binge ate a lot of chocolate and ice cream…just to make me feel better.

At the time I didn’t even think about cellulite….I just thought I would gain a few pounds of fat which I would try to work off post pregnancy. Gaining cellulite was a shock and if I had my time again I would have been eating much more healthier and doing more exercises – more of the right exercises.

By the time I gave birth I had put on 35 pounds and developed quite a bit of cellulite. It was time to act and I began to immediately act on treating my cellulite post pregnancy.

What Causes The Cellulite To Form During Pregnancy

Added weight to legs.

When pregnant we tend put on added weight to our legs which primarily acts to give stability and balance to our growing bellies and bigger hips.

Since its mostly fat from this added weight the chances of forming cellulite are also high – especially since the majority of cellulite is found on your thighs.

Fight your added leg weight with a fantastic massage device called the Glo910. Check out the price here on Amazon…Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine 

Extra water retention.

Another factor that causes cellulite during pregnancy is all that EXTRA WATER RETENTION that is stored. This extra water causes your fat cells to increase in size, hence making cellulite more visible.

Cellulite really starts to develop whenever there is an excess of fluid retention so if you haven’t got any cellulite in your first 6 months of pregnancy….you might start to notice some once there is an increase of water retention. This will usually occur in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

Increased hormone levels.

During pregnancy your levels of estrogen will SKYROCKET, particularly around the thighs and hips which is where you will find your highest levels of estrogen.

The way estrogen forms cellulite is from the breakdown of your collagen fibers and when this happens, your fat cells are able to breakaway and congregate just below the surface of your skin. This then causes your skin to be dimpled and that is your cellulite right there!

Treating Your Cellulite After Pregnancy

It may be hard going, but yes, you can make your cellulite disappear after pregnancy although not totally disappear. It will always be there, even in some minimal form..hiding in the background 🙂

Straight after giving birth I decided right away to tackle my cellulite and I looked at all the ways to treat it – what were the best methods for treating cellulite post pregnancy.


illustration of woman breastfeeding

Actually one of the best ways I heard  to lose the cellulite is as natural as it comes – breastfeeding. Can it be that easy?  🙂 Well I have only read reports that it has worked for some women. Personally it didn’t work for me but I can understand how it could work. I wish it did work for me – it would have been such a simple and easy way to lose the cellulite.

Breastfeeding might actually lessen the water retention which could cause a slight decrease in cellulite. Also, breastfeeding levels out all your hormones this might also cause a cellulite reduction from the decreasing levels of estrogen.

Anyway if you breastfeed – you will know soon enough if it works for you!


woman performing squats with barbell

What worked for me was eating right, and performing the correct exercises…as well as some good dry brushing and choosing the right creams.

Chances are most of your cellulite will have formed around your legs which is a common place during pregnancy.

Focus on doing some donkey kicks and squats to hit your legs hard. Don’t bother too much with cardio yet, just build up the muscle first and then start doing the cardio like running and brisk walking to lose the fat.

Once you have built up some muscle and lost some body fat things should slowly fall into place and your cottage cheese skin will be on its way out.


All you need to do here is eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and also lean meats such as turkey and skinless chicken. Cut down on most saturated fats and get plenty of hydration so keep up the water intake.

drinking glass being filled with water


There are lots of creams out there specifically tailored for your cellulite and I have written a few reviews on some. However I would recommend a completely organic cream with good natural ingredients, just to be on the safe side if you do decide to use a cream while you are still pregnant. The one I would highly recommend is Dr Organic Cellulite Cream which fits this criteria.

You can read more about it on Amazon by clicking here...


Dry brushing your cellulite will work if you can do it properly and use the right brush. However, an even better result is to use a machine that will actually break up your pockets of cellulite to allow easy disposal of the waste.

I used this machine a lot after I got pregnant and it was a lifesaver…it was like having a home professional treatment which you could do yourself. As I mentioned earlier its called the Glo910 and you can read more about it here on Amazon…Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine

So….Will Your Cellulite Disappear After Pregnancy?

Let me be clear to you now –  nothing will completely 100% get rid of your cellulite, once you have it you have pretty much got it for life. BUT….you can reduce it a lot if you eat and exercise right, and use the right cream or the right massage treatment.

So its not just a question of will your cellulite disappear after pregnancy – but when  will your cellulite disappear after pregnancy.

After my pregnancy was over I was determined to do what I could – and that was  not to make my newly acquired cellulite stand out so much. I followed the correct advice and did everything I could and I got the results I desired in the end.

The best thing that worked for me was MASSAGING the cellulite away. If you accompany that with a good diet and do the exercises I recommend then you will go a long way to decreasing your cellulite.

Again I cannot stress enough how much of an improvement the Glo910 device made to my cellulite. It just made things so much easier because it really attacks the legs which is where most of your cellulite will form after pregnancy.

Order now your own massage device here on Amazon ( Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine and make your post pregnancy blues that much easier by reducing a lot of that new cellulite.


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